Teleconference: Dealing with Detrimental Mass Consciousness

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One listener said:

One listener said:” This recording offers excellent self-care & holistic relief ideas for these emotional, challenging times. Thanks for sharing!”


“THOUGHT & EMOTIONAL CONTAGION” with Roxanne Louise & Cynthia Brush-Pires.

Emotions follow thought. Both are transmitted on the psychic airways to which all of us are more or less sensitive. Thoughts and emotions that are shared by a large group of people we call ‘Mass Consciousness’. An example of Mass Consciousness are the happy feelings and general goodwill felt around Christmas morning. Whereas the consciousness experienced on 9/11 was one of shock and grief.

Right now with the upcoming US Elections, the Covid lockdown, and destruction to our freedoms and livelihoods globally the Mass Consciousness is a mixture of fear, anger, hatred, sadness, and worry about the future. The news and social media have been largely responsible for the fever pitch escalation of upsetting emotions.

Sensing energy is part of our survival mechanism – one we share with all creatures in nature. Sensing energy is important for us to understand, help, negotiate and communicate with others. But being aware does not mean taking on the burden or debilitating effects of the highly charged feelings of fear, hopelessness, depression, anger, etc. There must be a way for us to be aware, yet sufficiently detached so that our common sense is not erased by mob hysteria.

We must maintain our personal sovereignty by staying grounded, centered, and connected to our inner wisdom and true spiritual guidance so that we can think clearly and make wise decisions. Stand in your power and increase your energy field. Music especially Hemi Sync, Tibetan or crystal bowls are helpful.

It is very important to become conscious of the thoughts that underlie our anxiety and other emotions. Trace those back to their origin. It is possible to utilize various tools to transmute and heal them even without knowing the details, even if they are not yours, even if they come from another time or place long forgotten, even if you absorbed those belonging to your ancestors, your tribe or group, even if they are deeply imprinted in human history.

There are many ways to deal with this constructively through intention, meditation, prayer, dowsing, hypnosis, energy healing modalities, gratitude, looking for the good, and loving relationships. During this teleconference we will discuss and practice as many as time will allow. Join us for discussion, meditation & dowsing exercise for ‘how’.

About Cynthia Brush-Pires: Cynthia offers multidimensional work and health coaching for self-empowerment, healing and real positive change. She is an intuitive dowser, certified educator, IIN Health Coach and Reiki Master facilitates the spiritual alignment of an individual by identifying & clearing detrimental information & programming which can prevent healing on any level. Her dowsing manual for energy practitioners titled, “The Intentional Effect: A Guide to Clearing and Healing with the Power of Intent” is excellent. She lives in Thetford, Vermont.

Mass Thought & Emotional Contagion

Sensing Energy

You walk into a room, building, drive down a street or enter a neighborhood, and for some reason, start feeling different than before. Maybe you relax and feel a sense of peace, happiness or safety. Or you start getting agitated, scared, creeped out, depressed, or simply uncomfortable. There may not appear to be any obvious or rational reason for it, but you can’t deny that you are sensing or reacting to something. What?”

Vibes can be sensed over long distances. They can wake us up from sleep. They are particularly strong when we have a close connection to specific people (as when a mother knows that her child is in danger), or to any group of people with whom we feel bonded, identified or associate. Perhaps you walk into a group of people and instantly feel something is wrong. Then you find out that they had been arguing and the hostility was still ‘in the air’. As we say you could cut the atmosphere with a knife!’

We call this “Picking Up Vibes (see article here), and all of us exhibit an sensitivity to and awareness of it in varying degrees .

While I feel that picking up vibes is part of our human ‘survival system’, I also feel that it is possible to remain aware of the ‘disturbance in the force’ without being negatively impacted. In other words, you can be aware that it is raining outside without getting wet inside. The awareness helps you prudently put on a raincoat and take an umbrella if you must go out.

The problem is not in perceiving uncomfortable energies, but that such non-beneficial energies sometimes stick and are difficult to shake because of being in a weakened state, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

This weakened state might come from both current as well as past issues that are not yet resolved. We call these things Triggers.

The cumulative effect of whatever is triggering you or weakening your system makes it harder to gain perspective, and deal with those issues. It also makes you vulnerable to other stressors as well as to other outside energies that drain your energy further and feed off and aggravate the very non-beneficial thoughts and emotions you may be trying to heal.

Weakening agents include:

  • Fatigue, exhaustion, lack of sufficient sleep and pushing beyond your limits.
  • Other health issues including illness, toxicity, inflammation, lowered immunity, poor diet.
  • Overwhelm, worry and stress in your personal life. Concern for loved ones or yourself.
  • Worry, grief, fear, anger, depression or upset about the suffering, cruelty, corruption, ignorance, injustice, and evil that you perceive or hear about in local, national, world conditions and events.
  • Your own unhealed emotional wounds, limiting beliefs and judgments.

Like attracts like. 

If you have not healed your own issues and trauma whether experienced by you personally in this or another lifetime, inherited or absorbed from your ancestors or group with which you are identified, you are more likely to be negatively impacted by whatever is mass consciousness is broadcasting through the psychic airways. (A mass consciousness is any strongly held thought/s or emotion/s that are shared by a large group of people.)

However, once you heal (and you can do this multiple ways), you are less impacted, and in a much better place to respond effectively if a response is appropriate.

General Rule:

Anything that depresses your spirit or challenges your health makes you vulnerable to being impacted by bad vibes.  

But the reverse is also true.

Anything that lifts your spirits and enhances your health can strengthen your energy field and make you more resilient to non-beneficial energies, stress, and able to deal, in general, with problems or challenges of any kind including detrimental thought and emotional contagion.

What else helps?

Dowsing, hypnosis, meditation & a host of energy healing modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TAT (Tapas Accupressure Technique), and more can heal triggers and issues. It can lessen or eliminate unnecessary, unrealistic fear. It can increase awareness of both inner and outer resources, and focus attention on gratitude. It can connect with inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. All of these have a huge impact upon your peace of mind. So can it lessen the mass consciousness of fear? anger? depression? and other detrimental emotions? Well, the short answer is ‘yes’.

Join me and my guest Cynthia Brush-Pires for discussion, meditation & dowsing exercise for more about this topic, and specifically the ‘how’ of applying the remedies.

Click here for TELECONFERENCE Recording from Sunday, October 25, 2020 “THOUGHT CONTAGION” with Roxanne Louise & Cynthia Brush-Pires
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Why People Get Sick

Anita Moorjani

I was listening to Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to Be Me, outlining the five reasons of why she thinks people get sick. Note that she does not list germs or genetics. Rather it appears that she considers that problems in any of these five areas allow a disease to take hold. By correcting them, it enables the body to heal.

  1. Mental/emotional/spiritual reasons. Moorjani lists them as one group because she considers all three of the to be intimately connected. Spiritual includes lack of meaning & purpose in your life.
  2. Poisons or toxicity
  3. Physical injury or trauma
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Lack of physical exercise


While I agree with Moorjani, I would add the following other factors:

6. Detrimental energies arising from natural sources & manmade technology : such as geopathic stress, radon, EMF, 5G, dirty electricity

7. Detrimental mental/emotional energies directed at you personally or just saturating the environment: such as the mass contagion of fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, depression or ill will; psychic attack, black magic, curses.

I add #7 as a separate category as the disturbing thoughts or emotions that weaken your energy field, disturb your peace of mind and, thereby, contribute to disease may not originate with you, but rather be part of the overall psychic atmosphere affecting the general population. Empaths are particularly vulnerable. This detrimental psychic pollution is so pervasive right now because of Covid 19 & the upcoming US elections. The stress is palpable and can be felt ‘in the air’. In short, the detrimental thoughts and emotions of others may be as risky to your health as are poisons in the food you eat, the air you breathe, or water you drink. I call this ‘Thought Contagion”, and it needs to be addressed.

What influences health outcomes?

We all know that good healthy self care is highly protective of our health, and so too are love, social support, fun, compassion, gratitude, stress management, and forgiveness. We also know that if you give the body what it needs, and if you remove the blocks to healing, the body will endeavor to move back towards health.

Moorjani brings up yet something else relevant to the healing process: empowering or disempowering thoughts. Not only is it important for the patient to believe he can heal, but the beliefs and attitudes of the healing practitioner as well as that underlying the medical paradigm you accept and that is practiced by your healing professional are all important.

Growing up, Moorjani was raised simultaneously in three very different cultures each of which had their own different medical model: Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, and Western allopathic medicine. Of these three, she said that the Western medical model was disempowering because it puts the doctor exclusively in charge of the healing results. Unlike the Ayurvedic or Chinese model, Western medicine does not educate, actively involve or support the patient in taking corrective action in any of the relevant five areas responsible for his health condition. Rather, it tends to give a picture of the patient being a victim of overwhelming, powerful germs or genetics for which he is neither responsible nor capable of correcting himself.

A further problem of Western medicine is in how a diagnosis and prognosis and are delivered to the patient. While medicine understands the ‘Placebo Effect’ – the positive healing that results because a patient believes a substance or procedure will help him – there is also the opposite power of a detrimental suggestion to cause harm. In hypnosis, we call this the ‘Nocebo Effect’. Unfortunately, it is all too common with medical professionals in predicting dire prognosis.

What a medical prognosis really means.

  1. A medical prognosis relays what the patient can expect if he employs or doesn’t employ the recommended treatment protocol that the doctor suggests, usually surgery, drugs, or special medical procedures such as radiation or chemotherapy.
  2. A medical prognosis means that ___% of people experience ___ outcome when doing nothing to correct the issue, and ___% of people experience ___ outcome when employing only the doctor’s recommendations. It doesn’t reveal what medical outcomes the patient can expect from other modalities alone, or along with receiving allopathic medicine.
  3. As soon as the patient adds something else to his healing protocol, the prognosis improves. So it makes sense for the patient to incorporate a multi-prong wholistic approach to correct all the areas that might have made the body susceptible to disease in the first place. And he should do this even if allopathic medicine is going to be the primary treatment. This multi-prong approach can include nutrition, sleep, detoxification, herbs & supplements, prayer, meditation, stress management, loving connection, life balance, fun, meaning & purpose, exercise, time in nature, and multiple other healing modalities. It can address relationships, mental & emotional issues. As these other areas are outside of the medical training & expertise of most physicians, it is the responsibility of the patient to seek additional help.

The prefix ‘dis’ in the word ‘dis-ease’ means ‘opposite’, ‘be in absence of’, ‘deprive’, ‘expel’. Whereas ‘healing’ means to ‘make whole’, ‘correct, restore’. As a person restores the various areas of his life, so that he is once again ‘at ease’, his health improves.

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