Central Virginia Dowsers Newsletter 3/5/19

image  Not just local news, but national teleconferences and live dowsing conferences! 

Newsletter Contents:

  1. CVD Meeting at the Senior Center in Charlottesville, Sunday, March 10 at 1:15 PM – 4 PM. “Dowsing on Habits” with Roxanne Louise. Free and open to all.
  2. Blog Article: “Dowsing to Dump Bad Habits” by Roxanne Louise.  See here
  3. American Society of Dowsers Conference, Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire, June 26-30. Registration now open. See hereRoxanne will leading the daily, morning meditation, and also presenting “Heal Yourself and Heal the World”.
  4. American Society of Dowsers Teleconferences: See full write up on each plus call-in information here. Live calls are free and anyone can listen. They are recorded, however, only ASD members can access. Good reason to join.

 Tuesday, March 12 at 8 PM Eastern, “Dowsing on Business Matters”. Roxanne Louise will be joined by Dick Tippett. 

Tuesday, March 19 at 8 PM Eastern, “Intro to a Gold Dowser – Pat Delafield”


Central Virginia Dowsers Meeting:

Free. Senior Center, 1180 Pepsi Place, Charlottesville, VA 22901. RSVP to RoxanneLouise2@gmail.com or call 434-263-4337 .

20180616_awardASD:me“Dowsing on Habits” with Roxanne Louise

Have you been frustrated and annoyed that you haven’t been able to get rid of a bad habit – smoking, over-eating when you are not hungry, spending too much time on social media or television, procrastinating, etc? Although you know that you are an intelligent, capable person, are you, nonetheless, sometimes your own worst enemy because of silly habits? Have these habits in any way contributed to slowing your progress down and interfering with you achieving your dreams? Then come Sunday for a free meeting where Roxanne will help you brainstorm, and show how dowsing can help you to be more successful. (photo is Roxanne holding the “Educator of the Year Award” that she received at last year’s American Society of Dowsers Conference.)


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