Thinking about Health Issues

Joey, 1 yearIronically right after speaking on Dowsing for Health at a national convention in 2015, I was suddenly knocked down from behind by my 150 pound ram, Joey, as I was trying to untangle his lead and get him into his stall for the night. Suddenly I found myself with my face, hands and knees on the ground. It was such a shock that I honestly don’t remember the initial blow. 

But guessing that Joey would attack again, I scrambled to pick up my glasses, jump up and find a stick to protect myself. He charged at me four more times, and I defended myself as best I could. With each attack, the stick got smaller and smaller, until it was too short to protect me. Even though I was injured, I had to move quick out of range, and hobble up to the house as best I could to get help.  

I hadn’t foreseen this betrayal even though as he became full grown, he started becoming aggressive towards the guard dogs and male workmen. But I had raised Joey with a bottle from the time he was 2 weeks old, and fussed over him with tons of affection. He used to follow me around like a puppy. So despite a change in his temperament with others, I always felt that I could handle him. However, this attack proved me wrong. Joey had to go, and a friend took him until he could be sold. 

Now unable to walk added to previous farm animal injuries, I had lots of additional time to think about and dowse on the topic of health and where I had gone wrong myself.

So why did I get hurt?

As it was getting dark, time was of the essence to Joey into the safety of the barn and paddock (I was in a hurry). Sheep are prey animals, and there are coyotes and other predators around. But Joey was stuck. His lead was tangled. To see how to undo it, I made the bad decision to turn my back on him for an instant (I lost my focus on him and not paying attention). I should have known better because he was becoming unpredictable and have gotten help instead before trying to do it on my own (not paying attention to the signs). But I also did not know that bottle fed male lambs, lose their fear of humans and will then be even more aggressive in reaching adulthood even to those that raised them. They are called rams for a reason. What I didn’t know hurt me.


Health issues cause more health issues

A colleague says that you can always predict who is going to get sick by who is already sick. While stress causes illness, illness causes more stress and drains the body’s resources making it more difficult to heal.  

Illness comes out of patterns, habits and lifestyle.

Detrimental patterns or habits of any kind — diet,  exercise, lifestyle, and toxic situations set up illness.  Healing will then require changing those patterns and habits in order to free up vital energy for the body to repair itself.

Illness or accidents may have a positive intention.

Sometimes it is a message to slow down, get out of a toxic situation, get your life back on track. But whether one’s health challenge was caused through karma, ignorance, bad habits, not paying attention, stress, loss of focus, soul journey, an opportunity to change direction in life, there is always something to learn. Brainstorm possible answers to the questions below, and then dowse out. Ask yourself,

  • What can I learn from this to make my life better?
  • What can I do to ensure that this doesn’t happen again?
  • How can I make something good come out of this?
  • How can this help me to grow?
  • What is my body trying to tell me?

No matter how crazy it seems, have the intention to turn the situation into a blessing.

This will help your attitude and point you in a constructive direction. It will also reduce mental and emotional stress.

Dowsing is helpful

Dowsing is phenomenally helpful in problem solving of any kind.

  • It can identify the root cause of a problem, as well as other causative factors.
  • It can pin point helpful actions to take, and the best people to employ as part of your healing team.
  • It can assist you in setting up a can’t hurt healing strategy that may include changes in lifestyle, habits, diet, supplements, prayer, exercise.
  • And dowsing can help deal with self-sabotaging behaviors that damage health directly or undermine the finest medical care.
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Central Virginia Dowsers – Meeting Saturday, 6/20/15 in Faber

A free meeting of Central Virginia Dowsers will take place at Unlimited Potential Healing Center, 98 Gormes Drive, Faber, VA 22938 on Saturday, June 20 from 3-5. Gormes Drive is just 20 minutes south of Charlottesville, and located at the crest of the hill on Rt. 29 northbound, 1 mile north of Rt. 6 East (Irish Rd) opposite Thurmond’s Hollow Road (Rt. 615). See directions below. Bring your dowsing tools.


“The Many Ways of Dowsing – 

Maximizing Your Use in Everyday Life!”

Having just returned from the American Society of Dowsers Conference (June 3-8) in Lyndonville, Vermont, and having been at the Appalachian Dowsers Conference in March, I met so many wonderful people from all over the country (and beyond) using dowsing in wonderful ways.

I personally use it as meditation, clearing non-beneficial energies, goal setting, problem solving of all kinds, healing/resolving/clearing stuck emotions, judgments and beliefs. I combine with the Infinite Intelligence Process, Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique, Spirit Releasement, and figuring out strategies for any goal. But the applications are endless!

Come share how you are using it. Get your questions answered on dowsing for anything, and tell us what works for you. Those who attended either conference can add in what new information they learned for those of you who missed it.

Roxanne Louise

Unlimited Potential Farm and Healing Center

98 Gormes Drive (at Rt. 29 Northbound), Faber 22938, 434-263-4337


From Charlottesville, VA: Take Rt. 29 South approximately 17 miles below I-64, or just 8 miles south of Plank Road, North Garden. Watch for small metal sign (not stone one) that indicates that you just crossed into Nelson County.

(If you see stone “Welcome to Nelson County” sign or Rt. 6 East , Irish Road, you have gone one mile too far. Turn around and go back to top of hill and take next street on right. )

As you approach a hill that curves to the left, get into the left lane. At the top is Thurmonds Hollow Rd (Rt. 615) on the right.

Make a LEFT U-turn going Rt. 29 North, and get into right lane. 

Make a QUICK RIGHT U-turn onto Gormes Drive (brown street sign). 

Go to second drive on left #98. 

Put car into low gear to go down long, steep, narrow drive slowly just in case another car is coming up.

Park in loop of drive allowing space for someone else to drive around. If driveway is filled, go around loop and go straight towards metal building, and walk back to house.

From Waynesboro and points west:

Take I-64 to Exit 99, Afton Mountain, and go right onto Rt. 250 East to bottom of hill. From there you have 2 choices, each about same distance although Rt. 6 is less easier.

Option 1: Take Rt. 151 going south (about 7 miles) to Rt. 6 East (6 miles) to Rt. 29 and turn left going North for 4 miles, passing Rt. 6 East (Irish Rd), and go another 1 mile to top of hill on Rt. 29 to Gormes Drive. Look for this building on right. Drive is sharp U-turn immediately after.

Option 2: Pass by Rt. 151 and take next right (Plank Road) through Batesville to Rt. 29. Turn right going South for 8 miles to top of hill. See Charlottesville directions above.

From Scottsville: Take Rt. 6 West to Rt. 29. Go north one mile to the crest of the hill.  Gormes Drive is on the right, just past white house on stilts.

From Lovingston: Take Rt. 29 North 12 miles (past both Rt. 6W and Rt. 6 E). Gormes Drive will be on right at top of hill, just one mile north of Rt. 6E (Irish Rd).

National Guild of Hypnotists Convention, August 7-9

10352395_817109968379998_8072222321633381639_nOnce again, I am presenting at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention–the largest hypnosis convention in the world–this August. It takes place in Marlboro, Massachusetts. For information, see 

I have been asked to teach there every year since 1992, and have attended since 1989. People come from around the world to share their knowledge. It is an exciting event.

This year on Friday, 8/7 at 1 PM, I will be teaching Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone! — Make All Your Emotions Work for You! I will discuss how anger is a choice in response based on perception. Because perception can be changed, this means that anger can dissolve instantly as it does. I will teach attendees how to harness anger to grow, heal, and move powerfully ahead, and then how to discharge it safely. Simple techniques and visualizations can really help.

On Saturday, 8/8 at 9 AM, I will be teaching What To Do When Stress Is Over the Top! — Strategies and Techniques That Work! I will go over the Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapas, Infinite Intelligence Process, and many techniques as well as strategies and attitudes that make a difference.

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American Society of Dowsers Conference!

10352395_817109968379998_8072222321633381639_nI just returned from the fantastic American Society of Dowsers Conference that took place in Lydonville, Vermont from 6/3-6/8. I led in the morning meditations. I also taught a class on The Infinite Intelligence Process, and another in Dowsing for Health. 

The Infinite Intelligence is part of my most recent book, Accessing More–Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process. It is a 3-prong approach that anyone can learn to resolve issues, release stress, and set intention in a most powerful way. The healing works below the level of conscious awareness so that you can digest overload or stressors much as you digest food–trusting your inner intelligence to keep what’s good and let go of the rest. You work with both your unconscious mind and the wisdom within–what I call More. I strongly believe that there is MORE to you– more wisdom, intelligence, resources–that can be harnessed to assist you in every area of life so that you experience greater ease and grace. For more information, you might check out my book, Accessing More, or contact me for the CD recording.

Dowsing for Health starts with understanding the multiple factors that weaken or strengthen the body. For a start, all illness involves stress, both as cause and as result of illness. It is both the chicken and the egg. However, most people don’t consider that a stressor is anything that drains energy from your system. This is not just the mental and emotional factors, but also the toxins in your food, water, air, home and personal care products and more. Illness can be thought of as a bounced energy check–where more demands are placed on the body than it has energy reserves to cover. So one strategy towards healing involves finding a way to get more energy in — perhaps through nutrition, better sleep, love, prayer, good self care, meaning and purpose — and stop the energy leaking out through toxicity and mental and emotional stress.

There is more to this such as locating and removing secondary gain (a benefit that one gets out of a problem), the metaphorical interpretation of the problem, beliefs, judgments, imprints, family injunctions and more. The full material of this was written in Reiki–Path to Transformation, Volume 3. And while that book was written for the Reiki Practitioner to understand how to incorporate the best from hypnosis into energy work, all but a little of it can be understood and utilized by anyone. Again, you can order a copy of the 75 minute presentation through me.

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