Anatomy of My Own Illness

And how it may apply to you.

In early January of 2017, I came down with a severe case of Shingles and have been suffering the debilitating effects of post herpetic neuralgia ever since. While the rash and blisters are now gone, the nerve damage includes a numbness and constant burning sensation on the entire left side of my torso (front and back) from scapula to groin, severe back ache, hard chest wall, bloated abdomen, and the inability to stand, sit upright, or walk for long including just to be able shop. This is despite being very proactive with proper diet, vitamins and other supplements, and 6 different homeopathic remedies, as well as massive work to reduce stress and clear mental and emotion issues. Still, there has been no improvement.

Now I have had an abiding interest in Mind-Body healing for decades and actually am knowledgable enough to speak on this topic at various conferences. But I would prefer not to learn more about it from first hand experience. This health challenge is appears to be some sort of a diabolical research project dumped in my lap with a exam to boot. But in being a detective with my own health history, it may possibly be helpful to you.

There is always something more to understand on this puzzle of 

what causes illness, when, and to whom

what provides immunity and good health

what leads to healing and, hopefully, cure

While I had chicken pox at age 4 (decades ago), I knew nothing about Shingles, it’s evil twin. Consequently, I didn’t recognize the signs. In fact, I mistook the initial symptoms as  something else. The rash began on my spine as a dime size spot in the center of my back that I could neither see nor examine. That caused a delay in getting necessary medical attention in the first couple of days when antibiotics might have worked. When I did feel some small rough spot, I was swamped with work. Then the weekend came, and I put off seeing a doctor until Monday instead of going to the emergency room. In just a few days, the blisters had spread around half of my body.

Logically, there were other explanations for the early symptoms of the severe back ache and malaise I was experiencing including indications over the past year that something was brewing. And because of medically caused deaths of family and friends, I typically reserve allopathic medicine for avenue of last resort. I do, however, respect it’s ability to diagnose and to handle emergency care.

Immediate Lead Up to the Illness

It is important to look at what was going on before the onset of any illness. For example, with cancer, you inquire from six months up to two years before. This reveals the stressors that were there and which may still need to be addressed.

For me, there were a number of things going on with my farm and hypnosis/dowsing business over the past year. I had to put down a dog that I had had for over 12 years. One sow on my farm had 8 piglets stillborn. Another sow had two live births only, but which died within 2 days. Another sow had 6 but only 4 survived. I find dealing with the death of animals very hard. Then I had changes and disappointment with farm helpers, one of whom stole some expensive equipment. I had changes and disappointments with tenants. I traveled and spoke at several conferences, and traveled to visit family several times during the year. There was a great deal of work and repairs going on while I was constantly writing and expanding upon the books already written.

Warning signs of the Shingles started with unexplainable electrical buzzing sensations in one spot in the center of my spine on and off for a year. I thought it was caused by something else. Then last fall I felt another buzzing spot just a few inches to the left of it in addition. This later proved to be the virus moving along the nerve pathway.

Things got worse in December. My live-in farm worker got sick and I had double duty of hard, physical work to cover. Then she suddenly decided to move on only 2 weeks notice, which caused me to frantically search and find someone quick to move in and take over her job. This threatened my ability to leave and spend Christmas holidays with my family out-of-state. Once she was back on the job, I was having symptoms that could have been a heart attack. So I went through a battery of tests, which cleared my heart, but interestingly found a vertebral wedge in the very spot where I was feeling the buzzing sensations.

Just two weeks later, and a few days after the January snow storm and the new tenant moved in, a very severe case of Shingles erupted. The new live-in worker wanted all of the furniture supplied in the two rooms she was to occupy removed. So there was major reshuffling of furniture everywhere in the house. Then as a major snowstorm was about to hit, I worked excessively hard to get massive amounts of firewood in beforehand. My new tenant moved in the morning after the storm, so I had heavy shoveling to do on my own including a good deal of the driveway, even walking up the very long, steep driveway ( .2 mile) several times to lay snow melt down because the moving van started sliding off the road and down the hill and had to be towed out. 

However, despite all of the above, what I think really put me over the edge was the intense hatred, anger, violence going on in the States post 2016 Presidential election, with all the indications of deliberate fanning of the flames by certain factions. This disrupted my sleep. I have heard from several other people who also got physically ill from the political turmoil.

Thinking through your own health history may give you clues as to your own vulnerabilities and, therefore, what needs to be addressed for long-term care.

Before an illness can take hold, there has to be vulnerability from one or more source–even from things that occurred many years ago.

This vulnerability can stem from a

previous injury/weakness (In my case, a spinal vertebrae that was out of place and degenerating. This is the spot where herpes zoster virus first erupted. But I also had a number of falls especially on the farm, a car accident years ago, and lifelong back issues.)

previous illness (chicken pox, but also other illnesses with resultant antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals.)

physical stress or overuse of a part of the body (chronic heavy lifting)

disturbance of gut flora (two rounds of antibiotics from infection stemming from wisdom tooth removal work in September, but also with a history of candida.)

weakening of immune system ( gut disturbance)

toxicity from food, water, air, skin contact

parasites (in the past)

man made electrical pollutants –Electrical Magnetic Frequency (EMF), stray electrical voltage, smart meters, cell phones, cell phone towers, microwaves

radiation – X rays, natural & man made

emotional/mental stress

malaise or lack of meaning or purpose  

Healing has to address the underlying vulnerability, not just the disease.

Health History

It has come to my attention that it important to look at the entire health history in order to identify vulnerabilities. In my own case, I had a life-long history of a incessant sweet tooth, resulting in cavities leading to excessive amalgam fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, and later extractions. Mercury plus high carbohydrate diet, plus antibiotics for various illnesses probably messed up the gut flora, seting up chronic candida, leading to leaky gut, which led to food allergies including one life-theatening one. Before I changed my diet many years ago, I was prone to severe hypoglycemic symptoms. 

I was like everyone subjected to toxicity from multiple sources including air (urban environment, fumes, mold and dust), water pollution (chloride, fluoride, lead and copper pipes, and other), vaccines and pharmaceuticals, dentistry and medicine, pesticides, herbicides.  Then there has been the stress of constant and rapid change, moving many times, keeping up with technology, being a caregiver, family responsibilities, financial issues, death of loved ones, relationship issues and divorce, job and career changes, and the constant overload of information, noise and stimulation of modern life. These are all common issues that wear down our ability to cope with disease.

I got dynsentery three times while teaching in India. While only there for a month, I continued to have issues with parasites for at least a few years afterwards that American doctors were unable to rectify.

On 9/11 I was just 5 miles away from the World Trade Center and I was breathing the dust was all over the streets and my car. One of my clients got killed, and another just escaped. This event was a major stressor that still effects me today because I still see on-going serious problems that were a direct result of that event, and because I see the groundwork for more occurring. While I have done massive emotional release work on it, I still am looking for the answers.

Both breathing the dust from 9/11 and the stress, I am sure, contributed to later incidence of pneumonia. Then I had multiple injuries, some on the farm or before. Mental and emotional stress was a major issue most of my life. Hence, I learned and continue to practice multiple ways to reduce it.

Here’s the point:

In thinking about my own health issues and that of others, I have come to the following conclusion that has relevance for everyone: 


Toxicity has to be addressed. 

This should include not just diet, eliminating food additives/pesticides and GMO’s, but also getting rid of heavy metals and other poisons such as pesticides that may still be in the system. 

The gut flora has to be repaired.

Parasites have to be removed if present.

The immune system has to be enhanced any way possible

The enthusiasm and joy for life has to be increased that overcompensates for any stress.

And mental and emotional stress has to be decreased.

In other words, you can’t just address the herpes zoster virus without addressing what made the body vulnerable to it in the first place. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza thinks that healing is possible with changing our thoughts and emotions alone. Certainly, it worked for him and some he has trained. Nonetheless, however important thoughts and emotions are, the other things above make good sense.

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  1. Mary Claire Aston
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 14:50:30

    The anger and hatred surrounding the 2016 elections, and the continuing tumult has created a palatable toxicity in our environmen that has affected everyone even if they aren’t aware of it. The loud ongoing demands for change by so many fringe factions is completely unnerving, again unconsciously absorbed by our minds and bodies. This, coupled with the idealistic mass migrations and demands for change overseas seems to be causing anger, distrust, animosity and aggression in unprecedented levels than I have experienced. Our lawmakers are ignoring their mandates to govern the country, instead filling up time with ridiculous and sperious “investigations”, and of course, each one is “owned” by some special interest group. Out military is spread thin, sacrificing our soldiers for some nebulous ideal or some covert deal.
    I don’t see a way out – I hope I am wrong but our way of life is changing and the current climate is affecting the health and well being of us all.


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