Central Virginia Dowsers Newsletter 9/1/16

CVD Newsletter, 9/1/16 written by Roxanne Louise.

Feel free to copy and distribute.



  • Upcoming Central Virginia Dowsers Meetings 10/8 & 11/19 in Charlottesville
  • Member Elizabeth Gaines receives award from the American Society of Dowsers
  • West Coast Dowsing Conference Photos



Saturdays, October 8 & November 19 from 2-4:30 PM at the Northside Library

705 Rio Road West, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

Meeting is free and open to the general public, but please call us at 434-263-4337, or email us at roxannelouise2@gmail.com that you plan on coming in case there are any last minute changes/cancellations.

Bring your own dowsing tools including a pendulum. We will have some available for sale also.



  • October 8: Stephen Politt’s Source Energy Medicine
  • November 19: Barbara Eden’s Energy Medicine Daily Routine

2:00 – 2:30 PM:

  • Introductions, discussion on what you are dowsing on now.
  • Dowsing Challenge: test your dowsing skills
  • Dowsing Instruction: one on one help available on using Rods, Bobbers or Pendulums

2:30-4:30: Main Topic


Both of our fall topics on health came out of workshops taken this summer at dowsing conferences. Sandee Mac, former President of the American Society of Dowsers, gave a workshop on Stephen Pollitt’s Source Energy Medicine at the West Coast Dowsers Conference, to which Nicolas Finck, Elizabeth Gaines and Roxanne Louise attended. Roxanne also took Barbara Eden’s all day class at ASD on a basic routine to get the energy flowing smoothly through the major systems of the body.


Located just west of Rt. 29 on southbound side. Library phone: (434) 973-7893.
If you are traveling south on Rt. 29 from north of Charlottesville, turn right at the traffic light on Rio Road. Library is in the first block on the left before light at Berkmer. Reverse this if going north on Rt. 29. If you are traveling on I-64, you take Rt. 29 North.

Please send in your suggestion for topics and/or speaker for spring meetings (expected to be in March through June).


October 8 CVD Meeting: Stephen Politt’s 

Source Energy Medicine

“If you believe healing should be simple, safe and universally applicable you will be pleased to learn more about Source Energy Medicine.” Stephen Pollitt

To check out Stephen’s work, see here.

Stephen, who is author of Heal Thyself has taught in the Charlottesville area before, and I heard about his work then from locals, Marianne Roberts and Ann Marie Dujany. SEM takes the idea of Masua Emoto’s work that water can be imprinted with energy through consciousness (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Masaru_Emoto)But Stephen then uses radionics and dowsing to find the proper number frequency for specific imbalances of body, mind or spirit. Our next newsletter will focus on his work in greater detail.



November 19: Barbara Eden’s Energy Medicine

Donna considers that energy is medicine, and that this energy can be activated through specific physical exercises. Her Daily Energy Routine can be part of a complete system for self-care and self-help promoting high-level wellness and peak performance. Roxanne will teach this routine to you. To learn about Donna Eden’s work, see here.


E. Gaines cropped award Elizabeth Gaines receives Outstanding Service Award from American Society of Dowsers at West Coast Dowsing Conference

At the awards ceremony of American Society of Dowsers Convention this past June, it was announced that Elizabeth Gaines was being recognized for “Outstanding Service”. This was actually presented to Elizabeth in person at the West Coast Dowsers Conference, an arm of ASD, held this past July in Santa Cruz, California.

While Elizabeth and her husband, Nicolas Finck, now live in Earlysville, Virginia, they both have been most active in the West Coast bi-annual Dowsing Conference that has contributed largely to it’s success for many years. Elizabeth has also been a big help with Central Virginia Dowsers as well . Congratulations, Elizabeth, for this well deserved award!

Nicholas Finck at W.Coast announcing Also at the West Coast Dowsing Conference, here is Nicolas Finck as announcer at the Awards Ceremony. Both Nicolas and Elizabeth went out a week early and then stayed after the end to physically set things up and take down. The success of this and other conferences rely heavily on the work on such incredible volunteers. We at Central Virginia Dowsers are blessed to them them helping us as well.

me teaching ASD WC#2 Also at the West Coast Dowsing Conference, Roxanne Louise taught Accessing More—The Infinite Intelligence Process, and also on Dowsing for Mental/Emotional Healing, and was also a vendor at both West Coast and at ASD. Accessing More refers to her book by same title available here. Here she was at her vending table. It was cold there in July—low 50 degrees F in morning/evening. But as you can see, all vending was outside, so while there was morning mist, there was no rain. Me at Vending ASD WC'16  David Young playing flutes

She was happy to remake acquaintance of musician, David Young who plays two flutes at once for interesting effect. Check out his music on link above. David had done a concert at Unity in Charlottesville more than a year ago. His music is magical and healing. His publisher is Bob Friedman from Faber, Virginia.David and Roxanne were both speakers/vendors at 3 summer conferences: American Society of Dowsers in June, West Coast Dowsing in July, and the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention in August.

Opening Circle WC Dowsers '16 S.Collins:G. GardnerHere is the opening circle at West Coast led by Adhi Two Owls. Next is the Keynote Speaker,Susan Collins (on left), former President of Canadian Society of Dowsers with speaker Grahame Gardner and his wife (center) from Scotland. Spurling:Collins Labyrinth ASD WC'16Next is Slim Spurling’s wife, Katarina, with Susan Collins. Slim’s amazing dowsing tools can be found here . Susan’s website . As you can see, every dowsing conference includes making and walking a labyrinth. Gardner’s website. Grahame is Past President of the British Society of Dowsers. Link to  West Coast Dowsers. At the June American Society of Dowsers Conference, where Donna Eden was the keynote presenter, Roxanne Louise taught two classes: Dowsing on Health, and Revisiting Non Beneficial Energies.

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