BOOK SALE – Stop Smoking & Reiki !!!!

All books by Roxanne Louise. Limited Numbers. Hurry!


Professional Edition for Hypnotherapists:  


181 Pages, Was $29.95 LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE $24.95 +$5.00 Freight. 

Only 10 available.



164 Pages, Was $24.95 LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE $15 +$5.00 Freight Only 4 available.

112 Pages, Was$19.95 LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE $15 +$5.00 FreightOnly 5 available.

186 Pages, Was $24.95 LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE $15 +$5.00 Freight Only 2 available.



We are selling out the remaining few copies from the last printing at a significant discount. The paper on this run was on a lighter weight stock. The next run will be on 60 pound weight, which will push costs higher, but look more professional. The information will stay the same. So if it is information that you seek, not quality paper, then take advantage of this sale. 


TO ORDER: Either go to and click STORES

or call 434-263-4337.

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