On Being Thorough in Therapy

Tracing & Addressing the Origin of Problems

I have been working on trying to understand what underlies human behavior and mental and emotional issues since childhood. At 4 years old, I was overheard telling a playmate “you’re master of yourself”. And while self-mastery is possible as we know of saints and gurus that appear to have achieved it, the 24/7 responsibility to monitor and correct your thoughts, beliefs and judgments, and then healing the emotions that stem from those thoughts — is a major, lifelong task that all too often seems like putting one foot forward but moving two feet back.

In elementary school I started giving advice based on Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” to my friends who didn’t know how to deal with fellow classmates. It’s a good book. Yet, despite reading a library of helpful self-help books and learning a multiple of therapeutic techniques from multiple modalities over decades.

Deep, personal healing goes beyond the lens of known problems and difficult relationships. 

It necessitates tracing the origins of issues and relationships back through previous lifetimes, through family and ancestral lineage, addressing the universal flaws existing within all of humanity such as the 7 deadly sins of pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth. And it involves healing the pain of what was perceived as missing especially in childhood of love, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness.

The known problems are CLUES to the real cause lying beneath negative repeating patterns.


Initially, when I had a problem, I focused on the current incident or the person with whom I had the problem.  But then when more problems with that person occurred, I had to focus on the relationship as a whole. And when that didn’t stop the problem, I had to consider that the problems with that person might stem with the soul of that person that could go back through earlier and perhaps many lifetimes. 

Later when I thought I had resolved the current situation, I noticed that same type of problem happened again, but now with someone else. So, I moved on to clearing the issue around all similar events about which I could remember, and that could involve even more people. Clearing the origin of the issue could involve clearing multiple lifetimes and multiple people and clump together with related issues. Yet, no matter how time consuming to address, once the same sort of problem happens three times, it means a pattern has been established that will only continue to reoccur until it is resolved.

We all know that future generations can be sensitized to specific fears such as that of discrimination or violence by hearing horrid stories of one’s ancestors. But recent research with children of holocaust survivors found that these children were more fearful than Jews from families that had not been in the concentration camps. The study hypothesized that these excessive fears were passed down on the DNA. This correlates with experiments on mice – the specific fears of the parents were transferred down to offspring. Perhaps this is a survival mechanism. But what this means in therapy is that is the need to address the issues experienced by our ancestors as well. Dr. Bradley Nelson has proven in his book, The  Emotion Code, that doing so can have tremendous therapeutic effect.

Further indications of problems passing down the family line is that of a role played in the family such as that of the invalid or the black sheep or the crazy one, or what has been called ‘the family curse’. 

Lately, I am following the theory that the source of the problem does not just originate within the self with its own beliefs and judgements and unresolved traumas from this and other lifetimes, nor that of our personal ancestors, but can originate even further back within what we call the “collective unconscious” – in other words, within the shared consciousness of all of humanity, and perhaps other species as well, throughout all of time.

As Dr. Hew Len who popularized Ho’Oponopono said,

“we cannot know the origin of the problem.” Hence, it is helpful to make space for the healing to go wherever it is needed without you knowing where it began.

Dr. Len’s method was to continually pray to heal his own thoughts or consciousness underlying the problem whether he knew what those thoughts might be: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” My own wording for this is:

“I’m sorry for whatever is within me, my relatives or ancestors in this or another lifetime that attracted, allowed, caused, contributed to or resonated in any way with this ____ (problem/situation ___of/with ___).

Please forgive me. Please forgive all of us.

I love you ____ [my name  or Creator’s].

Thank you for bringing to my attention what needs to heal within myself. Thank you for bringing healing into this ____ (problem/situation) for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you for correcting any distortion in my consciousness or in our shared consciousness.”

In the collective unconscious are the origins of every wonderful attribute of humanity seen also in the animal kingdom – love, empathy, kindness, protection of the young, joy, etc.. But here too lay the inclination to do harm as well as the wounds from that harm experienced by our ancestors from covetousness and greed, theft, betrayal, control and domination, manipulation, deceit and cunning, disruption and chaos, lies and broken promises, violence, rage and hate, mental, emotional and physical abuse, lust and rape — all traumas replayed over and over again from perhaps the very beginning of mankind. In dealing with the ancient roots of the problem,

I have come to the conclusion that deep healing ultimately requires appealing to something bigger than ourselves– the Divine, the Source of All That Is, the great I AM — in short, prayer is needed with repeated group prayer being the most effective.

“Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of you.”

To resolve what underlay a particular problem, I had to go back to the beginning (wherever that was). Hypnotic regression and past life regression are helpful, but it requires the assistance of another person – something not always possible, practical or affordable. There had to be another way.

In addition to everything else, I work with a large number of unconscious healing modalities of which there are many techniques – my own Infinite Intelligence Process, my way of using pendulum dowsing with specially designed charts, meditation and self-hypnosis, the Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotion Code, Conceptual Therapy, Tapas Accupressure, Neural Linguistic Programming, several hypnotic visualizations, and hypnotic techniques as by A.L. Ward, E. Art Winkler, Ho’Oponopono, and I continue to add more. Dowser Joachim Wippich’s work also deals with correcting unconscious thoughts and may be worth exploring.

My basic intention is to turn all problems into a blessing –

  • a blessing to me for the wisdom and fortitude to be gained in resolving them,
  • a blessing to others in that I can now help them with what I learned from a problem similar to theirs,
  • and a blessing to prevent others from suffering by learning from my experience.

And so, you can also turn your problems into blessings. Compost them and harvest wisdom and strength.

When I have gotten depressed or upset or frustrated with a problem that was defying resolution, I have remembered the words of Judith Baldwin, wife of Dr. William Baldwin, founder of Spirit Releasement Therapy:

“And It Came to Pass……Away!” 

While problems can be caused by ignorance (as in “what can go wrong?), not paying attention, ignoring the signals or your gut level instincts, inexperience, lack of knowledge or training, not considering the ramifications of each potential choice, over estimating your own abilities as in “fools go where angels fear to tread,” trial and error, or curiosity as in “I wonder what can happen if….”, I believe that problems are meant to be temporary. We can create them out of our recklessness or stupidity. But when they are assigned by the universe as in homework, I believe that are intended as a means to heal long, unaddressed wounds, to grow in mental, emotional and spiritual strength and to test that strength. They are the means by which we gain both in valuable experience and wisdom and heal on a deeper level. I am also reminded of a saying:

“Man meant it for evil, but God meant it for good!” 

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On Grief and Suffering

32348Years ago I saw the movie Shadowlands – the story of Oxford professor, C. S. Lewis (most known for his children’s book, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), and his American Jewish wife, Helen Joy Davidman.

At the point where Lewis has to face that Helen is dying, he realizes how much he loves her. But her illness makes him question his devout Christian faith. How can God allow such suffering? How could God bring him love so late in life only to snatch it away?

If you shut your heart to pain, you shut it to love as well.

Helen responds that you cannot shut down your heart to avoid feeling pain or you will shut down your heart to feeling love as well. She says that the pain that you know will be experienced later IS part of the happiness now. It makes each moment more poignant. You have to be willing to experience it all. You have to keep your heart open.

Helen’s attitude is a recognition that everything is transitory – both our lives and our time together with loved ones. It is a way it is seizing the moment to appreciate everything now especially because we know such moments are finite. And when such time is over if they die before us, we can be comforted in that we had those moments together, that we experienced their love and our friendship and happiness together.

“Carpe diem”: Seize the day

Perhaps in the case of an on-going or painful, terminal illness, knowing that their suffering was ended can also be a comfort.

And then there is the grief of witnessing the suffering of others that we do not know. How could a loving God allow such evil? Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why does suffering exist?

I don’t believe there is an answer to this age-old question although there are theories. In a specific individual case we may have a hunch as to why. Certainly the consciousness of the individual has a lot to do with the personal internalization or how they experience the suffering whether or not it changes the outward situation.

Some think that there is karma – that bad things happen to pay someone back for the bad things they have done in the past. Then guilt plays a part. Guilt always looks for punishment.

But some of my hypnosis colleagues have found that suffering can be part of a soul contract. In other words, that a soul has voluntarily taken on a specific challenge in order to learn something – maybe humility, patience, or compassion for others with similar challenges. There are many people who have credited their childhood poverty, abuse, or trauma as the motivating force to work hard to change things and do something with their life. Some were even be the ones responsible for pulling the family group as a whole out of their dire situation. If learning is the reason for the suffering, speed up the learning process and then ask the universe to be released from the condition.

Maybe the soul has chosen it’s challenges as a way to grow personally. Or maybe the soul has willingly taken on a challenge to help others to grow, to teach them something, or at least, to give them the opportunity to do so. Maybe their suffering is to inspire others to take action and remove or heal the cause of the problem so that others benefit, or to come up with a solution, an invention, a therapy, or legislation to address that problem that brings much needed change or improvement. Maybe it is to teach compassion and give others an opportunity to minister to their needs.

I remember years ago listening to one of the most arrogant, elitist, wealthy man talking about the problems of being a parent to a severely disabled young child. And when I heard it, I thought that his son might be a heaven sent gift to soften and open this father’s heart to love, and teach him compassion for others. Right or not, that was a blessing  that could potentially arise from the situation.

What can you do when you are grieving or suffering in some way?

Deliberately find a way to notice what is still good. Savor the love and friendship that is available. Open your heart to those who come or call. Reconnect. Pull your loved ones and pets close to you. If you don’t have a pet but love animals, get one or volunteer at an animal shelter. As you open your heart to give love in any area possible, you will receive it back abundantly.

Connect with nature and appreciate the natural rhythms and cycles of life. Death is part of that cycle. After every winter comes spring, then summer, fall and winter again. But then spring returns yet another time. Think of the the spring flowers, the young ones, the baby birds and animals just being born. Take time to be with them, to notice and appreciate whatever is around you. Go feed the ducks, hatch some chicks, hug a tree. And I don’t mean to be trite in the face of real suffering, but just focus on being, really being present with any evidence of LIFE in any of its forms, including what may seem to be inanimate like rocks and streams– all of these bring healing.

Look for beauty. Look for any evidence of goodness and joy. Look for evidence of things that have been around much longer than a human’s lifespan, and for evidence of things that die and are reborn.

When my son was born, my neighbor’s daughter just died. So as soon as I was out of the hospital, I went over to her and let her hold my baby. I wanted her to still know that life goes on, and that this new life can be a great comfort. Holding the soft bundle of a newborn melts the heart, and in the melting comes the healing.

Any person for whom you grieve lives on through you not just in your memory, but also in how they touched or changed your life. The love you had for them lives on, and I believe that their love for you does as well. I have personally experienced my whole being filled with love multiple times as my deceased father’s made his presence known. Same thing happened for months with a very special cat. I have had visits from deceased clients, students, colleagues. So I am convinced that the soul lives on independently of my memory of them.

And something of you will live on through friends and family – your legacy to the world of how you made a difference perhaps just in being in the right place at the right time to give encouragement, a helpful perspective, a simple act of kindness. Cherish the good memories. Put up any photos that bring a smile to your face and make you laugh. And if you have them, hug their pillow, their clothes with their smell still on them.

Then connect to the spiritual dimension, the greater cosmos beyond the solar system, the galaxy to an even bigger beyond in all it’s majesty. Go out and watch the sun rise and set. Look up at the stars and visit any awe inspiring vistas where you can gain a higher perspective beyond your day to day life.

And go every day to that place within your soul that is still okay and loves you very much. Remember, know and allow yourself to feel that

you are loved.


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Before you unplug or disconnect…

To help you maintain a positive attitude that is so necessary to be happy, healthy, and succeed in any area of life, it is very commonly  advocated that you

  1. stop listening to the news,  ignore what is going on in the world, and to
  2. disconnect with the ‘negative people’ in your life.

What’s wrong with that?

1. Mankind’s very survival has depended upon paying attention. So has the existence of democracy and freedom.

Fail to take prompt, prudent, appropriate action, and you lose it. Better advice would be to be discerning in one’s news sources. As journalist Naomi Wolf has recently said, it is “crazy” not to check out what the media is saying because so much of it is propaganda, or ‘spin’. World events are sometimes ‘theatre, spectacle’ — false flag events put on deliberately to sway public opinion, to control and manipulate, and to receive approval for political response. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOh2vLp49js

She says that there is practically no real journalism happening anymore. News sources are not checked to see if accurate before reporting, so some have been blatantly false. Also, not mentioned by her but true is that almost all of American news sources (t.v., radio, newspapers) are owned by only 6 people. This limits the viewpoints expressed, and causes the very same ‘news’ scripts to be read on multiple channels. So it is important to look for accurate, trustworthy news sources that can alert you to developments that are important to support or snuff out. Then turn off the rest.

2. What you do not see, you cannot address, so the situation continues to fester and deteriorate.

I dare you to ‘think positive’ about the ’empty tank’ fuel gage on your car, or to the leak dripping from the ceiling. Not paying attention to it does not make the problem go away. While it is not easy to do so, it is important to

  • Be AWARE, even VERY AWARE, yet have PERSPECTIVE,
  • Take POSITIVE ACTION without losing HOPE,
  • Find a place of BALANCE.

Environment that includes the thoughts and feelings of others, does have a powerful effect upon us. Stress and overwhelm is over the top. It seems that one way to control the negativity in our environment might be to cut off contact or dismiss those in our life who are depressed, upset or otherwise ‘negative’. But there is a price to pay for this.

3. You cannot write off anyone without losing some humanity within yourself.

Currently, scientists talk about a theory of Entanglement–the idea that everything and everyone is connected. Therefore each impacts upon the other. Ho’oponopono, an old Hawaiian practice, talks about each person’s responsibility in causing/contributing to another person’s behavior or illness. Christians are told “you are your brother’s keeper”, “love one another”, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Other religions also emphasize compassion, kindness and charity.

And yet, in the real world we understand that there are limits to our time, finances, mental and emotional energy we can expend on being compassionate, listening to or helping others. Where is the balance?

Rather than write off a person that frequently complains, or is frustrated, angry or depressed, there is a way to show compassion, love and accept people where they are, and help them to shift their focus from problem to solution, and help yourself at the same time.

You can accomplish this through

  • just listening,
  • trying to understand what they are saying/feeling and why,
  • acknowledging their feelings whether or not you agree with them,
  • affirming your belief in their ability to meet their challenge ,
  • and if it is true, just letting them know that you love/care about them
    • “I’m so sorry you are going through this, but I want you to know I ____ (love you, believe in you, feel you are going to get through this).”
  • If you don’t have the time or the inclination to listen and try to understand, then at least acknowledge their upset, and affirm a basic ability that exists within everyone to figure things out eventually (with or without help).
    • I can tell you are really ___ (upset, depressed, etc.) about this. But I am ___ (unable to help you with it ___  because ___ (I am leaving right now, about to ___, don’t have any quick answers to help you with it). Nonetheless, I believe you have greater resources within yourself to bring into solving this problem. And I believe you are going to find the appropriate help you need to resolve it just as you have with other problems you have had in your life. I bet that you are probably a lot more capable and resourceful than you are giving yourself credit for right now. And if you think about other things you solved that you never thought you could, that awareness will help you now.

Use ordinary conversation to shift the mood of yourself and others

  • Ask them a question that moves to possibility:
    • If it could work, how would it work?
    • If you could ___, what is something, no matter how small, that you could do right now? 
  • Ask a question that reminds them of other tough times they got through
    • Can you remember another time in your life when things looked bleak, but which you got through? (If they respond ‘yes’, then say) Tell me about it.
    • Has your car ever broken down? Did you get it fixed or just get another form of transportation? And did you solve that problem because it became a priority, and because it became a priority, you figured out a way to solve it? So if you make this problem of ___ a priority, can we assume that it is only a matter of time that you figure it out just like the other priorities in your life?
  • Ask them a question that shifts how they look at it
    • Who do you know that would look at this situation/problem differently? That might not be beaten down by it? That might not even be as upset or upset at all? What would they think that would allow them to have the same experience but not suffer nearly as much? 
    • If you were to pretend that you were ___, how would you go about resolving this issue?
    • How can you look at this situation so that it doesn’t bother you nearly as much?
  • Remind them of their resources to meet the challenge
    • family, friends, their network, skills, talents, internal strengths
  • Remind them of other positive things going on
  • Give them an image of themselves as more intelligent, capable, resourceful than they are projecting at the moment.
    • You know, right now you are giving me the impression that you think this problem is bigger than you are. But I don’t believe it. I think that this problem is going to force you to grow and is going to bring to the fore greater abilities and resourcefulness within yourself than you ever thought that you had. 

I look for and help others to see resources within themselves. You can do the same. And when you do, you will find that you have greater resources within yourself!

Copyright by Roxanne Louise. However, this article may be shared in free online sources only if this copyright notice and link to http://www.roxannelouise.com and http://unlimitedpotentialhealingcenter.com  are included with the content.