Ho’0ponopono for World Issues?

Psychologist, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, received notoriety because of his amazing success with the inmates for the criminally insane at Hawaii State Hospital while he was there from  1983 to 1987. He was so successful that the ward was shut down in just 4 years as no longer necessary because the inmates were well enough to work, go into halfway houses, and leave. What he did was Ho’Oponopono, a Hawaiian (originally Polynesian) ancient practice of mental cleansing to set things right through mutual restitution and forgiveness. This practice was taught to him by Hawaiian Kahuna, Morrnah Simeona. Note that Dr. Len never saw or spoke with the patients incarcerated in that ward. The only thing he did was to hold their case records while repeating four phrases as a prayer over and over again: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.”

In saying this prayer, Dr. Len claims he was working on himself, not the patients. The words were directed at his own subconscious as if he, like a mother, were talking to his inner child. He was asking this inner child to release the memory or data (information stored in his unconscious) so that the divinity could then proceed to heal the disharmonious thought responsible for the problem. Then he filled this inner self with love and forgiveness. Dr. Len said that you cannot know the origin of the problem, which is why you turn it over to the divine to do the healing.

The negatively charged memory might be part of the collective unconscious as well as the personal unconscious from this or another time and place. So in releasing the stuck energy from his own experience, he was also healing the shared experience of the whole of humanity. The bonus was that everybody could then get better – hence my interest in applying it to larger or even global problems.

Dr. Len’s perspective was that all problems come from thought. A problem or situation was simply a response to a memory (information) that was within the unconscious. But here I am unclear as to the degree to which he believes that he as an individual 100% personally created the behavior/condition of other people as opposed to he as part of collective consciousness shares in responsibility. And is it possible that his understanding changed over time.

He said that the psychotic inmates were actually holy, complete and perfect. The problem was not in them but in the unhealed thoughts, emotions or memories within himself and the collective unconscious. The fact that they were showing up in his world in their psychotic condition was a reflection of some data, or shared memory (one with stuck negative emotion), that was within himself. He does not say that it lay exclusively within himself. Regardless, he took full responsibility to make self-correction through his I AM divinity to make amends by erasing that memory (not the inmates behavior or condition), a process he calls ‘cleaning‘, within himself and become peaceful. By so doing, inspiration was able to flow from him, and he was able to see the problem dissipating. Love was the healer. As he repeated these phrases throughout the day, the inmates rapidly improved. Their anti-psychotic medications were reduced, their shackles came off, the attacks on the staff stopped, and over time they were moved into halfway houses or able to work and re-enter the general community.He said “I was simply healing the part of me that created them.”

His teacher, Simonata, taught that the problem was an error in consciousness – a thought form. Len says that what the prayer of Ho’Oponopono does is to allow the Divine to transmute the negative energy attached to the negative thought form (which is the origin of all disease) and exchange it for perfect and right light. It has repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation. The transmutation takes place first spiritually, mentally, and then physically. My opinion is that problems are therefore an opportunity that leads to blessing.


If this practice could help to improve the state of the criminally insane, what can it do for corrupt leaders, politicians or corporate executives, big money interests, any of the many harmful policies put upon us by the ruling global elite? Can it mitigate the evil that we see anywhere in the world?

My opinion is that our personal problems are a reflection of what is happening on a larger scale. They are related. And because they are connected in consciousness, can we not then address them at either end? Can we by focusing on the personal help to mitigate what is happening on the larger end? Or by focusing on the many evils and abuses of power that we see or hear about in both our country and the world, heal what is happening personally?

My Version of Ho’Oponopono

There is no argument that Dr. Len’s phrases work. But here is my own more elaborate wording that I prefer to use:

“I am sorry for whatever is within me, my relatives or ancestors in this or any other lifetime that attracted, allowed, caused, contributed or resonated in any way with this ___ .”(illness, condition, state, feeling, tendency, behavior, situation, problem, event, experience, or issue) of _____. [NOTE: I would name the specific condition or write what it is that you want to address. Dr. Len held the file of the specific inmate By writing it down, you can cover many different issues at the same time .]

Please forgive me. Please forgive all of us. Please correct any erroneous thoughts in my consciousness and our shared consciousness that is at all responsible.

Thank you for bringing to my attention what needs to heal within myself. ” [Optional: you might say “Thank you, ___ “(name of person who is giving you the problem)”for bringing to my attention what needs to heal within myself.

(Addressed to God:) “Thank you for bringing divine love, healing, harmony and balance into this for the highest good of all. Thank you for healing any resonance with the problem within myself, and correcting any errors in my consciousness and humanity’s shared consciousness.

I love you, ____” (my own name, or my name for the Divine). “I love you ____ (name of other person) in that I recognize our common humanity.” [NOTE: I may say my own name if I have suffered. I may or may not be ready to say ‘I love you to the offender’ yet. So I can say ‘I love you’ to whatever I can say, which can be to the High Self of the person MADE ORIGINALLY IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.]

NOTE: Dr. Len’s practice was continuous – not a one-time event. I suggest that we commit to an experiment to do this ourselves.

STAY TUNED for an upcoming podcast or video of “DOWSING FOR POSITIVE CHANGE” in which we will put some of this into action. To be announced soon.

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