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Teleconference General Information: 

The American Society of Dowsers sponsors various free teleconferences. Roxanne Louise sets up and runs two of them on a monthly basis that are listed below, but for a full listing of water dowsing teleconferences, all other events, chapter meetings, annual conference, bookstore, and more, see the ASD website.

PAST TELECONFERENCES: Recordings are available for all previous events at for American Society of Dowsers Members. 

1. “Dowsers Support & Continuing Education”Every second Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern Time (US) Dial (646) 876-9923, enter Participant Code# 443-333-280, & press # at next prompt.2019 dates: 1/8, 2/12, 3/12, 4/9, 5/14, 6/11, 7/9, 8/13, 9/10, 10/8, 11/12, 12/10. 

Each month Roxanne Louise assisted by 1-2 other dowsers will discuss some aspect of dowsing appropriate for all dowsers including beginners, followed by Q & A.

2. “Discover Dowsing”Every third Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern Time (US) Dial (646) 876-9923, enter Participant Code# 126-360-394, & press # at next prompt. 2019 dates: 1/15, 2/19, 3/19, 4/16, 5/21, 6/18, 7/16, 8/20, 9/17, 10/15, 11/19, 12/17.

Roxanne Louise interviews a prominent dowser on their area of expertise. Geared to more advanced dowsers.



Jeanne Gerringer.jpg

Tuesday, September 17 at 8 PM Eastern,

Jeanne Gerringer will present

“An Apple A Day”

This is her protocol on clearing and balancing your energy field quickly to bring yourself into the best place for dowsing and for life. More to come. 


Tuesday, September 10 at 8 PM Eastern,


“Why Dowse? How Has Dowsing Changed Your Life?”

led by Roxanne Louise with Leroy and Diane Bull, Bess Cutter, Leedra Yablonsky, and perhaps another dowser. 

While a person may originally learn to dowse because they want to access the information not readily available consciously, such as where to drill a well, and a plethora of other things, to me (Roxanne) the real importance of dowsing is that it requires that you come into alignment with the Source of that information in order to get accurate answers to your dowsing questions. And that regular process of grounding, centering, aligning, stilling the mental chatter, listening to that still small voice has HUGE impact upon the individual, making him, in my opinion, a better human being. 

Find out what others think about this. And as time permits, add your own comments.


Tuesday, May 21 at 8 PM Eastern,

ASD “Discover Dowsing” Teleconference

RFA headshot in woods - 13b-sq cropRichard Feather Anderson will be our featured dowser

TOPIC: Geomantic Dowsing: Finding the Right Place & Earth Energies. 

For his pdf with charts, contact Moderator, Roxanne Louise at, and put “Feather’s pdf” in subject line.

Richard will talk about many of the ways that he has used dowsing for the last four decades as an essential tool in his professional work of geomancy, feng shui, site planning, environmental design, labyrinth siting, and exploring Earth Energies at Power spots.
Richard Feather Anderson, founder of the American School of Geomancy, has spent a lifetime reconstructing the fragmented traditions of western shamanic geomancy and metaphysical environmental design. He is an internationally recognized pioneer in the revival of geomancy, feng shui, sacred geometry, and labyrinths. He began his career in architecture; then studied Earth Mysteries with the world’s leading experts; Feng Shui with Professor Lin Yun, lineage holder of the Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhism; and sacred geometry with Dr. Keith Critchlow of the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture. He has been designated a Feng Shui Master by Feng Shui Institute International. Richard is on the faculty at the Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute in San Francisco and the Golden Gate Feng Shui School in Oakland. He previously taught in the EcoDwelling and EcoAgriculture programs at New College of California in Santa Rosa, CA.
Richard was one of the first people in America to talk about walking labyrinths for spiritual development and to develop techniques to lay them out on the ground. He started the ASD West Coast Conference Labyrinth Project in 1986, designed the first permanent labyrinth in an American church at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, led sacred geometry tours at France’s Chartres Cathedral, and was Esalen Institute’s feng shui advisor. He co-directed the ASD National Convention’s Earth Mysteries Dowsing School in 1991, teaches every year in the WCC Advanced Dowsing School, and generously shares his knowledge with passion and humor.
Contact Info:
Richard Feather Anderson
American School of Geomancy
2036 Nevada City Hwy #308
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Tuesday Evening, May 14, 2019 at 8 PM (Eastern Time)

 ASD Dowsing Support & Continuing Education Teleconference

“Ho’Oponopono, Healing Intention, Dowsing & Radionics”

 with Marty Lucas and Roxanne Louise. 

Dial (646) 876-9923, enter Participant Code# 443-333-280, & press # at next prompt.

Both Marty Lucas and Roxanne Louise actively use Ho’Oponopono–an ancient Huna prayer of Love and Forgiveness–in their practice.  Westernized by Kahuna Morrnah Simeona and popularized by her student, psychologist Dr. Hew Len along with Joe Vitale in their book, Zero Limits, the basic form is to take responsibility for whatever is in your reality with the prayer :   
“I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” 
Marty says that love is a powerful and tangible healing tool and is in the most basic sense – communication. He incorporates Ho ‘Oponopono into his radionics work because he says that it dissolves blockages, increases communication and energy flow, assists in healing, and makes everything else easier. This has proven effective for relationships, improving peace and harmony anywhere, is healing for ourselves on all levels, and improves the health of livestock, soils and crops. Marty says that filling the energy bodies with love and forgiveness changes how you feel and how you think. Both Marty and Roxanne have found that it dissolves those issues festering in the shadows — things you think you got over long ago that are just waiting for the appropriate trigger to resurface and cause problems again.
As Marty says that in using Ho’Oponopono: “Empathy and intuition increase. Negative emotional baggage slips away…You just start feeling lighter and lighter and all of those dark memories simply blow away in the wind.” 
Marty Lucas is a former President of the American Society of Dowsers, a current Trustee and a board member of the US Psychotronic Association. He is a full time Radionics teacher, consultant and practitioner. He specializes in innovative research in subtle energy techniques and technologies. He will be presenting a workshop at this year’s ASD Conference on “Healing, Energy Flow & Love”. His website is and his email is
Roxanne Louise has been sending healing intention for 3 decades. She just most recently completed a much expanded edition of Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing, and a new “Healing Intention Chart”  integrating Ho’Oponopono as well as another “Master Dowsing Chart” and “Preparation for Dowsing Chart”. She will be speaking at convention on “Heal Yourself to Heal Your World”. For background information on healing intention and Ho’Oponopono see her blog article“Heal Yourself to Heal Your World”.
Both Marty and Roxanne have multiple audio and video convention programs available at the ASD Bookstore.

4/16/19 at 8 PM Eastern, ASD Discover Dowsing Teleconference

Ellen Kamhi 2014“Dowsing, Herbs, 5 G and EMF Protection” with Ellen Kamhi, PHD, RN, AHN-BC, AHG-RH

CALL IN: Dial (646) 876-9923, enter Participant Code# 126-360-394, & press # at next prompt.

Empower yourself by learning how to use Dowsing to determine how potentially dangerous Electromagnetic Fields and Upcoming 5 G technology can impact your home and environment.  Using meters, along with dowsing techniques, discover how to measure, offset and mitigate the negative effects caused by these increasingly invasive wave forms. Using Herbs and Essential Oils can help. Enhance your ability to choose: which herb for whom, when, how much, how often, which combination…..learn how to use intention and understand the laws of non-locality to free your ability to influence healing at home as well as from a distance.

BIO: Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG-RH, AHN-BC, The Natural Nurse® has been involved in Natural Medicine since 1973. She is a wildcrafting intuitive herbalist, and is adept at radionics and dowsing.   Dr. Kamhi is a Medical School Instructor, teaching Botanical Pharmacology, offers online Herbal Certification Programs, and leads to indigenous areas of the world. She is a professional Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild (AHG-RH), Advanced Holistic Nurse, Author of many books including The Natural Medicine Chest, Arthritis, The Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide, and radio host, Dr. Kamhi educates professionals and consumers about how to care for themselves Naturally!,


4/16/19 at 8 PM Eastern, ASD Dowsing Support & Continuing Education Teleconference

unnamed“Dowsing on Habits” with Margaret VanLaan Martin and Roxanne Louise. 

Dial (646) 876-9923, enter Participant Code# 443-333-280, & press # at next prompt.

Changing habits requires clarity, commitment, consistency and a good reason as to why.

Why do you want to stop what you are doing?  How has the habit been effecting you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? What do you want instead? What energy do you want to put in it’s place?

Do you have any resistance or blocks that need to be cleared? What is your level of commitment to change? Can you increase your motivation? What about a strategy? What action can you take right now? How can you regularly monitor and adjust those actions and/or strategy?

Margaret VanLaanMartin has been a professional psychic for the past 30 years. She is also a dowser, medium, astrologer and Reiki Master Teacher based in Chico, California where she runs Age of Aquarius. At last year’s West Coast Dowsing Conference, Margaret presented on “Dowsing to Get Rid of ‘Bad’ Habits”.She can be reached at, or, or by calling 530-520-1900.

As a Hypnotherapist, Roxanne Louise has been helping people with habit change since 1989 and integrated dowsing with it in 1990, writing hundreds of dowsing charts and checklists in the process that are now part of her Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing Manual. She is the author of several books, a Trustee for ASD, a presenter at ASD and multiple national conferences yearly, and is the founder and organizer for Central Virginia Dowsers. Roxanne has presented twice on the topic of Dowsing on Habits at American Society of Dowsers Conventions over the years.

For background information, see Roxanne’s blog articles below, or contact me for a pdf file of Margaret’s article:


Discover Dowsing Teleconference 3/19/19 

“Introduction to a Gold Dowser– Pat Delafield”

Pat DelafieldPat: “The first dowser I had met was a successful bush pilot gold and mineral dowser in Anchorage, AK. Four years later, in 1970, I was taught how to dowse and communicate with the spirit world, also in Anchorage. For the next 15 years, though dowsing every day and even learning the skill of gold dowsing and finding several high producing placer and lode veins, I had not yet met another dowser.

Gold frequency has a particular ‘feeling’ that activates an electrical response in an area above my right eye about 2” above my hairline. At times, it is activated over a gold vein for the width of the vein. Sometimes, in a high producing gold area, my aura can hurt for hours or days if I stay in the area.

From 1983 until 1990, I traveled to The Philippines, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Canada, Greenland, and several states within the USA to follow the gold.

Map dowsing is essential. My first find was my first map dowsing experience: Living in Seattle at the time with a hand-drawn map of Tammany Channel in Denali, AK. I was at the site when the nuggets were extracted. They went on to extract 2600 oz of high-quality placer gold for the duration of the season.

The Gift of Gold is it’s Consciousness changing qualities. As dowsers, we can recreate or ‘call-in’ these Spiritual aspects of gold, to bring balance and beauty into our lives. Unfortunately, I have found most people have an allergic reaction to this higher frequency of gold. I feel a responsibility to help people shift their allergic response to the more beneficial energies that gold can activate in their lives.”


MARCH 12, 2019, ASD Dowsing Support Teleconference

“Dowsing for Business Matters” with Dick Tippett and Roxanne Louise

Dick Tippett

Dowsing can assist you in taking the uncertainty out of doing your everyday business. It can also help you in your everyday work.

We all (or most of us) have to shop for auto, life and home and medical insurance, find and work with realtors or attorneys, obtain loans and mortgages as we buy our cars and homes, repair our cars, find and work with contractors to remodel or recarpet or repaint our homes, have trees removed and many other things that engage us in the “busy-ness of doing business” Your dowsing skills can help you in selecting the best people to work with you, in the best ways to work with the people that you select and in getting the best possible outcomes.

Dowsing is also very useful in the everyday work-world, You can use it to prioritize the work of the day, to clear challenges with supervisors and fellow employees, improve the space and energy of staff and client meetings, help you meet schedules and deadlines and many other things.

You can also use map dowsing to locate your client base and best location for an office considering convenience and mind-set of your customers, local ordinances and other regulations. Dowsing also assists in determining a business and marketing strategies, product offerings, as well as problem solving at each step of production.


Richard “Dick” Tippett has been a business manager and a consultant for most of his professional life. An Honors Program graduate of Kings Point, he holds degrees in engineering and management. He first learned to dowse from Master Dowsers Harold McCoy and Raymon Grace. Dick brought his dowsing skills into the business world where he quickly learned that they make him more efficient, his business more profitable and his clients happier and better served. For many years, Dick has been an active part of the West Coast Dowsing Conference.

Roxanne Louise has been using dowsing for every aspect of her hypnosis, Reiki, dowsing business since 1990, and later also for real estate investment and management, and farm management. She is the author of several books, a Trustee for ASD, a presenter at ASD and multiple national conferences yearly, and is the founder and organizer for Central Virginia Dowsers. 


February 19, 2019: Discover Dowsing free Teleconference,

0   “Spiritual Interference Patterns”

with Robert W. Alcorn, MD.

Robert W. Alcorn, MD, is a psychiatrist and a member of the American Society of Dowsers. He uses dowsing in the Soul Detective aspect of his practice. In his many years of psychiatric work, he has come to recognize that many of the psychiatric symptoms his patient endure are the result of intrusion by spiritual beings into the energies of the patient. He is particularly interested in this phenomenon as it appears in intuitive people, such as psychics, medical intuitives, and, of course, dowsers. He believes that people who are intuitive, who have High Sense Perception, are often very reluctant to seek help in the psychiatric world because they (rightly) fear their subtle perceptions will be treated as symptomatic of significant psychiatric pathology. He believes that it is normal for human beings to perceive invisible beings of all kinds, but that skill is trained out of us at a very early age.
He will discuss the range of spirit beings who can cause trouble for us, how to recognize that this is what has happened to oneself, and how to release these beings in a harmonious and compassionate way, even the nasty ones!
Dr. Alcorn is in practice in Ohio. He has incorporated shamanic methods and energetic healing in his approach to patients’ suffering. He is the author of Healing Stories: My Journey from Mainstream Psychiatry toward Spiritual Healing. His website is
For a link to two of his talks at the American Society of Dowsers Conference available for purchase click here:  He is married to Barbara Stone, PhD, originator of Soul Detective work. Here is a video of them talking about how they work together.

 Tuesday, 2/12/19: “Goal Setting and Aligning with Your Higher Purpose” with Mark Hurwich and Roxanne Louise. 

Mark Hurwich

Dowsing is extremely helpful in setting all sorts of goals – from the daily ‘to do’ lists, determining priorities, to lining up the weekly, monthly, yearly, New Year’s Resolutions, and your overall path in life. It can assess your acceptance or resistance to realizing these goals, and it can resolve self sabotage, doubt, and self-esteem issues related to them. 

Big goals require big energy and invariably confront big challenges. To muster that energy and get through those difficulties, it is important to have a good reason to do so. This is why Mark and I also look at finding your core intention – your why. 

At last year’s ASD Convention, Mark Hurwich addressed this in a talk “Supercharge Your Why: Dowsing for Core Intention. ” This is available for sale through the ASD Bookstore. See here.

Mark, who is also a member of the Board of Trustees for ASD, uses body dowsing and Core Intention in a niched business coaching healers, entrepreneurs and others who are “stuck.” He has over 34 years of coaching and consulting experiences in strategy and strategy implementation at multinational firms. Mark lives with his wife, dowser Gale West, in Evanston, Illinois. His website is 

See Mark’s Article: A Radically Different View of Purpose…Wisdom from Colombia’s Kogi

As a hypnotherapist, as well as a dowser, stress management expert, and Reiki Master, Roxanne Louise works with finding and clearing the root cause of mental and emotional issues including the mind-body aspect of various physical issues, and then teaches multiple self-help tools to empower her clients including teaching goal setting and manifestation. She is the author of several books, a presenter at multiple national conferences yearly, a Trustee for ASD, and is the founder and organizer for Central Virginia Dowsers. She has received 6 national awards in hypnosis including two Lifetime Achievement Awards, and was named “Educator of the Year” from ASD this past summer. Her website is, blog:, and Facebook page: Central Virginia Dowsers. Her email is, and phone is 434-263-4337.

As Roxanne Louise has already written many articles on this topic, she is going to give the bulk of the call time to Mark. But to have the background of what would otherwise take a couple of hours in itself, see Roxanne’s articles on Goal Setting & Manifestation can be seen here:


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