Central Virginia Dowsers Newsletter 6/5/18



1. Free Central Virginia Dowsers MEETING in Charlottesville, Sunday, June 10 from 1:15-4 PM. Video with Sandi McKenzie:  “Reactivating Ancient Sites”

2.  Free Dowsing Support & Continuing Education Teleconference, Tuesday, June 12, 8 PM Eastern.  “Increasing Dowsing Accuracy with Verifiable Dowsing Projects”. Recording avaIlable to members afterwards at dowsers.org.

3. American Society of Dowsers Conference, June 13-17, New Paltz, New York

Video and audio recordings avaIlable for purchase of seminars but not workshops afterwards. Contact www.dowsers.org.

4. West Coast Dowsers Conference, June 29-July 3, Santa Cruz, California

Video and/or audio recordings avaIlable for purchase of seminars but not workshops afterwards. Contact http://www.dowserswestcoast.org/about-us.html

5. Facebook Dowsing Sites: while there are other private groups, these are all public that you can at least read freely. Some have an admin. who needs to approve what is posted, however. Lots of interesting information.

The American Society of Dowsers, Inc. Discussion Group 

Dowsers West Coast 

Central Virginia Dowsers 

Global Dowsing Hub 

Dowsing: The Rod and Pendulum


1. Central Virginia Dowsers MEETING in Charlottesville, Sunday, June 10  from 1:15-4 PM.  

 LOCATION: Senior Center, 491 Hillsdale Drive at the corner of Greenbriar (Rt. 29 Northbound), Charlottesville VA 22901. 

Video with Sandi McKenzie:  “Reactivating Ancient Sites”.

This talk was presented at the American Society of Dowsers Conference in 2015, and is extremely interesting. She shows photos of multiple locations with the energy coming off the stones as clearly visible. Sandi lives most of the year in England, making access to trips to European sacred sights such as that to Bosnia as shown here, much easier. She summers in New Hampshire. Sandi also likes to try out interesting dowsing tools, and I will bring mine that I purchased from her in a fall meeting for ‘show and tell’.

While Roxanne is leaving early for ASD Conference, Nicholas Finck aided by his wife, Elizabeth Gaines, will be conducting the meeting.

This is our last meeting until fall. Then September 9, October 14 and November 11 (no December meeting)


2. American Society of Dowsers hosts Dowsing Support & Continuing Education Teleconference, each second Tuesday of the month at 8 PM Eastern. The next is June 12. Free and open to all to listen in. However, only members can listen the recording after that date. The panelists that include Greg Storozuk, and Roxanne Louise. 

The opening topic is “Increasing Dowsing Accuracy with Verifiable Dowsing Projects” followed by whatever Greg or Roxanne want to talk about.

This will be followed by addressing your questions on any area of dowsing.

Dial 641-715-0873 and then enter 335033# at the prompt.

It is helpful if you email your dowsing questions in advance to roxannelouise@verizon.net and put ‘dowsing’ in subject line.

GREG STOROZUK has been a full-time professional dowser for over 30 years. He has served as president of the American Society of Dowsers and is founder of the Mile High Dowsers Chapter based in Denver. In addition to working for commercial clients, Greg uses dowsing to locate toxic energy grids, to rid houses of ghosts, for entity clearings and, of course, to locate water. In addition to teaching dowsing courses from California to Maine and in Canada, Greg has written numerous articles, booklets and reports, and given lectures and demonstrations. 

His four booklets for beginning dowsers: “Asking Questions,” “Geopathic Zones and the Iron Stake Method,” “Getting Started,” and “How To Dowse a Water Well” are considered classics in the dowsing field. Check out this article on him. You will find more on him on the web.

ROXANNE LOUISE acts as Facilitator for the Dowsing Support calls. In addition to being a dowser specializing in mental/emotional healing, mind-body issues, habit change, and general problem solving, she is a hypnotherapist who has received 5 national awards including a lifetime achievement from the largest hypnosis organization in the world. She speaks at several hypnosis and dowsing conferences yearly, and has written 8 books on hypnosis, dowsing, Reiki, and self-help. She runs Central Virginia Dowsers based in Charlottesville. Her website is www.RoxanneLouise.com. Her blog with over 118 articles on dowsing, mind-body connection, stress/anger management, and more is UnlimitedPotentialHealingCenter.com. You can reach her at 434-263-4337. 

She is teaching again both at ASD Conference in New Paltz starting with her all day workshop on 6/13 “Locating & Clearing the Mental/Emotional Drivers of Disease” and “Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing”on July 3 in Santa Cruz West Coast Dowsing Conference.

SUGGESTIONS/COMMENTS? – If you have questions, or would like a topic covered in upcoming calls or future local meetings, please send your suggestions to RoxanneLouise@verizon.net. Put ‘dowsing’ in the subject line.

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