When Manifestation Doesn’t Work

Sooner or later anyone working on goal setting & achievement, or following the Law of Attraction runs into obstacles.  You may  double down, get help and become proactive in following professional advice and doing everything you know to be ‘right’. Yet the desired results you hope for may not be happening. Why not? You might ask,What am I not getting? I’m doing everything I know to do. I’ve got the skills and I’m working as hard as I can. What am I missing?”

Below are some possibilities, but there can be more. 

Reason #1. Lack of Clarity ​- Fuzzy goals = fuzzy results. Try to learn about and expose yourself as much as possible to what you THINK you want.  The more you know, the more you experience, the clearer you will be as to exactly what you want.

Reason #2. Conflicts and Mutually Exclusive Goals – This may be within yourself, the relationship or group. Sometimes a personal conflict can be resolved by pursuing one big goal (i.e. having & raising a baby) at one time in life and pursuing other important goals (i.e. travel/career) at another. If possible, use the wait time with training or preparation. Is it possible to do something related to your big goal now? Can you be in the environment and around people in the field you want? 

Years ago when I was studying voice while pregnant and then raising a son whilst dreaming of one day having an opera career, I got a job as secretary at the Metropolitan Opera. This allowed me to listen to and watch rehearsals, gave me free tickets to performances, and see and speak with the artists. So, while I was doing secretarial work (which I disliked), working at the Met was a dream. And later I did actually did to get to sing several times on it’s stage.

Reason # 3. Disbelief & Doubt– All goals have challenges, which can increase doubt, negative self-talk, and drain the energy and determination necessary to resolve those challenges. At times like this, it is good to ask, “If it could work, how would it work?” 

It’s also good to remind yourself of all the things you already accomplished. Not only did you learn to walk, run, ride a bike no matter how many times you fell down and got hurt, but you learned to talk, read, write, do math, drive a car, do a job, and the thousands of other things to manage life and support yourself. Focus on all the things you once thought were impossible but which you were able to do.

Reason #4Attitude, Victimhood or Other Detrimental Beliefs ​- Play Devil’s Advocate: who says ‘you can’t? If it’s really important, you’ll figure it out, that is if you really want to and are willing to commit yourself to doing the work.

Reason #5Inability/Unwillingness to Resolve Issues/Problems as They Arise – ​Identify the problem if you can, and then focus on solution. Experiment, get help or advice. Turn problems into an interesting puzzle that gives rather draining your energy.

Reason #6. Resistance, Unresolved Trauma or Fears from Your Past or the Past of Others Internalized by You Babies absorb their mother’s emotions while in the womb, and everyone throughout life is influenced by the fears/blocks/traumas of those in their family and group. I help people resolve this. See my Zoom workshop “Healing Through Time” coming up this October.

Reason #7Not Being in Alignment/Resonance with the Goal, or Being in Alignment with the Problem – What happens in your gut when you think of your goal? Do you get a smooth hum? Does your heart sing? Do you have a deep, internal sense of rightness? 

Think of having achieved your goal already and living in that reality. Does your heart continue to sing? If your gut tightens, then there is something that needs to be resolved or you will have difficulty or self-sabotage. For example, maybe you want a big, beautiful house but you don’t want the pressure of what it will take to get it, nor the on-going pressure of the mortgage, or maintenance, or being tied down to a specific location, etc.

Reason #8. Lack of Follow Through/Action – ​Nothing is achieved if no consistent action is taken. However, any action no matter how small builds energy to continue forward. Inertia is the enemy. Having a buddy to work with or who holds you accountable to some task helps a lot!

Reason # 9. Message from Your Soul or the Universe to Change Course ​- Sometimes the message comes from continuous roadblocks or health issues.

Dr. Bernie Siegal in Love, Medicine & Miracles talks about a lawyer who had cancer and was given 6 months to live. He closed his law practice, and decided to spend the last remaining time with his family on the Colorado ski slopes. Once relocated, he got involved in the community orchestra and reacquainted himself with his early desire to be a musician. More than a year later, he was still alive and seemingly healthy. 

Reason #10. External Sabotage​ – ​Jealousy, back stabbing, deliberate sabotage, and more occurs all the time, especially as a person becomes more successful and seen as competition. Having a circle of support is really important.

Reason #11. Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time ​- Just because you have a dream, skills, talent doesn’t mean that the local marketplace or society is interested or can support it. Is there another area that would be receptive to what you have to offer, and would even allow you to pursue your dream? 

Can you work on your dream in off hours even if not possible as a fulltime career? Charles Ives did. During the day, he worked in the insurance industry, while at night, he composed music. Nonetheless, although composing only on a part-time basis, he became one of the first American composers of international renown. Early on, his music was largely ignored. However,  later in life, the quality of his music was publicly recognized, and he came to be regarded as an “American original”. 

I know from personal experience that if something is important to you, it is a call from your Spirit you must answer regardless of  financial reward or public recognition. 

Reason #12. Missing 1 or More Key Components for SuccessGoals include multiple components that need to come all together for a project to be a success. I write lists for every part of it, and then dowse out what I need to do and in what order. Inevitably, there are parts that I need to farm out to someone more knowledgeable or experienced than myself. I use dowsing throughout the entire process to pinpoint and to resolve issues.

Reason #13. Incorrect Assessment of the Market/Clientele ​- If you need to obtain money, recognition, support from others, you need to know who they are, what they want, and what is possible. For example, you would never try to set up a pork sausage store in a Jewish neighborhood. 

Reason #14. Missing Support – Personal or Professional ​ I don’t believe that anyone is successful completely on their own. We are social beings. While some garner strength in nature or in spirituality, we still need someone in the flesh that is on our side to encourage, inspire, hold our hand, give us a needed hug or a shoulder to cry on,someone to just be there to listen or provide some help. While much help is available online, and a lot is available to hire, it is necessary to find people who really care about you. Pets help too.

Reason #15. Issues with Communication – Are you able to clearly express what you need and want (and don’t want), when and how? Are you able to communicate respectfully with clients, colleagues, staff, vendors, lenders, etc. in a way in which they want to work with you? Are you able to speak up for yourself, set appropriate boundaries? 

Reason #16. Personality ​-Certain vocations call for particular personality types, and so do certain goals. Is your personality naturally suited for your goal/s or do you need to make big adjustments to your natural temperament? Do you need help to overcome a tendency to withdraw into a shell or to become aggressive or explosive when stressed? 

Reason #17.  Shadow Issues ​- Your shadow consists of elements within your personality that you keep hidden and even deny. These can be archetypes such as the Witch, Bitch, Judge, Executioner, Child, Wimp, Nerd, etc. What is denied cannot be healed. All archetypes can probably be healed through recognition, acceptance, and appropriate expression. For example, it is appropriate for a parent to show up as Mama Bear to protect their own kids, or a Witch or Bitch to draw a line in the sand over which someone else does not tread. The flip side is that the unacknowledged, unhealed Shadow has a way of showing up destructively and sabotaging your plans. 

Reason #18. Lack of Passion or Emotional Pull Passion drives action and provides energy to overcome obstacles. Without a reason, goals wither on the vine. Is the goal really yours – something you want for yourself, not just something that would please or impress others? Is it really important enough to sustain effort over the long haul? Is it a ‘would be nice if it happened, but I don’t really want to commit to it or expend too much energy on it?’

Reason #19. Rigidity, Unwillingness to Adapt to the Brick Wall ​- It’s great when goals progress smoothly towards completion. But when reaches an impasse that defies breakthrough, then a reassessment is in order. Some people are unwilling to compromise or shift tactics or make adjustments. And sometimes that is the right thing to do while continuing to look for a way around the wall. But sometimes such stubbornness brings only bitterness, blame, or an excuse for why their life isn’t working. 

Reason #20. Magical Thinking ​- Incorporating fantasy is an important part of dream building and visualizing success. But then there is a lot of work to do. Are you willing? And are you doing it on a consistent, regular basis for as long as it takes? 


Zoom Workshop: Healing Through Time – Stop Negative Repeating Patterns

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Physicists are saying that all time is simultaneous. If this is true, then we should be able to energetically go into the past to resolve and clear issues, and negative repeating patterns, judgments and trauma, go into the future to clear negative future projections and create a positive future, download and share greater resources throughout all our timelines!

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