Dowsing Ethics, Part 2: What Not to Do!

NOTE: everything I report below could just as easily be applied to comments delivered by a psychic, spiritual healer, etc.

A real life example

In my first dowsing class (a week long course) some people were uncomfortable with a fellow classmate. They asked the teacher about it, and he responded that this individual had killed them in a past life. The students reported this to other students and even to those outside the class in a mutual ARE (Association of Research and Enlightenment) organization and local New Age church until many others were shunning this student as well.

The teacher’s comment was emotionally charged and created an atmosphere of fear and distrust where before there had only been a vague feeling of unease from something they didn’t understand—unease that could have come from what was going on personally in the life of that individual that may have had nothing to do with his classmates whether in this life or any other. This incidence brings up the multiple problems.

The problem of interpretation

The students interpreted the teacher’s words of having been “killed” to mean that they had been murdered. But were they? Even if the teacher was correct, someone can be killed through many other means—ignorance, superstition, negligence, accident, misunderstanding, poor communication, laziness, self-defense, mistaken identity, perceived wrongdoing, or set-up. Even if death occurred and it was deliberate, it may have been sanctioned by the larger community as an act or casualty of war, or in the service of cultural, political, ideological or religious beliefs, a serious violation of some community rule. Those killed could have done something to be sentenced to death by their group as punishment.

Faulty interpretations

When I dowsed on the example above, my interpretation was that the “killing” was not a physical death, but rather a psychological dismissal. In other words, this student (who was a personal friend) did not respect or take these certain classmates seriously. He judged them as much too gullible and not exercising common sense—something borne out by their behavior. Perhaps, the students were feeling uncomfortable because they felt judged, but didn’t understand it. They may also have been picking up bad vibes because this same person was going through marital trouble with his spouse, who was also in the class.

Above all, do no harm.

Regardless of the correct interpretation, the fact remains that this individual’s reputation was ruined both in the group and the larger community on something that could neither be proved or disproved, money due him was withheld, and relationships and good will in the greater community were ruptured irreparably and permanently.

This teacher failed to consider the ramifications his comment would have on the class and on the accused student both inside and outside of class. He had not considered the maturity and understanding to those he was speaking. He had not considered their awareness that in the context of multiple lifetimes, a soul swings between being saint and sinner, priest and prostitute, cop and villain, rich and poor, victim and victimizer, and from one culture, race, gender and religion to another. He had not considered that that these students, like most people, might think of themselves as the innocent party in their interactions, and deny their own part in whatever happened to them, and the harm they have done (or wanted to) to others in any point in time.

An opportunity missed

The pertinent issue overlooked in class was what to do when you feel uncomfortable with someone. This teacher missed a precious opportunity to teach the entire class how to use dowsing to heal a relationship, and how to turn upsetting experiences and stuck emotions into a blessing. This is something of which I know much, and I will address in another post.

Dowsing past lives is frivolous. Dowsing issues is not.

While I personally believe in past life, I do not take past life scenarios, whether gleaned through hypnotic regression or dowsing, seriously as it cannot be verified. What is relevant is what is going on now? If trauma has occurred, find the positive learning, the wisdom, and release all stuck emotions from things real or imagined. Locate and clear any limiting beliefs or judgments whether justified by the facts or not. Stick to healing issues, working towards solving practical problems and being of service.

Dowsing is meant to be a blessing. How can it help you in your life today? If you are dowsing (or using any psychic art) out of curiosity rather than healing your own issues, solving practical problems, being of service to someone else, you are misusing it.