Message Worth Repeating

Anita Moorjani’s message is worth continually reviewing. Having gone into a coma in 2006 as a result of cancer, she had a near death experience that completely changed her life and explained why she had gotten ill. Once back, the tumors melted away quickly. She went on to write about her NDE experience in Dying to Be Me, which has inspired and encouraged us to appreciate our life while we still have it. Her website is:

Anita Moorjani at a 2013 TED Talk on the 5 things she learned from dying.

  1. Focus on love. Anita says that she got cancer because she didn’t love herself. The more you love yourself the less you need to control or bully others, and you will not allow others to control or bully you.
  2. Live life fearlessly. Fear doesn’t keep you safe. Love keeps you safe.
  3. Humor, laughter and joy are more important than any spiritual practice. People who laugh have less illness, and reduce the need for hospitals and prisons.
  4. Life is a gift, and all your challenges are gifts as well.
  5. The most important thing is to always be yourself. Shine your light as brightly as you can. Embrace your uniqueness. Get to know who you are and love yourself unconditionally.

Just be yourself and live life fearlessly.

Dowsers Can Make a Difference!

As Past President of the American Society of Dowsers, I send this message to dowsers everywhere, members and non-members alike, to inspire and empower you to use what you know to make a difference in the world!

FDR’s Words Are Most Appropriate Today:

In 1933 during the Great Depression Franklin D. Roosevelt said this in his first inaugural address. I believe it is pertinent to what we face today with the corona virus:

“let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” 

And then he adds:

“…we have still much to be thankful for.…”

“…our true destiny is not to be ministered unto but to minister to ourselves and to our fellow men.”

His full speech can be found here:

FDR’s words sum up how we might respond constructively to this pandemic:

  1. Stay out of fear.
  2. Refocus on gratitude.
  3. Instead of looking for someone to fix things for us, do what we can to take care of ourselves and to help others. 

Dowsers can be part of the solution both with this and other world problems.

As dowsers, we are powerfully blessed with the ability to tap into the greater field of consciousness directly to obtain needed information to help ourselves and others. 

Dowsers practice grounding. Deliberately tuning into the life giving energy from the earth helps us to be fully here and present, and renews our vital life force at the same time. 

We practice centering and quieting the chatter in our heads so we can hear our higher guidance. Dowsers deliberately practice letting go of preconceived ideas, ego, hopes and fears, and of connecting firmly to that great field of consciousness to increase accuracy to the questions we ask. 

Through intention, dowsing can lessen the detrimental effect of mass consciousness, especially important today as the mass contagion of fear is so assiduously promoted by the media. By seeking answers directly from Source, dowsing can mitigate mass marketing, propaganda, mind control and other unwanted influence from others that would push us in the direction of their agenda and away from the truth and from what is in our highest good.

Dowsing develops our gut level instincts, our awareness of what is right and true, and increases our discernment.

As dowsers, we know how to draw up a list of possibilities to any question we might ask, and dowse out a realistic plan to solve any problem we might wish to solve: the best course of action, the priorities, and the timing in which to put that plan of action into place.

We dowsers fully understand the power of clear, focused intent, and how to project that intention to affect positive change and to heal. As we can band together in groups, we can multiply that power of intention to correct the very problems we face in the world today.

In my opening talk at last year’s American Society of Dowsers Convention, I quoted from Stephen A. Schwartz, a consciousness researcher, and former Keynote Presenter. He said:

“we are in this matrix of consciousness where all life and all consciousness is interconnected, we cannot really design the solutions” to world problems unless we recognize that “working with consciousness is one of the ways we can achieve not only personal well being but social well-being” as well. 

He further stated that “As far as I can see, there is no greater power than the collective intention of a large group of people. It can change politics. It can change physical reality. It can affect healing….Consciousness is the fundamental we are dealing with…” 

“You have the power through your intention to literally alter the circumstances of your physical surroundings…and the structure of reality.” 

I believe that especially at this time dowsers are being called to use what they know to help both themselves and others.

Dowsing Protocols

Heather Wilks of Melbourne, Australia ( and I have each written protocols for the Corona virus. The links to both transcripts and a recording of both can be found here (DOWSING on the Corona Virus) .

One of the most important things to dowse upon right now is to “neutralize the detrimental effect of mass consciousness of fear.” Fear drains the life force. It depresses the immune system. It attracts or makes you vulnerable to the very thing of which you are afraid. It interferes with clear thinking, wise decisions and accurate dowsing. So clear fear first.

Physicist Tom Campbell, author of My Big Toe – The Theory of Everything, has said that the thoughts, emotions, and consciousness of each individual are felt by the whole. Consciousness is made up of thoughts, beliefs, and judgments which generate emotions, mood and behavior. And the consciousness of even one person affects others, who in turn affect many more. As you through your dowsing ground, center and connect to Source and reduce your own fear, you help others also to do the same.

Perhaps these protocols might inspire you to write your own. You may want to 

  • scramble the frequency of ___,
  • neutralize the detrimental effect of ___,
  • increase the life force/ability to ___,
  • remove the spirit/life force of ___,
  • install the spirit of ___,
  • delete any __, and replace it with ___, etc.
  • access, download and activate a blueprint/program for ____ (a vibrantly, healthy body, a speedy recovery)

Possible Dowsing Charts or Checklists to Create

Doctors have said that most of those who died from the corona virus were already severely ill and immune compromised. So why not write a dowsing chart on “Ways to Boost the Immune System”? Make a list of what health experts are already advocating, include the word ‘other’ on your list, and then dowse out what you might want to add, increase, decrease, or eliminate from your diet, supplements, lifestyle, etc. Use the same dowsing chart or checklist to help your family members. 

Fear paralyzes the breathing mechanism. Feelings of uncertainty and confusion sets up paralysis of action. Get your energy moving by focusing on a solution to anything whether improving your health or some other area of your life. For example, you might want to create dowsing charts/checklists on: 

  • 201806 awardASD:me.crop copyHow to Reduce Inflammation
  • How to Detoxify my Body
  • How to Reduce Stress
  • What is the Best Dietary Plan for Me?
  • Plan of Action to ___
  • Ways to Prosper in Spite of ___
  • Alternate Sources of Income
  • What Can I/We Learn from This?
  • How Can I Turn This Into a Blessing?
  • How Can I Add More Fun Into My Life on a Regular Basis?
  • How Can I Improve My Relationships?
  • The Best Exercise Program for Me
  • How Can I Best Use This Down Time to My Advantage?

Dowsing Focus Groups

Groups generate positive energy, enthusiasm, ideas, comradery and support. They encourage their members to take action and stay on track to complete projects. Why not set up a dowsing group to focus on combating any of the many problems we face in the world? Many of these problems such as pollution in the air and water, depleted soil, pesticides contribute to disease both directly and indirectly. Dowsers can commit themselves to working to mitigate any of these problems. Just as radionic practitioners can broadcast minerals to the soil, pesticides to crops, and medicines to animals, so can dowsers through clear, focused intention. 

Consider assembling a dowsing intention group whether as a one-time event or an on-going project. Perhaps model yourselves along the lines of Lynn McTaggert’s ‘Power of Eight’ groups. They work best when they meet every week whether online or in person even for as little as ten minutes. Don’t neglect this powerful tool for healing and creating positive change!

Use intention also to create and energetically transmit healing and project a joyful image of people – yourself, your friends, family and community, and people around the world smiling, happy, healthy, living meaningful lives, cooperating and helping one another. In other words, create an image of a world you want to live in, one that supports life on this planet with clean air, clean water, nourishing food, healthy people, plants and animals and dowse for that. One of my favorite intentions is turn it into a blessing.”

The list is endless of what constructive action you can take with dowsing. 

Convert your worry and uncertainty into dowsing action!

Each person can make a difference!

As Raymon Grace says, 

“you don’t know if you can do something until you try.”


Copyright 2020 by Roxanne Louise. However, this article may be shared in free online sources only if this copyright notice and link to and  are included with the content.

DOWSING on the Corona Virus

Here is the link to the recording of both my protocol below and

that of Heather Wilks, of

Heather’s protocol can be seen here: .

First take a moment to breathe deeply, ground, center, and connect to what you consider your true, spiritual guidance, or Source. Take your pendulum and after each sentence wait for the movement to stop before going on to the next. In between each protocol, wait for your pendulum to stop before proceeding to the next.


from any and all sources – including the internet, news media, social media, conversations, and the psychic airways. Neutralize the negative effect of mass consciousness upon me from any and all sources regarding anything.

In particular, neutralize the detrimental effect of mass hysteria about the Corona Virus coming at me from any and all sources.

  • Delete all excessive, unwarranted fear and panic from my consciousness.
  • Delete all victim mentality.
  • Delete any beliefs, perceptions, or judgments that there is nothing I can do to help or protect myself.
  • Delete all feelings of doom.
  • Delete any beliefs or expectations of getting this virus. Delete any and all illness programs.

Take action with the pendulum and let me know when that is done.

  • Banish the spirit of the Corona virus from all levels of every affected person’s existences.
  • De-activate the life force of the disease.
  • Scramble the frequency of the disease and adjust it to each person’s ideal body frequency.
Take action with the pendulum and let me know when that is done.
  • Transmute and heal the fear, sadness, pain, trauma and grief of all impacted by this disease either by experiencing it themselves or witnessing or hearing about the suffering of others.
Take action with the pendulum and let me know when that is done.
  • Ground my energy and connect me to the life sustaining energy of the earth.
  • Strengthen my ability to breathe in that life sustaining energy now with every succeeding breath and beat of my heart.
  • Connect me firmly to the Source of all energy healing. Infuse me with abundant energy.
  • Strengthen that connection by breathing in gratitude, breathing in the awareness that I am loved, and the love I have for others.
  • Let that influx of love and gratitude so fill me that it becomes a shield against anything that would deflate my energy or immune system in any way.
  • Raise my life force and vitality to 100%.

Take action with the pendulum and let me know when that is done.

  • Connect me firmly to my Higher Guidance so that I know what to do and how to proceed to boost my immune system, to improve my health habits in doable, sensible ways through good nutrition, detoxification, exercise and stress management, fun, laughter, and loving relationships, and more.
  • Download whatever information is helpful for me to do whatever is appropriate and helpful.
  • As knowledge is power, instill instead a calm awareness of what good information I need and the motivation to put such information in place so I not only stay healthy but thrive.
Take action with the pendulum and let me know when that is done.
  • Install energy cells within my energy field, my home, my vehicle and work place that emit a steady stream of positive frequencies.
  • Neutralize the negative effects upon my energy, health and immune system of any EMF’s, dirty electricity, cell phones and electronic devices, cell phone towers, 3, 4 or 5G antennas.
Take action with the pendulum and let me know when that is done.
  • Neutralize the mentality that created, developed, housed, deployed or was considering deploying this or any other bioweapon.
  • Neutralize the consciousness that has sought and continues to seek to develop and possibly utilize bioweapons at any time or any place.
  • Neutralize any possible spirit of greed, of desire to control, manipulate, or push the populace into any agenda that is against their highest good through fear, through bioweapons, through manipulation or hiding of the truth in any way.
  • Transfer all parts of all persons involved in said creation, study, development and deployment (accidental or intentional) of such bioweapons that were under the influence of the Dark Side to be now under the influence of the Great Spirit that loves humanity.
Take action with the pendulum and let me know when that is done.
  • In all ways, turn this Corona virus into a blessing for humanity in ways well beyond our comprehension.

 Take action with the pendulum and let me know when that is done.
Copyright 3/15/2020 by Roxanne Louise. However, this article may be shared in free online sources only if this copyright notice and link to and  are included with the content.

Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing

All sorts of unresolved trauma, drama and emotional residue siphon off vital energy needed to be healthy, happy, successful, productive, and vibrantly alive. Lacking the awareness, skills, time and/or energy to process, these things get shoved in the background where they get added to current stressors making life more difficult. What you think you got over may only have been buried yet still festering beneath the surface, draining energy, and causing trouble. 

20190411_dowsing cover

Whether for yourself or your clients, this manual will teach you how to 

  • quickly determine what needs to be addressed
  • locate stuck energies of any kind & set up priorities in addressing them
  • identify the root cause & all relevant factors involved with any issue
  • learn multiple ways dowsing can heal issues without trauma, drama or reliving painful events! 
  • establish priorities and develop a plan for moving forward
  • become a master problem solver for anything!


Locate & clear stuck energies on people, ages, events, activities, as well as detrimental beliefs, judgments, addictive thinking, fears, self-sabotage, secondary gain, and even other people’s issues you picked up. All of these things can hold you back from making your dreams come true.  


Regardless of whether you are new to dowsing or have been dowsing for years,

this manual is the absolute gold standard dowsing class on mental/emotional issues.

Especially if you work with clients, this class will enable you to hone in on your client’s issues before they walk in the door! This is a huge time saver and allows you to get straight to the root cause of their problems (or your own)!

Not only will this manual give you a much deeper understanding of yourself, but it has the potential of stopping negative repeating patterns and creating positive flow in every area of your life! 

This manual also includes dozens of extensive charts and checklists including reasons for smoking and excess weight, body charts, healing modalities, life plan, themes in past/current life, archetypes, needs of the body, helpful actives, and more.


The Infinite Intelligence Process – Powerful Self-Help Tool!!!

Here is a talk I gave for the American Society of Dowsers as part of their monthly teleconference that I lead. All the material teaching how to do this modality is the book below – Accessing More – Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process.

CLICK : Here is an earlier article on this modality

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