When Enough is Enough

The Value of Anger to Mobilize Corrective Action

There is sometimes great value in being pushed to your limits. Maybe someone does that same annoying thing to you one time too many. Or a person or a group crosses the line over which you can no longer tolerate their objectionable behavior. Rosa Parks got to that point, refused to give her bus seat to a white person, and the Civil Rights Movement was born. 

Perhaps there is an inherent laziness in us that does not want to get involved and take a stand. After all, it takes time and energy away from other things. Maybe we fear that if we raise our hand up to object, it will be cut off. Or perhaps we are so overwhelmed and preoccupied with what we consider more important that we feel we can’t or don’t want to deal with it, especially with bullshit. Maybe we just want to focus on what is more enjoyable. And perhaps we prefer to simply deny or ignore what is happening or not happening and hope the problem will disappear on it’s own.

This makes our adversaries bolder, more confident in their ability to get away with it again. But there comes a time when we individually or collectively feel that nebulous, very subjective line has been crossed and we regardless of not wanting to get involved, feel pushed to mobilize. 

It is only with clear objectives in knowing what we want, and having clear boundaries that we get off the couch to take appropriate, corrective action.

It would great if the problem was as simple (and it is usually neither quick nor simple) as replacing leadership. Certainly with government, the problem goes way beyond the specific politician regardless of what country you talk about. There is always the power and big money interests or lobbies behind the throne. And then there are controllers behind them with their minions. 

Yet, we are not powerless.

We hold within us the power of intention, the power to focus and project that intention, and the ability to gather together in groups to do so. This is HUGE! Stephen Schwartz, Tom Campbell, Lynne McTaggert all say that focused, collective intention can create miracles, and change reality. But intention has to be clear and steady. And while it is helpful to know what you don’t want in order to identify the positive opposite that you do, the intention has to focus on the positive objective of what you do want.

I am involved in a number of organizations. All groups whether they are religious, spiritual or political, sub-division or government, professional or social, commercial or non-profit are prone to dissension simply because they are made up of imperfect humans.

With one organization in particular, I was on the sidelines witnessing for years the needless battles, drama, disharmony and dysfunction that eroded it’s higher purpose and even threatened it’s continued existence. And while part of the problem stemmed as it always does from unhealed wounds, ego, jealousy, desire for control, and personal agenda or gain that creates chaos in any group, I and many others felt that behind the discord was an organized attack upon the organization precisely because it’s higher objective was to be a beacon of hope and to serve humanity.

I am convinced that in addition to the ordinary human frailties there was and continues to be an external, organized, and deliberate detrimental energetic force directed at it with an agenda to divide and conquer, to create fear, disharmony, chaos and suffering, weakness and confusion, despair and hopelessness, dysfunction and dissolution. I see this same dark energy at work in the world at large. I say this because I am sensitive to energies and I can feel them. I call this force evil without having to put it into a religious framework. 

I have reached a point where I have drawn a line in the sand, and say no more!

Consequently, I have been actively teaching “Heal Yourself to Heal Your World”. I teach my clients and students how to locate and heal their own wounds, to connect to their personal power, grounding, center to let go of preconceived notions and ego, connecting to the source of their higher wisdom and spiritual guidance to know what is their’s to do and how to proceed. I teach tools including Ho’Oponopono to address the resonating qualities within ourselves of the problems we see in the world. And I am also on a campaign also to bring to the awareness of others how to recognize and deal with detrimental energies of many types. I already have  a number of blog articles on this topic. But right now, black magic is on my radar.

Tick-Gaudreau-350x350“Can Dowsing Mitigate the Problem of Evil?”

Recorded live on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Teleconference call  sponsored by the American Society of Dowsers available in the archives for Members Only. See www.dowsers.org

Dey, Brandon.jpg 

“Can Dowsing Mitigate the Problem of Evil?” 

The short answer is ‘yes’!
But how do you define evil?
  • Knowingly doing harm to another: Besides our usual list, this might include commercial wrongdoing as with a company that does not reveal a danger about using their product, hides such knowledge, or denies such danger when questioned. Another would be a private individual so intent on selling something that they hide the fact a serious problem that would/could most likely cause injury or death- both examples of greed or financial gain over ethical responsibility.
  • Knowingly not doing something to save an individual from serious harm when you could easily do so – for example, not throwing someone a lifeline if they fall overboard to save their life.

Bad behavior is not just a product of character. It is frequently influenced by external detrimental energies of many kinds that aggravate or accentuate a person’s weaknesses such as greed, lust, ego, and the desire for power and control. Where the person is willing, dowsing can help heal many of these issues directly and to remove such outside influences.


One such influence is geopathic stress. Geopathic stress zones makes it easier for inter dimensional portals to open up and entities to enter a space. It drains energy, causes illness and makes it harder for a person to function at their best. Dowsing can close those portals and remove the entities or energies that have come through.

On this call we discussed other forms of detrimental energies such as curses, black magic, detrimental thought forms, ghosts, other entity interference – all of which cause discord, confusion, turmoil, and suffering in the world.

Tick Gaudreau is a long time dowser and dowsing instructor, former President and current Treasurer of the American Society of Dowsers . He is author of Spirit Rescue: A Dowser’s Ghostly Encounters, and the Care and Treatment of Wild Energies

Brandon Dey developed a system called Quantum Dowsing that he claims greatly

increases dowsing accuracy. He has been a presenter at the American Society of Dowsers conventions.

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