Avoiding Burnout in Business & Personal Life

Free Talk by Roxanne Louise

Central Virginia Business Owners Meeting, Tuesday, September 20

at Noon, at the Northside Library, Charlottesville, VA.

As an Entrepreneur, I am aware of the stress caused by wearing all the hats in a business. The extensive range of information and skills needed for each, the time required, and the stress of the learning curve are DAUNTING! As result, work hours can interfere with what should be time for rest and renewal leading to burnout and illness.
But it is not hard work or long hours per se that cause burnout.
If you are passionate about what you do, that passion feeds your spirit and energizes you. You can work into the night in a burst of creativity and fall into bed with satisfaction and a smile upon your face. If you like the people or environment in which you work and live, that too can feed your spirit. If you work all day and then sing or dance at night, or spend some time at an enjoyable hobby, or go for a hike, you may be physically tired but internally renewed.
Burnout is is caused when more energy is being drained from your body, mind and spirit than is coming in.
Stressors include bad food, bad habits, too little sleep, toxicity, as well as the mental and emotional issues. Are you spending long hours doing what you do not like without also doing some fun activities on the flip side? Are you working or living with people you don’t like or who don’t seem to acknowledge or appreciate you and not counterbalancing it with people that do like and appreciate you? Are you only doing things that are frustrating, tasks that lack meaning or purpose? Are you failing to see progress towards meaningful goals, and not seeing the way forward?
You cannot ignore putting fun into your life.
Avoiding burnout means restoring balance. This includes meaningful work, play with adequate time for rest and renewal, an outlet for creativity and for anything that ignites your inner spark. It is a balance between having time alone and time with people you love or appreciate who also love and appreciate you, between being inside and being outside, between silence and pleasing sounds, between movement and stillness. It is a balance between working to goals that give your life meaning, while being grateful for your blessings and celebrating every step along the way.
It is important to have multiple ways of reducing stress so that there is always something that you can use under any particular circumstance. Not every method will work all the time. But as important as it is, stress management is not the whole answer.
The other part of the energy equation is to find a way also to bring in more energy so that you feel vibrantly alive and have the internal resources to deal with things as they come. What makes your soul sing? There are probably lots of things that you can think of, or currently work for you now or have worked for you in the past.  Address both ends of the energy equation:

Stop energy leaking out!

Get more energy coming in!

It’s a matter then of deliberately doing enough of both to keep your energy reserves in balance.
Preventing burnout is about putting together a meaningful well-rounded life plus dealing with mental/emotional stress adequately as it comes up.
Roxanne will do a short hypnosis exercise at the end to help you both release stress and tap into your internal resources.

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