Dowsing on Health Revisited

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The root meanings of the words”health,” “whole,” and “holy” are all derived from the Anglo-Saxon word root: “hal.” The word “healing” is derived from the same word root and means “to restore to a state of wholeness, soundness, or integrity.” In Middle English, physical health also meant “prosperity, happiness, welfare; preservation and safety”. 

As such, the approach to robust, good health requires a comprehensive plan that encompasses every facet of a person’s life. Relating health care to only one type of professional, aka doctors of allopathic medicine, cannot address the multiple factors outside of their expertise in enhancing and maintaining good health, nor in healing once physical issues are apparent. These factors include good nutrition, quality sleep, maintenance of the muscular and skeleton structure through appropriate exercise or body movements such as yoga/Tai Chi, etc. It includes deep breathing of clean fresh air and drinking adequate amounts of clean water, habits and life style, elimination of environmental toxins, EMFs, electrical magnetic pollution, and geopathic stress. It includes creating and maintaining supportive relationships, quick elimination or reduction of mental and emotional stress, healing of unresolved trauma & emotional issues, beneficial belief systems and dealing with detrimental ones. It includes moral and spiritual factors and meaning and purpose.

Many diseases including life-threatening ones such as cancer, can be developing or even actively present in the body FOR YEARS before the symptoms are apparent and ill effects cannot be dismissed or ignored. Healing from any condition is almost never as simple as take this pill, undergo this surgery because the problem usually comes from years of poor diet and exercise, bad habits or lifestyle, toxicity, stress, unresolved issues, negative beliefs and judgments, emotions and conflicts. These issues still have to be addressed. No physician in the world can remedy all of the factors involved. No matter how good or how necessary their expertise, physicians specialize in only one narrow band of the problem such as diagnosis, surgery, pharmaceuticals, and high tech treatment such as radiation.


We know that dowsing is a powerful tool for problem solving of all kinds. In making your own charts and checklists, it uses your knowledge, training, and analytical mind to brainstorm possible sources of any problem, and to list possible solutions. Then as you enter an alpha state of consciousness and tap into the greater consciousness system, you can zero in on those items most likely to yield the greatest results.

As dowsers, we can periodically review these charts and checklists to monitor the various factors and take proactive steps on a ‘can’t hurt’ basis before a problem arises, as well as to create a well-rounded approach to healing once a problem has occurred. This is a vital addition to whatever professionals we employ to help us. In fact, you can even use dowsing to know who to engage in putting together your healing team.

Use dowsing to

  • design a well-rounded health care program and
  • set priorities of what to do or not do to stay healthy or to heal if sick

Dowsing in this way makes sense and can save a heap of time.

Committing yourself to address the bigger picture and other issues is your responsibility.

Where do you start?

This is the focus of discussion for a video presentation hosted by three Chapters of the American Society of Dowsers: the Gold Coast Dowsers, Northern California Dowsers and Boston Dowsers.

Dealing with ‘Creepy Energies’ Through Dowsing

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There are many kinds of Creepy Energies and from multiple sources. For example, there are natural electrical/magnetic energies (geopathic stress, radon, various energies from space), as well as man-made ones (EMFs, satellites, microwaves). We may also have to deal with psychic attack, unwanted surveillance, curses and black magic, detrimental radionics, mind-control technology, and energy weapons. Plus there are entities, portals, past life and timeline bleed-throughs, astral energies and emotional imprints on places, etc.  The remedy needs to match the problem. 

In addition to identifying the problem, however, we need to strengthen our energy field and to address any personal mental, emotional, or spiritual resonance (‘hooks’) of our own that might make us vulnerable before doing the appropriate clearing/transmuting protocol.  This can mean dealing with past trauma, past lives, karmic issues, guilt, shame, power issues, etc. The good news is, there’s no need to know the details nor to re-experience the trauma or pain. All can be cleared/transmuted successfully with clear intention.