Why Hypnotherapists (and others) Should Learn Pendulum Dowsing


My first introduction to a pendulum came with my initial hypnosis training with Dick Harte in 1989. He called it Chevreul’s Pendulum, and said that it was a way to elicit ideomotor response. Hypnotist, Gerry Kein used a pendulum (instead of the old watch on a chain method) as a method of inducing trance (“as you stare at the pendulum going round and round, your eyes are getting sleepier and sleepier”).

Dowsing is an ancient art that uses a light, open-eyed altered state, with focused attention and intent, to ask questions of the subconscious mind and what we call the superconscious. The underlying premise is that dowsers believe that all minds are connected within a sea of the consciousness which is accessible through clear intent. This allows us to tap into greater knowledge, wisdom and problem solving ability beyond our conscious functioning. Dowsing through intention can, like hypnotic suggestions, also issue commands to the subconscious mind for things to be done. For example, I use dowsing to resolve emotional issues. I use it to find the lesson or positive learning in any upset, release non-beneficial beliefs, relieve stress and heal emotional baggage.

Dowsers use various devices such as L rods, Y rods, or a pendulum as a form of ideomotor response for feedback. Because it can be done anywhere, any place, quickly without requiring depth of trance, and because it can be done by the person himself without requiring the assistance of an outside professional, dowsing is very practical for everyday use for the ordinary person. For professional hypnotherapists, mental health practitioners of all kinds, and healers, it is a profoundly important, additional tool to know and to use on yourself, to use on behalf of your clients, and to teach your clients to use for themselves.


Not just for water, but for practical problems of all kinds!

While you may have heard of people dowsing for water or minerals or even for missing persons or unexploded bombs, did you know that you can also dowse to get help on solving practical problems on almost anything? It is a very powerful self-help tool.

I got really excited when I learned that I could use pendulum work on every part of my personal life and business and quickly wrote out pages of charts and checklists that would locate the root causes of issues–the what, when, why. I also wrote out charts and checklists on possible ways of clearing those issues. For example, I wrote out pages listing emotions, issues, defense mechanisms, blocks, limiting beliefs and decisions, addictive thinking, relationships, ages, therapies, techniques and healing modalities. When I noticed the immediate and powerful results on myself, and then when I noticed that it sped up results for my clients, I was hooked!

Dowsing for therapy on yourself and others

As the first rule of therapy is “physician, heal thyself”, dowsing is a powerful and efficient way to uncover and address your own issues and shadow. By cleaning up your own emotional baggage, you can avoid projecting onto your client, and instead approach him without bias.

The charts and checklists that you use for yourself can also be utilized to elicit what is going with your client even before they come in for their appointment. For example, I can go over a list of typical reasons why a person may smoke. I can then discover the dynamics in my client’s smoking, the degree or percentage to which those issues or dynamics are involved, and what techniques or scripts that I should use when he comes in for his appointment.

For example, dowsing may indicate that they started smoking at age fourteen as a way to be part of the ‘in’ group, or that they are smoking today as a way to irritate their spouse, or that smoking is the only perceived “safe” way for them to rebel against all of the other rules and restrictions under which they are currently living. That information can then guide me in preparing the most appropriate therapeutic interventions and suggestions to use. It also guide me in the interview process.

Pendulum work not only clarifies underlying dynamics beneath problems, it helps to heal them as well. For example, once you find the root cause of a problem, you can then give instructions to the subconscious mind via dowsing to find the positive learning from that problem. After the pendulum indicates that that is done, you then with dowsing ask the unconscious mind to clear all the reasons that maintain that problem. You can use dowsing to clear all the secondary gain, all of the blocks, and then all of the negative emotional charge associated with it. You can locate and clear the root cause and all of the subsequent events right up to the present moment. While hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners use Timeline and other techniques to do the same thing, dowsing is a another way to do it. The beauty of it is that an individual can do it for himself! You can also work on the client without the client even being present providing you have permission!

When I hypnotize a client, I can set up an ideomotor finger responses to elicit answers from a deeper unconscious level. But I can that also just use a pendulum and without depth of trance. I can use the pendulum to pace my hypnotic suggestions and any processing that I have asked them to do.  I can use the pendulum to determine if I should continue the same line of questioning or digging to make sure I am getting everything related to the issue being addressed in the session. And I can find out through dowsing what I need to address in the next session.

Dowsing can also be used on practical aspects of your business.

For example, you can ask “what is the most profitable location for my business? What is the best use of my time or advertising dollar? What is the best use of my energy and resources? How should I position myself? Who are my best clients? Where are my best clients? Of the opportunities I have, which are most likely to offer the best results?”

I used dowsing to write up a criteria for my ideal office and later for my ideal home. Then I dowsed over the list to zero in on what I must have, and must not have. As I looked at various places, I referred to my list and dowsed out what they offered. This was helpful because many times issues that will cause you problems or bring you good luck are not readily seen. Through dowsing, I found the most wonderful office that I used for many years, and the home I am living in now–two great choices.

Dowsing is a helpful tool.

While dowsing can be extremely helpful, it should never replace your own conscious decision making process and common sense. However, it can infinitely speed up the information gathering and problem solving process. It greatly augments your gut level instincts and inner knowing about things. It goes infinitely beyond the limitations of your own conscious awareness. And it can penetrate the veil of your own delusions and blind spots.

Want to learn more?

I have a entire pendulum course manual entitled Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing available for sale on my website, www.roxannelouise.com. For those going to the upcoming National Guild of Hypnotists Convention next week in Marlborough, Massachusetts, I will have it at my vending booth along with my many other books.


Copyright by Roxanne Louise. However, this article may be shared in free online sources only if this copyright notice and link to http://www.roxannelouise.com and http://unlimitedpotentialhealingcenter.com  are included with the content.

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