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  • January 12 Topic: Condensed version of the 2nd half of Ramon Grace’s Workshop “Empower Yourself!” delivered in Flagstaff, AZ in 2005
  • February Meeting Cancelled due to Roxanne’s travel schedule
  • March 8, Hands-On Dowsing of Raymon Grace’s techniques
  • April Meeting moved to 4/19 with Gary Duden

Central Virginia Dowsers Meetings on the 2nd Sunday of the Month at 1:15 PM – 4 PM


  • January 20 Topic: Dowsing for Abundance, Workshop Video with Sandee Mac.
  • February 10 Topic: Dowsing on Goals – Big and Small with Roxanne Louise
  • March 10 Topic: Dowsing on Habits with Roxanne Louise
  • April 14: Topic: Heal Yourself to Heal the World with Roxanne Louise
  • May 12: Note that this is Mother’s Day. Topic: Healing the Drama, Trauma and Karma with Your Relatives! with Roxanne Louise
  • June 9: Labyrinths with Nicolas Finck and Elizabeth Gaines
  • September 8:  Audio: “The 3 Secrets to Trustworthy Dowsing” by Gayla Yates, followed by Q & A, and also a discussion on weather modification through dowsing & prayer – the protocol by Susan Fox.
  • October 13: Video of Jean Slatter, “Opening to Higher Guidance”
  • November 10: Video of Ramon Grace Workshop “Empower Yourself!” delivered in Flagstaff, AZ in 2005

Meetings are free and open to all but we ask you to advise us that you are coming in case of weather or other cancellation. 

  • Location: Senior Center, Charlottesville, VA 22901
  • NOTE that street name has changed from 1180 Pepsi Place to 491 Hillsdale Drive (same building). In April, 2020 the Center is moving to another location nearby. 


  • January 14 Topic: Dowsing Sacred Sites with Nicolas Finck.
  • February 11 Topic: Map Dowsing Video with Leroy Bull, followed by hands-on practice.
  • March 11 Topic: Negative Energies –Types, Causes, Signs and Symptoms of Stress, Effects on Adults, Children, General Health, Finances, Family Relationships with speaker Gary Duden
  • April 8: Video of Christina Whited, Photography of the 5th Dimension.
  • May 13: Making Your Own Charts & Checklists, hands-on, with Roxanne Louise. Note that this is Mother’s Day.
  • June 10: Video: Reactivating Ancient Sites  with Sandi McKenzie
  • September 9: Hypnosis for Dowsing with Roxanne Louise
  • October 14: “Finding Missing Objects” with Ginette Matacia Lucas
  • November 11: “Animal Communication” with Linda Uhlein
  • Full description of topics for later meetings to be announced via newsletter.

We will show either an American Society of Dowsers Conference Video followed by Q & A, or have a Speaker. Each meeting includes discussing how we are using dowsing, and getting personal dowsing help on pendulums, rods, and other tools. Meeting agenda announced the month before each meeting.


November 12, Video “Stop Trauma at the Start” with Marty Lucas.

October 8: “Dowsing for Solutions” with Roxanne Louise. See blog article

2017, September 10: Video: “Yes! You Really Can Trust Your Dowsing” with Cynthia Brush-Pires

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2. Central Virginia Dowsers, see also our Facebook page

3. American Society of Dowsers, www.dowsers.org, see also ASD Facebook page, and the West Coast Facebook page.

Central Virginia Dowsers, while not an official ASD Chapter, does affiliate with the American Society of Dowsers and it’s regional conferences. Roxanne Louise is the current President for ASD, and Nicolas Finck and Elizabeth Gaines are strongly involved in the West Coast Dowsing Conference

4. Free Monthly Teleconferences sponsored by the American Society of Dowsers. See http://www.dowsers.org for full list.

  • Water Dowsing, held on the 3rd Monday of the month, 8 PM Eastern, but not every month. Check with ASD home page. 
  • Dowsing Support and Continuing Education, with Roxanne Louise and 1-2 other dowsers, every 2nd Tuesday of the month, 8 PM Eastern. Call starts with a topic followed by Q & A on any aspect of dowsing.
  • Discover Dowsing, 3rd Tuesday of the month, 8 PM Eastern. Roxanne Louise interviews a prominent dowser speaking on their area of expertise. 


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