“Ramping Up Your Dowsing Accuracy &  Intention Effectiveness with Hypnosis!”

A Special 3-Hour Workshop: Sunday, April 5, 2020

in Plymouth, New Hampshire (just off Exit 25 I-93)

from 1-4 PM at the Enterprise Center, Room 102, 1 Bridge Street

Dowsing accuracy is sometimes elusive due to multiple factors. These factors can include polarity reversal, dehydration, mind chatter, fears and other concerns or, conversely, strong desires that are not allowing you to be unattached to the responses. Sometimes you are not asking the right questions or in the right way. Sometimes you stop asking questions before you have the full picture. Sometimes self-doubt or negative beliefs enter in, or non-beneficial energies could be a factor. If your dowsing needs to be followed by telepathic or intention work of any kind, being able to quickly drop into an altered state, focus and project that thought with energy is very important.

This workshop will address all of these issues. You will:

  • Practice grounding, centering and connecting to the Field.
  • Learn to go into the hypnotic state by yourself quickly for centering, clarifying your intention, and increasing your focus.
  • Receive multiple hypnotic suggestions for successful dowsing.
  • Learn to properly formulate suggestions both for self-hypnosis and questions for dowsing.
  • Tap into your unconscious to enhance your ability to access higher wisdom and universal mind.
  • Install a trigger for the right dowsing state of mind every time you pick up your dowsing tools.
  • Enlarge your belief in yourself and your ability to learn and improve upon your dowsing skills.
  • Clear common judgements and beliefs that interfere with accuracy.
  • Enhance your gut level instincts



Self hypnosis will not only help you with your dowsing, but it can also be used to enhance every aspect of your life.

While this workshop will not cover the how to apply it to these other areas, the truth is self-hypnosis can potentially save your life as it did mine.


See this article: https://unlimitedpotentialhealingcenter.com/2016/09/02/how-self-hypnosis-saved-my-life/ 

For the full self-hypnosis course, see this manual: Your Unlimited Potential.


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