What is Therapeutic Dowsing ?


While dowsing can be used for literally everything, I use it extensively to locate and clear stuck energies, both for myself on a regular basis, and for my clients.
Stuck energies include mental and emotional issues and upsets that have piled up. This makes dealing with current issues, staying healthy (or healing if you are ill), achieving your goals, and living your life with enthusiasm and abundant vitality much more difficult. So freeing up this energy is vital to the optimization of all areas of your life. Stuck energies are not just the unpleasant memories but also the negative beliefs and judgments about them. These continue to negatively color your world and limit you in multiple ways including being able to resolve issues effectively.

How does energy get stuck?

Basically, energy gets stuck when it is unprocessed. Perhaps when an upset occurred, you didn’t know how to deal with it and, therefore, didn’t. Perhaps you were too young. Perhaps you didn’t have the skills, or the awareness of what was registering in your unconscious mind. Perhaps your family, culture or religion taught you to deny and not express your thoughts and the resulting emotions. So you may have stuffed your feelings instead of quickly resolving them. Consequently, these feelings along with their associated judgments set up future problems.
But even if you knew the importance of resolving issues quickly, and you had the therapeutic skills, you may have had neither the time or energy to do so. This frequently happens during a crisis, ill health, or overwhelm. By the time the emergency passed you may have been so busy on catching up on tasks that were neglected during the crisis, that you lacked any interest in going back to deal with past unpleasantness. After all, it just doesn’t feel good to think about them .

A Wake-Up Call

My experience shows that after a prolonged time, the continual build-up of unprocessed non-beneficial thoughts with their negative emotions, makes it difficult to indefinitely keep these memories and feelings from resurfacing and contaminating the present. They may surface as illness, insomnia, relationship issues, increasing irritation, explosive bursts of anger, depression, malaise, feeling victimized, looping thoughts, etc. In short, it can demonstrate as sensitivities and issues in any area of life.

Dowsing can help!

When I first learned dowsing in 1990, I was given about a dozen half-circle charts and checklists. These included a chart for positive emotions that could be blocked or needed to be increased, and another for negative emotions that needed to be cleared. It included checklists with names of key relationships (mother, father, brother, sister, etc) with instructions to identify the percentage of positive and negative energy attached to each.

Since I was already a hypnotherapist, I went home and within the year made hundreds of more charts and checklists for my clients and myself. This included an extensive listing of typical events (birthdays, holidays, first day of school, etc.), and activities (public speaking, driving a car, balancing a checkbook, etc.). I listed fears, defense mechanisms, addictive thinking, negative beliefs and judgments, attitude, and issues. I included secondary gain, shadow issues, archetypes, traumas, reasons for smoking, and the physical and psychological reasons for overeating, and much more. This material eventually was published in a complete pendulum course manual, Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing available through my website, www.RoxanneLouise.com

Once I identified what needed to be addressed, I extracted the positive learning or wisdom,  healed or cleared the upset or limiting belief, and then finished with installing the positive opposite through dowsing. And if needed, I also had charts to dowse for other beneficial therapies, modalities or activities that could be additionally employed.

To process the issue, I formed a very strong, clear intent of what I wanted done, and held it while the pendulum was spinning. Then I checked with the pendulum that it was in fact done, or the degree to which I had been successful.

If the problem was not yet fully resolved, I investigated for blocks or other aspects of the problem. An aspect could be other emotions, beliefs, judgments, associations that were involved. For example, if I were angry at someone, I could also be angry and ashamed of myself, as well as humiliated in front of others. I might have had similar experiences with that same person or with others in the past. I may be projecting more of the same type of thing occurring in the future. I may be avoiding seeing anyone involved lest it bring up the emotions with the memory, or I may start avoiding people in general thereby creating isolation.


This practice of dowsing to locate and clear mental and emotional issues has over time resulted in me experiencing much greater peace of mind. Things don’t upset me as easily and I deal with them much more effectively. I am triggered less. Dramas have receded into the past. I have overcome major challenges with some grace. And I have helped others do the same. Consequently, I fully recommend that others learn how to do this for themselves. This is so empowering as well as healing. You will be able to quickly deal with things, anytime – day or night, anyplace, on your own. And if you need additional help beyond this, you will also be able to know who and what to seek out or research.

WORKSHOP: Tuesday, July 3, 2018. West Coast Dowsing Conference, University of California, Santa Cruz, California.

“Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing: Dowsing for Mental & Emotional Issues”

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Dowsing is phenomenally fast at locating and then resolving the root and related causes of mental and emotional issues. In this workshop, we will work with a large number of charts and checklists to identify and release stuck energies, extract the positive learning from experiences, and enhance positive energy. This frees up energy that can be applied elsewhere – physical healing, personal goal achievement, and living your life with greater enthusiasm, joy and vitality. We will investigate: each year of your life including the future, key relationships, typical life events, beliefs, judgments, prejudices, addictive thinking, fears and other emotions, repeating negative patterns and habits. While covering all this may seem a formidable task, Roxanne will show you a shortcut to cut to the chase of the matter. Not only will you learn how to do all of the above for yourself, but to do so telepathically with others who have requested your assistance.
Enroll here. 

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  1. blankpaper2121
    May 02, 2018 @ 15:31:38

    When it comes to finding and locating hidden emotional turmoil within me, I find honest with myself is the only way to accurately distill these feelings. How would go about, even recognize a problem ?


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