Thought for the Day

Can a problem be a blessing in disguise?

Have you ever thought that the problem you had could have been much worse? That it happened in a way that was manageable, easy or possible to remedy?

For example, your car broke down in town during the daytime instead of miles away from home late at night in an isolated area?

Have you ever had a problem that actually protected you from a worse problem or even serious misfortune?

For example, a slow poke driver that was holding up traffic and making you late for work actually prevented you from getting in the middle of the major car pile up ahead? Or finding out in time to be treated about a hidden but potential major health problem brewing only because you went to the doctor about a minor issue?

Here is a true story about someone I know. Nelson was very upset about being fired on a Friday along with 40 other people in his department. But on the following Tuesday, he realized how lucky he was because all those not fired died. Nelson worked in the World Trade Center. The date was 9/11.

Have you ever had one door close that led you to finding and opening a better one?

Losing a job that you really didn’t like can be precisely the kick in the butt to move you into pursuing your dreams. Carolyn, a singer colleague, was very upset about being let go from a regional opera company. It wasn’t only that they had promised her job security, but justified firing her anyway by insulting her saying that she had a wobble in her voice that didn’t blend in with the other singers. My friend used her anger to get busy with her voice teacher and coach to retool her audition material. As a result, she got hired full-time at twice her previous salary at the best opera company in the country – the Metropolitan Opera.

Years ago I was pushed out of one office by a New Age bookstore owner below me that tried very overtly to take over my business. This incentivized me to find another location, and I ended up with something much closer to home, bigger, more beautiful and with free parking – for the same amount of rent. My students and clients loved it! But I never would have found it if the store owner had not been telling my clientele that I had moved out of the building and he was taking over my business!

Another friend was awoken by her cat only to find out that the house was on fire. The damage caused both by the fire and water to put it out was extensive. But it led to a complete, beautiful renovation, new furniture, new wardrobes for everyone in the family that was financially possible only because of the insurance money.

Walking away from a relationship full of issues can lead to pursuing a much better relationship now armed with greater discernment, greater awareness of what you want and need, and the knowledge to avoid future problems. I was married but putting up with lots of things that bothered me greatly. Then my husband did the one thing that I could not tolerate. And that allowed me to leave and have a better life.

Historically crop failures, poverty or economic collapse, political upheavals, religious persecution, floods, droughts, natural disasters and war has pushed people to move out of their comfort zone to start another new and better life somewhere else. America was built on immigrants moving to solve their problems.

Can you think of how some of your problems led to something better?

Did they push you to grow?

What did you learn from them that helped you later on?

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