Calendar of Events

COMING UP for 2020- incomplete list, check back later

Regular Recurring Events:

LEADING Central Virginia Dowsers Meetings, Senior Center, 491 Hillsdale Drive, Charlottesville, VA. Free. Meetings held on the 2nd Sunday of the Month at 1:15 PM – 4 PM. 2020 dates: 1/12 (skip February), then 3/8, 4/19 (date change), 5/10, 6/14, (skip July-August), 9/13, 10/11, 11/8 (no December). See link for location and detailsMeetings are free and open to all but we ask you to advise us that you are coming in case of weather or other cancellation. 


FEBRUARY: Speaker at the NOR CAL DOWSERS Chapter Meeting, American Society of Dowsers, Redding, California, Saturday, February 8. “Heal Yourself to Heal the World”. See here.

Teaching at the American Society of Dowsers Golden Gate Chapter Meeting in Corte Madera, California, Saturday, February 15, 2020  “Heal Yourself to Heal Your World”

APRIL: Workshop April 5 for White Mountain Dowsers Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers, Plymouth, NH . To be rescheduled because of the virus.

Presenter at the HypnoExpo 2020 in Orlando, Florida, April 24-26. “False Memory–Staying out of Legal Problems”, “The Shadow Knows” Now virtual because of virus.

MAY: Speaker  at HypnoBiz, Manhattan, New York City, Friday, May 29-31. Creating Flow: Clearing Stuck Mental & Emotional Energies” on Monday, June 1. Now going virtual because of virus.

JUNE: Presiding at the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF DOWSERS CONFERENCE: Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire, June 3-7. More information at

AUGUST: Presenting at the NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS CONVENTION“Heal Yourself To Heal Your World!”  and “Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone!”.  Cancelled because of virus.


APRIL: Presented at the HEARTLAND HYPNOSIS CONFERENCE in St. Louis, MO April 26-29: Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone, 2 hour workshop,Sunday, April 28 9-11 AM; Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing – an all day Pendulum Workshop for Hypnotherapists, Monday, April 29. See here.

MAY: Presented  at the INTERNATIONAL HYPNOSIS CONFERENCE: HypnoExpo 2019 – May 17- 19: Accessing More – The Infinite Intelligence Process, and Releasing Anger! More to come later. Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center, Florida. See here.

JUNE: Taught all day workshop in Manhattan, New York, Tuesday, June 25, “Creating Flow: Clearing Stuck Mental/ Emotional Energies – a complete PENDULUM DOWSING COURSE. See here for details.

Presenting at the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF DOWSERS CONFERENCE: Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire, June 26-30. Leading Daily Meditation, and Seminar: “Heal Yourself to Heal the World”. Vendor, and Private Sessions through the Spa. See here for more details.

AUGUST: Presented at the NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS CONVENTION, Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel, Marlborough, Massachusetts, August 9-11.  Seminar: “Memory -True or False—Staying Out Of Legal Problems”, ​and workshop:  “Use Everything—Stacking For Success!”.  See here

SEPTEMBER: Speaker at the American Society of Dowsers, San Jose DOWSERS Chapter Meeting, San Jose, California, Saturday, September 14, “Heal Yourself to Heal Your World”.  

OCTOBER: Dowsing Weekend Training: Energy Clearing, Infinite Intelligence Process, Heal Yourself to Heal Your World , 3 classes for information packed classes that all tie into one another, in central Manhattan, Friday-Saturday, October 18-19. More to come.

NOVEMBER: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TRANSPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPISTS CONFERENCE, Virginia Beach, Virginia. 11/1-3. 3 presentations: “Heal Yourself to Heal the World”,  “Dowsing for Hypnotherapists”and “Harness Anger for Good!” See brochure here. 

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