Self Hypnosis: Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind!

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  • Would you like to improve every area of your life? 
  • Move powerfully ahead towards your goals? 
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  • Get rid of stress and fears that hold you back? 
  • Heal upset and trauma? 
  • Undo negative thinking and programming?
  • Stop self-sabotage? Become more effective instead? 
  • Dump bad habits? Establish good habits?
  • Solve problems of any kind with greater grace and ease? 
  • Enhance creativity?
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Then sign up for this power-packed, complete SELF HYPNOSIS Course (ID : 6314) with Roxanne Louise to be held over 3 Saturday mornings, September 17, 24 and October 1 from 9:00 to Noon, in Charlottesville, Virginia at Piedmont Valley Community College, Stultz Center, Room: 116.

Since Self-Hypnosis can be used to help you in every area of your own life for the rest of your life, doesn’t it make sense to LEARN IT NOW? Sign up here.

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You will learn: 

  • How to hypnotize yourself multiple ways quickly and easily!
  • How to formulate powerful, positive suggestions and make your own hypnosis tapes! And why positive thinking and affirmations sometimes backfire! And how not to be your own worst enemy because of how you talk about yourself and your problems. 
  • How to write your own hypnosis scripts and make your own hypnosis and self-talk tapes! 

Your Investment in learning these powerful, lifelong tools?

Just $99.00 Tuition. CEUs : 0.9

Your instructor is Roxanne Louise, Hypnotherapist and Presenter/Trainer at multiple national hypnosis, dowsing, and other conferences annually since 1992. She has received 5 national awards in hypnosis, and has been in business since 1989. For more information, see Her blog is If you have questions about whether the class is right for you, call 434-263-4337.


NOTE: This class can be followed up with taking course # ID: 6315, the “Emotional Freedom Technique – Tap Your Troubles Away” to be given on 3 Thursday evenings, 10/13/2016 – 10/27/2016 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. For more information, see here.

Emotional Freedom Technique – Tap Your Troubles Away

From Post Traumatic Stress to everyday stressors the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has brought inner peace to people worldwide since the 1990’s. Developed by Gary Craig from Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy, it is based on tapping on specific acupressure points of the body’s meridian system while focusing on the problem you want to heal. EFT is a quick and easy yet  powerful way you can resolve old issues in the privacy of your own home. It has been used to treat physical pain, insomnia, procrastination, frustration, irritations, anger, hurts, fears, unhealthy cravings, and addictions.

Understanding Placebo’s Opposite — The Nocebo Effect

What is the Placebo Response?

The Placebo Response is a positive healing effect evoked solely by the patient’s belief in the treatment or substance being employed to assist them to heal even when such treatment or substance is later revealed to be a worthless sham.

The patient’s positive expectancy is enhanced through:

  • positive verbal and non-verbal suggestion (body language) especially when delivered by a trusted authority figure
  • positive beliefs of others
  • ritual
  • happy or soothing music
  • relaxation
  • emotional support
  • spiritual support
  • power of prayer
  • and anything that calls up hope and powerful, positive emotions.

In the modern Western world, healing rituals usually mean surgery and allopathic medical treatment. However, historically healing rituals have included drumming, rattles, chanting, dancing around a fire, prayer meetings and healing ceremonies, taking herbs and drinking potions.

Such placebo response is made more effective when delivered or shared by a trusted authority figure, especially if such figure is considered to be an expert on the subject such as a physician or other health professional, shaman or minister. The nurturing care of others can also have a powerful placebo effect.

An example of the placebo effect is pain relief obtained even when a patient takes an inert sugar pill. If the patient thinks or is told that such pill is powerful pain medication, that belief alone will release the patient’s own natural pain relieving chemicals. According to Lissa Rankin, MD:

 “The placebo effect is real, it works about 18-80% of the time, and it’s not just in your head – it actually dilates bronchi, heals ulcers, makes warts disappear, drops your blood pressure, and even makes bald men who think they’re getting Rogaine grow hair!”

What is the Nocebo Response?

Negative expectations of the patient, or negative comments or suggestions including negative body language delivered by an authority figure or ‘expert’ can cause the opposite response, even unnecessary death. This is the Nocebo Effect sometimes called the ‘Voodoo Effect’ because the patient reacts much as if a witch doctor has cursed them by pointing the bone at them, or as if given the ‘black spot’ as in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island.

Unfortunately, it is caused all too often in our sophisticated western society by medical professionals because they do not understand the power of suggestion and how to say things in a way that does no harm. Hence, it has earned the term ‘medical hexing’ or ‘medical voodoo’.

As example of this, Rankin reports that

“patients believed to be terminal who are mistakenly informed [by their doctor] that they have only a few months to live have died within their given time frame, even when autopsy findings reveal no physiological explanation for the early death.” 

See The Nocebo Effect: How Negative Thoughts Can Harm Your Health

Rankin also says that women who believed they were prone to heart disease were four times more likely to die not because of poorer diets, higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol, or stronger family histories. “The only difference between the two groups was their beliefs.”

Fortunately, there are ways such a Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique of anchoring/collapsing anchors to undo the nocebo effect and to re-establish the patient’s hope in successfully meeting any health challenge. Part of this is to explain the meaning behind the statistics given on recovery rates for any disease.

What I might say to someone who has been medically hexed

“Let me explain what the doctor was really saying when he gave you that negative diagnosis and prognosis. First of all, what the doctor gave you was his ‘opinion’. Because diseases can and have been misdiagnosed and that there might be other or even better treatment options, we understand the value of getting a second or third medical ‘opinion’.”

“Medical information is so vast and medical treatments are changing so fast that no one physician can keep up with it. And with international travel, many diseases not seen before are coming into the country. Medical opinion can, therefore, be faulty on multiple levels.”

“First, the diagnosis can be wrong. After all, many conditions have similar presenting symptoms. If the diagnosis is wrong, then the prescribed treatment will be wrong, and so will be the prognosis following that treatment.”

“Second, even if the diagnosis is correct, there may be multiple other options not known about or not presented to you by the doctor perhaps because it is outside of his expertise.” 

“For example, there can be a Chinese mushroom or herb used to combat cancer, but if the physician is not schooled in Chinese medicine, nor a herbalist experienced in using it, he is not going to recommend it even if he has heard about it which he may not have. Your doctor is only to prescribe those drugs or treatments with which he is familiar and has had experience.”

“Therefore, if the doctor’s prognosis is gloomy or if there strong negative side effects of any recommended treatment, you might want to investigate other options in order to make an informed decision. According to Bernie Siegel, M.D., people tend to respond better to a treatment when they feel it is going to help them, and not respond well if they don’t.”

“Third, the prognosis does not indicate how you personally will fare. The statistics are only based on what might happen to you if you follow the doctor’s treatment recommendations exclusively. Such prognosis is listed as a range of possibilities. This range is effected by so many variables in the person’s life, work and relationships that are not addressed by traditional medical treatment.”

“When the doctor said that ___ % ____(die/ end up in a wheel chair/ never walk again) what he was really saying was that the other  ____% ___(survive/ continue to walk) and some even do very well, perhaps even healing completely of the original condition.”

“There are many, many people who have healed even of so called incurable, end stage cancers and other fatal conditions. As a result, some doctors are now admitting that there are no incurable diseases. We now know so much about the mind/body connection because of those people who healed after the medical establishment gave up on them. If they could do it, why not you ? What do they know, or what did they do that helped them? Find out and do it yourself. The Institute of Noetic Science is a great resource.”

“Fourth, the doctor’s prognosis is based on doing what he tells you to do and only what he tells you to do, with what he knows and with only what he knows. But I know you are going to do more than just following the treatment outlined by your doctor. You are investigating other avenues of healing, and with each thing that you do extra, such as making changes in your diet, habits or sleep, engaging in prayer or meditation, getting bodywork or energy work such as Reiki, and especially reducing stress and resolving relationship issues—you completely improve your ability to heal.”

“That’s why I believe you are going to do better than expected, even much, much better!”

“Healing your body is about healing your life. And everything you do to bring balance into your life—taking time out for a vacation, a retreat, fun and recreation, dealing with both current upsets and old emotional wounds, reconnecting with friends and loving family, focusing your time on things that make life meaningful and worthwhile—all make a powerful difference in helping your body to heal.”

“There are many healing modalities that your doctor does not know either at all or not skillfully. Your doctor is probably not trained also as a nutritionist, herbalist, hypnotherapist, counselor or psychotherapist, acupuncturist, Reiki practitioner, or expert in any of the proliferation of additional modalities. As you investigate these modalities, checking into your options, becoming aware of the benefits and limitations of each, you can make informed decisions that you feel good about in designing your own well rounded healing package. Take into consideration the best medical advice that you can find with whatever else you find is helpful. Take responsibility for your treatment decisions. It is your life.”


Both the Placebo and Nocebo Response can be caused by the beliefs and perceptions of the patient himself as well as the beliefs, perceptions, verbalized and nonverbalized suggestions (e.g. body language) of those closest to the patient including those he considers to be the experts in such matters such as physicians. It can also be effected by the media. Because negative suggestion seems to have greater impact, the more negative these authority figures are, the more positive the patient needs as counterbalance to be to prove the prognosis wrong.

Whether created through traditional allopathic medical treatment or through the action of shamans, faith healers or witch doctors, both the Placebo or Nocebo Response are enhanced through ritual that increases the expectancy of a specific outcome. Such rituals can be to take this substance or undergo this action, procedure, ceremony.

If the ritual causes strong beliefs that healing is or will take place, and the emotions of hope, love and emotional support are strengthened, then the results will tend to cause a positive response, even if the patient was given ‘sham’ treatments or ineffective medicine.

Whereas, if the ritual calls up fear and hopelessness, it can sabotage any real healing power in true, beneficial drugs or treatment. It is, therefore, imperative that the patient feel good about those helping him and the course of treatment he is going to undergo. When the patient participates in the decisions for possible treatment options, it does, according to Dr. Bernie Siegal and my hypnosis mentor and former Director of Health, Education AIDS Liaison, Michael Ellner, increase the chances of a positive outcome. Dr. Siegal would have his patients draw a picture of the elected treatment. If the drawing indicated fear or gloom, he would discourage them from going through with it. 


  • If you are the patient and your medical team thinks that healing is hopeless, find another one.
  • If your medical team thinks that there is nothing they can do, understand that it really means that they are not the ones with the answers, not that there are no answers or remedies for you. Such remedies may simply lie outside of their experience, limited expertise or treatment modality. Go find those who either do have answers, a piece of it, or have some ideas to try out.
  • If you, as the physician, medical provider, healer or hypnotist  feel that the patient’s situation is hopeless, you must, in good conscience, refer them out to someone more hopeful or to modalities that can at least improve the situation if not the expected outcome. While doing so, please let them know that even while you may not be able to help them, that does not mean that there is no help, but that they need to continue their search elsewhere.

For more information, see article “When someone says there is ‘no cure’

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Avoiding Burnout in Business & Personal Life

Free Talk by Roxanne Louise

Central Virginia Business Owners Meeting, Tuesday, September 20

at Noon, at the Northside Library, Charlottesville, VA.

As an Entrepreneur, I am aware of the stress caused by wearing all the hats in a business. The extensive range of information and skills needed for each, the time required, and the stress of the learning curve are DAUNTING! As result, work hours can interfere with what should be time for rest and renewal leading to burnout and illness.
But it is not hard work or long hours per se that cause burnout.
If you are passionate about what you do, that passion feeds your spirit and energizes you. You can work into the night in a burst of creativity and fall into bed with satisfaction and a smile upon your face. If you like the people or environment in which you work and live, that too can feed your spirit. If you work all day and then sing or dance at night, or spend some time at an enjoyable hobby, or go for a hike, you may be physically tired but internally renewed.
Burnout is is caused when more energy is being drained from your body, mind and spirit than is coming in.
Stressors include bad food, bad habits, too little sleep, toxicity, as well as the mental and emotional issues. Are you spending long hours doing what you do not like without also doing some fun activities on the flip side? Are you working or living with people you don’t like or who don’t seem to acknowledge or appreciate you and not counterbalancing it with people that do like and appreciate you? Are you only doing things that are frustrating, tasks that lack meaning or purpose? Are you failing to see progress towards meaningful goals, and not seeing the way forward?
You cannot ignore putting fun into your life.
Avoiding burnout means restoring balance. This includes meaningful work, play with adequate time for rest and renewal, an outlet for creativity and for anything that ignites your inner spark. It is a balance between having time alone and time with people you love or appreciate who also love and appreciate you, between being inside and being outside, between silence and pleasing sounds, between movement and stillness. It is a balance between working to goals that give your life meaning, while being grateful for your blessings and celebrating every step along the way.
It is important to have multiple ways of reducing stress so that there is always something that you can use under any particular circumstance. Not every method will work all the time. But as important as it is, stress management is not the whole answer.
The other part of the energy equation is to find a way also to bring in more energy so that you feel vibrantly alive and have the internal resources to deal with things as they come. What makes your soul sing? There are probably lots of things that you can think of, or currently work for you now or have worked for you in the past.  Address both ends of the energy equation:

Stop energy leaking out!

Get more energy coming in!

It’s a matter then of deliberately doing enough of both to keep your energy reserves in balance.
Preventing burnout is about putting together a meaningful well-rounded life plus dealing with mental/emotional stress adequately as it comes up.
Roxanne will do a short hypnosis exercise at the end to help you both release stress and tap into your internal resources.

Spontaneous Remission of Disease

Some of you know that I presented a workshop on Hypnosis for Cancer (and other) Patients at the August, 2016 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention. In such workshop, I mentioned that hope is important for healing, whereas stress, negative expectancy and hopelessness depress the immune function. After all, if the situation is hopeless, why do anything to help yourself? Why not just drown yourself in booze and cigarettes to the very end?
One outstanding source of information to increase hope is to research stories of spontaneous remission. The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a great resource. You can research their voluminous book and download it as a pdf on all types of problems here


As reported in an article by the Institute of Noetic Science on spontaneous-remission, some of the characteristics associated with remission and survival that cancer survivors are:

  1. “A change from dependency to autonomy combined with activities, attitudes, and behaviors that promote increased autonomy, awareness of themselves, others, and their environment, love, joy, playfulness, satisfaction, laughter, and humor.
  2. Facing the crisis, the despair, the sadness, and the pain and discovering they have the power to find a new way of life that is fulfilling and meaningful.
  3. Taking control of their lives, (personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, and medical) and living each day fully combined with a willingness to evaluate their beliefs and attitudes and change old beliefs and attitudes that are no longer appropriate or adequate.
  4. Becoming comfortable with and expressing and accepting both their positive and negative emotions/feelings, their needs, wants, and desires (physical, emotional, spiritual); the ability to say “No” when it is necessary for their well being.
  5. Having at least one strong loving relationship—a strong connection to another person, an activity, an organization(s), changing the quality of their interpersonal relationships with spouses, friends, family, neighbors, doctors, nurses, etc. in a positive way, and motivation to help others.
  6. Working in partnership with their physicians and participating in decisions related to their health and well being.
  7. Finding meaning in the experience of cancer, finding reasons to live, accepting the diagnosis but not the prognosis, seeing the disease as a challenge, belief in a positive outcome, and having a renewed desire, will and commitment to life.
  8. Choosing activities and practices that promote increased awareness and reduce stress (imagery, stress reduction, yoga, etc.); showing renewed spiritual awareness (Soul) that often results in a spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, religious affiliation, connection to nature, etc.).”

Hypnosis for Cancer (and other) Diseases

I have just put the finishing touches of my presentation “Hypnosis for Cancer (and other) Patients–Make a Powerful Healing Difference!” that I am teaching this week at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention. It is jam packed with information that can used immediately to address the multiple mental, emotional or even spiritual factors that are involved in any disease or health challenge!

I have been so inspired by working on this presentation that I expect it to expand in the near future into an extensive training manual with accompanying dvd’s/cd’s for professionals, and a self-help training program for the layman.

Your Input Please

If you working in this field as a  professional, I would be very interested in what you are doing. If you have or have had a health challenge and found things beyond the medical treatment that made a positive healing difference, I would like to know about it.

My Assistance Offered

If you as a professional would like ideas on additional things that you can do to help your patients to address the mental/emotional or even spiritual components of disease, or if you as an individual are currently faced with a health challenge, please let me know how I can be of service to you. I may well add specific information that can assist you in what will be my future project or even give you ideas over the phone. You can contact me directly at or at 434-263-4337 (my home office in central Virginia).

Workshop Information

My upcoming workshop # 220906 will be given at 9 AM this Saturday morning, August 13 at the National Guild of Hypnosis Convention to be held in Marlborough, Massachusetts. You can still sign up to attend at their convention website. Recordings will be available for purchase for those unable to attend.

This venue is the largest hypnosis conference in the world, and one which honored me with a lifetime achievement award, the Order of the Braid (named after James Braid, one of the earliest hypnotist/physicians in London in the 19th century).

Integrating Hypnosis & Reiki


Mikao-Usui-2How can integrating Reiki with Hypnosis be a great help to both Hypnotherapists and Reiki Practitioners?

Have you ever had a client who fell asleep during hypnosis and didn’t hear a word you said?

  • Want a quick technique that causes instant trance?
  • Gets the suggestions quickly implanted deep into the unconscious mind?
  • Works regardless of whether the client fell asleep or is only in a shallow level of trance or none at all so that the suggestions work anywayeven on
    • infants,
    • children,
    • elderly,
    • people with narcolepsy or a
    • low attention span,
    • those under anesthesia or
    • in a coma, and
    • even those who don’t speak your language?
    • And can even be used for animal communication? 
  • Would you like a technique that works beautifully with the
    • highly analytical,
    • “unhypnotizable” or
    • difficult client?
  • Would you like an additional tool that relaxes even the most difficult, stressed person?
  • Do you want something more to
    • enhance healing,
    • build stamina, and
    • reduce or remove headaches,
    • muscle spasms, cramps, and
    • other pain with your clients?
  • Want powerful techniques to heal the
    • inner child,
    • past traumas,
    • painful relationships and more,
    • some that are even content free?
  • Want a powerful way to do
    • soul retrieval,
    • soul integration?
  • And would you like an additional business that is compatible with
    • hypnosis,
    • pain management,
    • stress management,
    • past life regression,
    • shamanic work, bodywork,
    • counseling, or
    • animal healing?

You can do more to help your clients through the power of positive suggestion and visualization in the same bodywork session?

  • Reiki can be used to do powerful, emotional release work on yourself and others!
  • Replace negative thinking with positive mental reprogramming!
  • Release blocks or reasons for self-destructive habits and behavior!
  • Get rid of negative beliefs or judgments!
  • Instill positive new beliefs and habits!

Reiki is sometimes preferable and more powerful than straight hypnosis.

But together they create powerful synergistic effect on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Reiki can be done on yourself or others. All life forms benefit.


Even before adding hypnotic languaging, visualizations or interventions, Reiki significantly

  • speeds up healing,
  • reduces or eliminates pain,
  • stress,
  • detoxifies the system,
  • increases circulation,
  • stamina,
  • improves digestion
  • and sleep,
  • calms the nerves and
  • mental chatter, and
  • improves overall well-being.

Some problems just seem to melt away without discussion or intervention. Colds and flu became nonexistent for me several years following my first Reiki class in 1990. But combining the two modalities make an unbeatable healing tool.

Self use of Reiki and hypnosis has

  • saved my life more than once and has
  • severely reduced the negative consequences of accidents, illness and other challenges.

It has made a

  • profound difference in my personal growth,
  • emotional healing, and has
  • deepened my spiritual life.

 Reiki–Path to Transformation – 3 volumes

These books were originally written in 1992 and revised continually since. The latest version is 2017. They are still current and important as they bring the best of both modalities together in a powerful, easy to understand and practice way.

I was the first to teach HypnoReiki!

Putting the two modalities together as early as 1990, and writing about it soon after, certifying people across India in HypnoReiki, and teaching how to integrate hypnosis and Reiki across the United States at multiple national hypnosis conferences and also throughout India since 1992, I believe I was the first to partner these two modalities! However, I did not trademark the name, and another person came along and did so.

Integrating Reiki with Hypnosis

Learning Reiki in 1990 while operating a hypnosis practice, I immediately started integrating it into my work with hypnosis clients more and more. When a Reiki client came for hands-on-treatment, I would use only an abbreviated hypnotic induction or none at all because the Reiki energy itself creates a hypnotic state. I then followed with offering helpful hypnotic suggestions and visualizations appropriate for them as I was working on the body. Then after the hands-on-work was done, I might have them sit in a chair, do the Reiki mind-to-mind reprogramming technique (a traditional Reiki technique I greatly expanded with hypnosis) while summarizing the key suggestions already given and possibly including a hypnotic intervention technique as well.

When my hypnosis clients came into the office with a physical complaint,  I would briefly explain Reiki and ask if they want a spot energy treatment. Then even while I was conducting the intake, or later when it is time for formal trance work to begin, I would continue to either do hands-on Reiki or distant healing while also doing the hypnosis. The Reiki would help reduce their pain in and of itself.

If a client fell asleep during the hypnosis session, or I just wanted to make sure that the suggestions were firmly implanted, I would do the Reiki mind-to-mind reprogramming technique that I pioneered. Sometimes I elected to only use this technique instead of a hypnotic induction with certain people–especially those that were highly analytical, very young, or with people who had narcolepsy or were hard of hearing.

HypnoReiki Miracles

In a free hypnosis lecture, a man in the audience wanted me to show how Reiki creates trance. So he volunteered to be my demonstration subject. He had just won a sizable workman’s compensation settlement as a result of permanent injury to his Achilles heel that prevented him from climbing ladders as a roofer. Spending just 5 minutes or so with him doing this mind-to-mind Reiki reprogramming technique with key suggestions one of which was “I release all blocks known and unknown to my full healing now”, enabled him to be able to again walk normally–an amazing healing!!!

Another time after doing a Reiki attunement, I did the Reiki mind-to-mind reprogramming technique to help a woman who was scheduled for biopsy on her breast. I guided her through a visualization to imagine the growth shrinking while giving her positive suggestions. She felt a ‘ping’. Then when she went to the doctor that same day, the lump was gone!

I did this technique with a client that alternated between anorexic and bulimic behavior. The amount of energy flowing through my hands as I was holding her head and neck was so intense that I had to stretch out my arms and stand as far away from her as I could. I could easily tell from the heat which of my hypnotic suggestions or interventions were having deep impact, and which not so much, when to keep them going, and when to move on. This went on for 45 minutes. After that session, her binging and purging, which was several times/day, cut in half. After the fourth session, she was able to go through Thanksgiving with her family (a challenge to be sure) absolutely fine with no such behavior! 

At another time, I had a 4 year old brought to me because on chronic ear infections. Again, I chose the Reiki mind-to-mind reprogramming technique with suggestions of various options for her to be able to reduce or shut out what she was hearing that she didn’t want to hear, which were family arguments. These options, such as walking out of the room, telling others to be quiet or shut up, putting her hands over her ears, would still allow her the ability to hear what she did want to hear. I impressed upon her how important it was to have good hearing so that she could hear “I love you” , nice music, birds singing, and other wonderful things and sounds. Her mother told me that before they reached the car after the session, the child’s ears started draining, and there were no more infections after that.

With another client, I did the mind-to-mind communication technique for the purpose of soul retrieval. This woman had experienced a lot of trauma during her lifetime. After the session, her previous narrow face had visibly broadened and her color was much improved.  Other positive benefits were noted at the time.

Make a powerful, healing difference!

While I am not claiming that such miracles occurred with everyone, it is incredible it happened with anyone. You can never know when what you say or do is precisely what someone needs that allows them to heal, to shift, to throw off the weight of trauma or injury. Words can have a profound impact, so it is important to learn how to use them to do so in the most healing way.

Telepathic communication is an important part of healing work.

The unspoken thoughts and images, expectations and beliefs, whether positive or negative, supportive or not, that a therapist, physician, teacher, parent, spouse, or any person in a position of authority, influence and/or rapport has about a person has a powerful effect for good or ill. Hypnotherapists regularly undo the effects that negative suggestion has had on their clients. Reiki practitioners and healers of other stripes likewise need to learn how to do this also. But all need to telepathically transmit positive beliefs and expectations to their clients. You can learn how to deliberately make a powerful difference with Reiki distant healing combined with images, and the Reiki reprogramming technique.

And by the way, if you do not believe your client can improve, you must, in all fairness to them, refer them out!

Language and suggestion can heal or kill.

This is the subject of the placebo or nocebo response in medicine. It is not enough to have good intentions. Reiki practitioners and bodyworkers of all kinds need to learn the basics of hypnotic languaging because energy work creates hypnotic trance. This means that anything you say or that they hear while you are working on them and shortly thereafter while they are still super relaxed is taken in much as if it were hypnotically delivered. You can do great good or harm. My books can teach you to only say things in a way that is helpful.

Reiki can telepathically help someone mentally and emotionally.

You can send helpful suggestions or guide your clients through a hypnotic or NLP intervention, such as Time Line Therapy, telepathically. I did this sometimes when a client could not come in personally but was under duress. And there were other times that a session did not allow enough time to deal with an issue or a piece of it as thoroughly as I would have liked. Being able to reach them telepathically allowed me to tie up those loose ends. This technique consists of sending Reiki distant healing along with Reiki mental/emotional healing and adding hypnotic suggestions, visualizations or interventions. Sometimes, within minutes, they would call me back and report a complete positive shift in attitude!

Reiki induces trance, so it is important to learn basic hypnotic principles and formulation of suggestions to insure that no harm is inadvertently done through casual speech. The mental reprogramming technique is so powerful that whatever is the practitioner’s mind goes directly into the client’s unconscious. Therefore, it is imperative that the Reiki practitioner understands proper hypnotic languaging, respects the client’s wishes, and has a great deal of integrity. Therefore, not everyone can or should learn these advanced techniques.

As you are gathering, there is more to Reiki than either hands-on energy work or straight distant healing. There is hands-on work combined with suggestion/and or visualization. There is mind-to-mind reprogramming you can do on yourself, or on another person. There is distant healing combined with telepathically communicated suggestions, visualizations, and/or interventions. There is a drawing exercise with distant healing as well. All three volumes of my Reiki books instruct you in several ways in which integrate the two modalities effectively.  These advanced Reiki techniques, which I either originated or greatly expanded previously known Mikao Usui Reiki methods, are outlined so you can do them yourself.

For more information, see my website: and look up the 3 Reiki books listed under ‘Store’ 

Copyright 8/5/2016 by Roxanne Louise, edited 4/20/19. However, this article may be shared in other free online sources only if this copyright notice and links to and are included with the content.

Why Hypnotherapists (and others) Should Learn Pendulum Dowsing


My first introduction to a pendulum came with my initial hypnosis training with Dick Harte in 1989. He called it Chevreul’s Pendulum, and said that it was a way to elicit ideomotor response. Hypnotist, Gerry Kein used a pendulum (instead of the old watch on a chain method) as a method of inducing trance (“as you stare at the pendulum going round and round, your eyes are getting sleepier and sleepier”).

Dowsing is an ancient art that uses a light, open-eyed altered state, with focused attention and intent, to ask questions of the subconscious mind and what we call the superconscious. The underlying premise is that dowsers believe that all minds are connected within a sea of the consciousness which is accessible through clear intent. This allows us to tap into greater knowledge, wisdom and problem solving ability beyond our conscious functioning. Dowsing through intention can, like hypnotic suggestions, also issue commands to the subconscious mind for things to be done. For example, I use dowsing to resolve emotional issues. I use it to find the lesson or positive learning in any upset, release non-beneficial beliefs, relieve stress and heal emotional baggage.

Dowsers use various devices such as L rods, Y rods, or a pendulum as a form of ideomotor response for feedback. Because it can be done anywhere, any place, quickly without requiring depth of trance, and because it can be done by the person himself without requiring the assistance of an outside professional, dowsing is very practical for everyday use for the ordinary person. For professional hypnotherapists, mental health practitioners of all kinds, and healers, it is a profoundly important, additional tool to know and to use on yourself, to use on behalf of your clients, and to teach your clients to use for themselves.


Not just for water, but for practical problems of all kinds!

While you may have heard of people dowsing for water or minerals or even for missing persons or unexploded bombs, did you know that you can also dowse to get help on solving practical problems on almost anything? It is a very powerful self-help tool.

I got really excited when I learned that I could use pendulum work on every part of my personal life and business and quickly wrote out pages of charts and checklists that would locate the root causes of issues–the what, when, why. I also wrote out charts and checklists on possible ways of clearing those issues. For example, I wrote out pages listing emotions, issues, defense mechanisms, blocks, limiting beliefs and decisions, addictive thinking, relationships, ages, therapies, techniques and healing modalities. When I noticed the immediate and powerful results on myself, and then when I noticed that it sped up results for my clients, I was hooked!

Dowsing for therapy on yourself and others

As the first rule of therapy is “physician, heal thyself”, dowsing is a powerful and efficient way to uncover and address your own issues and shadow. By cleaning up your own emotional baggage, you can avoid projecting onto your client, and instead approach him without bias.

The charts and checklists that you use for yourself can also be utilized to elicit what is going with your client even before they come in for their appointment. For example, I can go over a list of typical reasons why a person may smoke. I can then discover the dynamics in my client’s smoking, the degree or percentage to which those issues or dynamics are involved, and what techniques or scripts that I should use when he comes in for his appointment.

For example, dowsing may indicate that they started smoking at age fourteen as a way to be part of the ‘in’ group, or that they are smoking today as a way to irritate their spouse, or that smoking is the only perceived “safe” way for them to rebel against all of the other rules and restrictions under which they are currently living. That information can then guide me in preparing the most appropriate therapeutic interventions and suggestions to use. It also guide me in the interview process.

Pendulum work not only clarifies underlying dynamics beneath problems, it helps to heal them as well. For example, once you find the root cause of a problem, you can then give instructions to the subconscious mind via dowsing to find the positive learning from that problem. After the pendulum indicates that that is done, you then with dowsing ask the unconscious mind to clear all the reasons that maintain that problem. You can use dowsing to clear all the secondary gain, all of the blocks, and then all of the negative emotional charge associated with it. You can locate and clear the root cause and all of the subsequent events right up to the present moment. While hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners use Timeline and other techniques to do the same thing, dowsing is a another way to do it. The beauty of it is that an individual can do it for himself! You can also work on the client without the client even being present providing you have permission!

When I hypnotize a client, I can set up an ideomotor finger responses to elicit answers from a deeper unconscious level. But I can that also just use a pendulum and without depth of trance. I can use the pendulum to pace my hypnotic suggestions and any processing that I have asked them to do.  I can use the pendulum to determine if I should continue the same line of questioning or digging to make sure I am getting everything related to the issue being addressed in the session. And I can find out through dowsing what I need to address in the next session.

Dowsing can also be used on practical aspects of your business.

For example, you can ask “what is the most profitable location for my business? What is the best use of my time or advertising dollar? What is the best use of my energy and resources? How should I position myself? Who are my best clients? Where are my best clients? Of the opportunities I have, which are most likely to offer the best results?”

I used dowsing to write up a criteria for my ideal office and later for my ideal home. Then I dowsed over the list to zero in on what I must have, and must not have. As I looked at various places, I referred to my list and dowsed out what they offered. This was helpful because many times issues that will cause you problems or bring you good luck are not readily seen. Through dowsing, I found the most wonderful office that I used for many years, and the home I am living in now–two great choices.

Dowsing is a helpful tool.

While dowsing can be extremely helpful, it should never replace your own conscious decision making process and common sense. However, it can infinitely speed up the information gathering and problem solving process. It greatly augments your gut level instincts and inner knowing about things. It goes infinitely beyond the limitations of your own conscious awareness. And it can penetrate the veil of your own delusions and blind spots.

Want to learn more?

I have a entire pendulum course manual entitled Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing available for sale on my website, For those going to the upcoming National Guild of Hypnotists Convention next week in Marlborough, Massachusetts, I will have it at my vending booth along with my many other books.


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