American Society of Dowsers Conference!

10352395_817109968379998_8072222321633381639_nI just returned from the fantastic American Society of Dowsers Conference that took place in Lydonville, Vermont from 6/3-6/8. I led in the morning meditations. I also taught a class on The Infinite Intelligence Process, and another in Dowsing for Health. 

The Infinite Intelligence is part of my most recent book, Accessing More–Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process. It is a 3-prong approach that anyone can learn to resolve issues, release stress, and set intention in a most powerful way. The healing works below the level of conscious awareness so that you can digest overload or stressors much as you digest food–trusting your inner intelligence to keep what’s good and let go of the rest. You work with both your unconscious mind and the wisdom within–what I call More. I strongly believe that there is MORE to you– more wisdom, intelligence, resources–that can be harnessed to assist you in every area of life so that you experience greater ease and grace. For more information, you might check out my book, Accessing More, or contact me for the CD recording.

Dowsing for Health starts with understanding the multiple factors that weaken or strengthen the body. For a start, all illness involves stress, both as cause and as result of illness. It is both the chicken and the egg. However, most people don’t consider that a stressor is anything that drains energy from your system. This is not just the mental and emotional factors, but also the toxins in your food, water, air, home and personal care products and more. Illness can be thought of as a bounced energy check–where more demands are placed on the body than it has energy reserves to cover. So one strategy towards healing involves finding a way to get more energy in — perhaps through nutrition, better sleep, love, prayer, good self care, meaning and purpose — and stop the energy leaking out through toxicity and mental and emotional stress.

There is more to this such as locating and removing secondary gain (a benefit that one gets out of a problem), the metaphorical interpretation of the problem, beliefs, judgments, imprints, family injunctions and more. The full material of this was written in Reiki–Path to Transformation, Volume 3. And while that book was written for the Reiki Practitioner to understand how to incorporate the best from hypnosis into energy work, all but a little of it can be understood and utilized by anyone. Again, you can order a copy of the 75 minute presentation through me.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: see our main website: or call 434-263-4337

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  1. unlimitedpotentialhealingcenter
    Jun 11, 2015 @ 14:57:22

    Sent to me by Beverly Montiel:

    “Each year I go to the American Dowsing Society convention with the high expectation of something unique happening for me as I strive to improve my healing efforts. This year I attended 2 lectures by Roxanne. The lectures resonated deeply for me so I bought her books. She is wonderfully organized and thorough which appeals to my nursing self. I was also thrilled to realize her book combined my dowsing with my Reiki. What a gift! I feel that her work will enable me to greatly improve my manifestations of health for my family and self. I know that Roxanne was my unique happening and why I was supposed to attend the convention. I am grateful for all the knowledge she has imparted and the personal time she has given me. Thank you!” Beverly H Montiel,RN,CRRN,BS


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