National Guild of Hypnotists Convention, August 7-9

10352395_817109968379998_8072222321633381639_nOnce again, I am presenting at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention–the largest hypnosis convention in the world–this August. It takes place in Marlboro, Massachusetts. For information, see 

I have been asked to teach there every year since 1992, and have attended since 1989. People come from around the world to share their knowledge. It is an exciting event.

This year on Friday, 8/7 at 1 PM, I will be teaching Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone! — Make All Your Emotions Work for You! I will discuss how anger is a choice in response based on perception. Because perception can be changed, this means that anger can dissolve instantly as it does. I will teach attendees how to harness anger to grow, heal, and move powerfully ahead, and then how to discharge it safely. Simple techniques and visualizations can really help.

On Saturday, 8/8 at 9 AM, I will be teaching What To Do When Stress Is Over the Top! — Strategies and Techniques That Work! I will go over the Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapas, Infinite Intelligence Process, and many techniques as well as strategies and attitudes that make a difference.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: see our main website: or call 434-263-4337

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