Central Virginia Dowsers – Meeting Saturday, 6/20/15 in Faber

A free meeting of Central Virginia Dowsers will take place at Unlimited Potential Healing Center, 98 Gormes Drive, Faber, VA 22938 on Saturday, June 20 from 3-5. Gormes Drive is just 20 minutes south of Charlottesville, and located at the crest of the hill on Rt. 29 northbound, 1 mile north of Rt. 6 East (Irish Rd) opposite Thurmond’s Hollow Road (Rt. 615). See directions below. Bring your dowsing tools.


“The Many Ways of Dowsing – 

Maximizing Your Use in Everyday Life!”

Having just returned from the American Society of Dowsers Conference (June 3-8) in Lyndonville, Vermont, and having been at the Appalachian Dowsers Conference in March, I met so many wonderful people from all over the country (and beyond) using dowsing in wonderful ways.

I personally use it as meditation, clearing non-beneficial energies, goal setting, problem solving of all kinds, healing/resolving/clearing stuck emotions, judgments and beliefs. I combine with the Infinite Intelligence Process, Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique, Spirit Releasement, and figuring out strategies for any goal. But the applications are endless!

Come share how you are using it. Get your questions answered on dowsing for anything, and tell us what works for you. Those who attended either conference can add in what new information they learned for those of you who missed it.

Roxanne Louise

Unlimited Potential Farm and Healing Center

98 Gormes Drive (at Rt. 29 Northbound), Faber 22938, 434-263-4337


From Charlottesville, VA: Take Rt. 29 South approximately 17 miles below I-64, or just 8 miles south of Plank Road, North Garden. Watch for small metal sign (not stone one) that indicates that you just crossed into Nelson County.

(If you see stone “Welcome to Nelson County” sign or Rt. 6 East , Irish Road, you have gone one mile too far. Turn around and go back to top of hill and take next street on right. )

As you approach a hill that curves to the left, get into the left lane. At the top is Thurmonds Hollow Rd (Rt. 615) on the right.

Make a LEFT U-turn going Rt. 29 North, and get into right lane. 

Make a QUICK RIGHT U-turn onto Gormes Drive (brown street sign). 

Go to second drive on left #98. 

Put car into low gear to go down long, steep, narrow drive slowly just in case another car is coming up.

Park in loop of drive allowing space for someone else to drive around. If driveway is filled, go around loop and go straight towards metal building, and walk back to house.

From Waynesboro and points west:

Take I-64 to Exit 99, Afton Mountain, and go right onto Rt. 250 East to bottom of hill. From there you have 2 choices, each about same distance although Rt. 6 is less easier.

Option 1: Take Rt. 151 going south (about 7 miles) to Rt. 6 East (6 miles) to Rt. 29 and turn left going North for 4 miles, passing Rt. 6 East (Irish Rd), and go another 1 mile to top of hill on Rt. 29 to Gormes Drive. Look for this building on right. Drive is sharp U-turn immediately after.

Option 2: Pass by Rt. 151 and take next right (Plank Road) through Batesville to Rt. 29. Turn right going South for 8 miles to top of hill. See Charlottesville directions above.

From Scottsville: Take Rt. 6 West to Rt. 29. Go north one mile to the crest of the hill.  Gormes Drive is on the right, just past white house on stilts.

From Lovingston: Take Rt. 29 North 12 miles (past both Rt. 6W and Rt. 6 E). Gormes Drive will be on right at top of hill, just one mile north of Rt. 6E (Irish Rd).

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