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Dowsing on Global Issues


Dowsers can be part of the solution  When you consider the serious problem of inadequate or polluted water, dowsers has historically made a difference. But there are dowsers who have also found missing persons, reduced human trafficking, crime and traffic accidents. Dowsers have worked on physical healing and geopathic stress also related to ill health […]



In Dowsing on Global Issues (click here for link), I talked about what dowsers could do to mitigate shared problems and help to bring about healthier, happier world. To help you get started, I have written not only multiple dowsing protocols available on this blog (click on the banner above for link) but also a […]

Dowsing for Positive Change

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Roxanne Louise & Dowsing-Online  Announces Weekly Meditation to be held each Monday evening from 7-8 PM EST starting July 25 The dowsing meditation but not the general discussion will be recorded for those unable to attend live. Have your dowsing tool with you. If you do not yet know how to dowse, you can still join in […]

Dowsing on Health Revisited

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FREE Video Presentation, Monday, May 17, 2021 , 8 PM ET, 5 PM Pacific. Dowsers Mastermind Video/Conference Call Access from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also dial in using your phone. For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly. In the United States: dial +1 (571) 317-3116 – One-touch: […]

Video Dowsing Presentation 3/15/21


Hosted by the following American Society of Dowsers Chapters: The Gold Country Dowsers, Boston Dowsers, & Northern California Dowsers “HOW TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL DOWSING EXPERIENCE“ with Roxanne Louise Monday, MARCH 15, 20215 PM PST, 6 PM MST, 7PM CST, 8PM EST Dowsing is an art form honed from years of figuring out what to do […]

Dowsing for Discernment

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In view of the difficulty to really know who or what to believe, you might experiment with the below dowsing program. Let me know if you think it helps. Basic Guidelines Dowsing accuracy requires you to be neutral and unattached to the answer you might receive. In other words, before you can dowse for discernment, […]

Basic Dowsing Guidelines


All dowsing needs to done from a place of personal power, calm, focused intention, and transmitted with a firm will and emotional energy.  Affirm & step into your personal power This is given to you by ___ (God, your Creator/Source). You are not begging or pleading for favors. Rather, claim your right to be here, […]

The Infinite Intelligence Process – a free Video Presentation 4/19/21

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Here is a simple modality codified by Roxanne Louise several years ago in her book, Accessing More – Tapping Into the Eternal Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process. While ideally done in conjunction with dowsing, it works very well with meditation or hypnosis, or simply as intention. It is massively helpful in clearing the […]

Heal Yourself to Heal Your World

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“Before you can help make the world right, you must be made right within.”        John Miller It is very easy to compile a lengthly list of what is wrong in the world. Society has traditionally tried to address those wrongs through a top down approach of rules and regulations, and the legal […]

When You Are Triggered…


With todays highly charged politics and a media that panders to fear and sensationalism, it is easy to get triggered. Already stressed out with the pressures of your own life, and overwhelmed with everything you need to do to keep your life afloat, you may find yourself emotionally worked up over someone else’s life or […]

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