PUBLISHED: Releasing Anger without Killing Anyone!

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Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone!

by Roxanne Louise

An entire Anger Management Course!

Teach right out of the book!

Use it to help yourself! Use it to help others! 

A jam-packed guide on how to:

√ Turn anger into a blessing! 

√ Shift anger into constructive action! 

√ Use your challenges to improve yourself, your business, relationships & your life!

    • Understand the underlying dynamics! 
    • Change how you look at things so that they don’t bother you nearly as much! 
    • Make your enemies & problems help you! 
    • Harness anger as motivation to heal & make much needed change! 
    • Communicate more effectively! 
    • Fight clean! 
    • Stop conversations from spiraling downwards! 
    • Notice negative patterns & screw them up! 
    • Take effective action without the baggage!
    • Enjoy your life despite the crap!

Jam Packed Tips, Strategies, Techniques & Visualizations! 

Turn Everything Into a Blessing!

154 pages. Just $29.95 plus $5 shipping.  Order here:


Teaching at NATH Conference

The National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Conference takes place at the Barclay Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia this November 4-10. Once again as I have done since their inception in 1995, I will be presenting. Call to register, 800-296-6463. Here are the topics:

“Hypnosis for Cancer and Other Diseases: Make a Powerful Healing Difference!”

Friday, November 4 from 9-11:30 AM. 

Most major diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of chronic diseases come about after a long period of stress, bad habits, unbalanced lifestyle, overall abuse or neglect of one’s health or needs—all things not addressed by allopathic medicine. Regardless of undergoing any needed surgery, medical treatment or drug protocol, longterm healing also requires addressing what weakened or overloaded the system in the first place.

Dealing with stress, both current stressors and past unresolved emotional trauma, is always indicated because it is stress that robs vital energy needed for the body’s defense and healthy cell regeneration and repair. Here, Hypnotherapists are the experts and can be a vital part of a well rounded treatment protocol.

During this workshop, you will learn multiple ways of becoming a powerful asset in your client’s healing journey. Expect to leave this workshop much better prepared to help not just cancer patients but those of many other serious health issues as well.

“Hypnosis for Soul Healing”

Saturday, November 5 at 8 AM

Refresh mind, body and spirit with a morning group hypnosis session designed to assist you to tap into your eternal, unlimited self. Whether desiring healing, objectivity, a paradigm shift, internal guidance, Roxanne will guide you into that still, quiet place that allows you to access the More of you than you are consciously aware, More than your incarnational self, to the More some people call your soul, High Self and perhaps beyond to the Source. This loosely guided hypnosis session will allow time for you to process at your own pace and receive the help you personally desire.

“Hypnosis for Personal Empowerment”

Sunday, November 6 at 8 AM

Start your day with a  group hypnosis session designed to assist you to tap into inner resources to get ideas, make creative breakthroughs, or just a clear away psychic debris and stress so that you can better fulfill your dreams. This loosely guided hypnosis session will allow time for you to process at your own pace and receive the help you personally desire.

“Teaching Self-Help Classesthe #1 way to build and expand your business!”

Saturday, November 5 at 2:45 PM

This is the easiest way for new hypnotherapists to internalize information, build a business and perfect their skills. It is also a great way for well established hypnotherapists to expand their client and referral base. Some people will never sign up for a private session, but will take a class, especially if it is easily affordable. And they will, if they like and trust you, refer others to you who will sign up for private sessions. It then becomes free marketing that can go on for years!

I started out teaching Self Hypnosis classes, and later added Healing Anger without Killing Anyone, Tap Your Troubles Away with the Emotional Freedom Technique, Finding True Love, Understanding Illness from the Stress Connection, It’s Not What You’re Eating—It’s What’s Eating You!, Preparing for Childbirth, Stop Smoking, Introduction to Pain Management, and more. You could do something on sports, test taking and study skills, public speaking. The possible topics are endless. It is fun and generates phenomenal energy into your practice. 

Come learn a framework for multiple classes. Whether done live or online, whether in your office, adult center, or community college, they will help you receive customer recognition, and become the expert in your community. Here is a class that will put money into your pocket!

For more information, see the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists or call 800-296-6463. .

How Self Hypnosis Saved My Life!

And more than once too!!!

I was having a bad day, but then it was really just one more of many such days in a bad year in general.

I had gone into a lawyer’s office to give testimony as to how my mother had slipped, tumbling head over her walker and down their dark stairway as she was led into their office by the receptionist. Recounting that day’s events and the consequences of her broken bones, called up painful memories of my mother screaming in pain for weeks. As a result of her accident, I was pushed into being her round-the-clock caregiver because instead of transitioning from the hospital to rehab, she signed herself out telling the doctors that “my daughter will take care of me.”

It was an ordeal that left me only a few hours sleep for the duration of six full weeks. This was doing the work of 6 nurses–3 each on 8 hour shifts Monday through Friday, and another three on the weekend. I had no help, and she was ineligible because she had signed herself out. As a result, my business was on hold, and my own life force was completely drained. Even after she was able to get around on her walker or wheelchair again, there was no joy, no social life, no business life, no privacy or moments for myself. Unconsciously, I suspect that I didn’t want to live anymore.

To add injury to the testimony, one of the lawyer’s accused me of lying. That’s what really brought up the memories in full color and intensity. He had no idea of what my mother went through and what I also sacrificed to take care of her.

So I came home and made what I thought would be a healthy lunch of a shrimp omelet.

It was just after Thanksgiving, 2001. My mother had wanted to serve shrimp for my son (Mark) who was visiting us in New Jersey from California. We ate it then, and again the day after. Mark had wanted me to go with him to visit the ruins of the World Trade Center, which we did over the weekend. There we saw all the letters, memorials placed around the fencing, and workers still digging through the rubble. Then I put my son on the plane to go back to the West Coast–always an emotional event for a mother to say goodbye to her offspring.

I had been at the Hudson River just 5 miles away on that fateful day of 9/11. And while I didn’t see the buildings fall, I did walk through all the dust, which also covered my car. I had gone to the Medical Center to await victims in order to offer my hypnosis services to burn patients. (If you get to a burn patient quickly, hypnosis can mitigate the severity of those burns.) However, only six patients arrived because the others were dead, and I was sent home.

One of my clients, Luke, had died at Windows of the World Restaurant after just returning from vacation the day before. He was there to set up a business meeting. Luke got a call out to his lover before he died. The last time I had seen him was at a funeral of a close mutual friend, Rodney, who was also on the Board of Directors for my business. So Luke’s death brought up thoughts of Rodney’s death, which brought up thoughts of my Dad’s death, which is why I was living with my mother to begin with–to assist her in her grieving process.

Another friend, Nelson, also worked at the World Trade Center. On the previous Friday, Nelson was told to take his department of 40 people out to lunch and to tell them that their department was being liquidated by their new Japanese owners. On Friday, they were despondent about losing their jobs. However, a few days later, all those not let go, were dead because they were on the very floor where the plane flew in. Losing their job turned into a blessing for them and their families.

Anyway, still upset after seeing the lawyer, I made my omelet. Within 30 minutes I went into anaphylactic shock. My throat was swollen up, I was beet red, it was difficult to breathe, and I knew I was in big trouble. I paused before calling for help –did I want to live or not? After all, life held no satisfaction anymore. I had given up my office and business in preparation for a move to be near my son on the west coast, only to be side railed by my mother’s health issues and having to give up those plans to become her full-time caregiver instead. It would have been so easy to slip away, and no one would have thought that it was suicide, just an ‘unfortunate’ accident.

But I did finally choose to live, and in my by this time confused mental state, called a doctor, not 911. In my last moment’s of clarity, I walked out to the drive to await the ambulance. As I was already very weak, I laid down in the cop’s car. The police officer had arrived first. My vision was soon gone, but I overheard the cop tell the medics that I was in and out of consciousness. I don’t know if I had truly passed out or was just in trance. Luckily, I lived just 10 minutes away from a major medical center, and they sent a doctor, not just a medic, to my house. He gave me a shot that brought my vision back.

The emergency doc was (get this) Dr. Lamorte (translated from Italian as “the death”). The doc told me his patients thought his name was funny. In my condition, I didn’t think it was funny!

Doctor Lamorte wanted to admit me. But I told him that as I was a hypnotherapist, I just wanted him to leave me in the Emergency Room, and come back and check on me. A hour or two later he discharged me. He said “you did this yourself. My drugs wouldn’t have worked for 8 hours.” 

What was I doing to be discharged so soon? Well, I couldn’t do the Emotional Freedom Technique since my arms were hooked up to intravenous tubes. And I couldn’t do Reiki for the same reason. But what I did do from the moment I knew I was dying, was to drop down into deep hypnosis to stay calm, focus on my breathing, and then over and over again to imagine my throat and bronchial tubes relaxing and opening up. As a former classical singer, I knew how to relax my throat muscles, and so that was what I imagined for the entire time from the driveway at home until I was discharged from the hospital. And so even while I’m grateful for the injection, I may not have made it to the hospital without doing what I did.

But this wasn’t the first time that self-hypnosis saved my life. There was another time that I was caught in a rip-tide and pulled rapidly out to sea. I flipped over on my back once I knew no one could see me, hear me, and that I couldn’t out swim the current, and I was getting full of water from the waves. I just went into that calm place of alpha to float on my back while breathing before each wave that washed over me. Eventually, I must have floated out of the current because several men were dragging out of the surf to what was a much closer distance to shore.

Then there were other challenges that I won’t go into here that could have gone badly if I did not know how to quickly slip into that place we call open-eye hypnosis to stay completely calm, fully present, and deal most effectively with a potentially dangerous situation.


  • It may save your life as it did mine.
  • It may well reduce the severity of any problems you do face.
  • It will allow you to instantly reduce stress.
  • It will allow you to become calm and focused so that you can think clearly to an effective response and solution.

I teach it to all my clients in person in central Virginia or in Middletown, New Jersey, or over the phone (434)263-4337/ or (540)470-8218. And I have an entire self-hypnosis book written called Your Unlimited Potential.

But if you are living in Central Virginia, I will be teaching the full 9-hour course at Piedmont Valley Community College, Saturdays, September 17, 24 and October 1 from 9 AM-Noon. Here is the link.

Copyright by Roxanne Louise. However, this article may be shared in free online sources only if this copyright notice and link to and  are included with the content.


Self Hypnosis: Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind!

Moon over water

  • Would you like to improve every area of your life? 
  • Move powerfully ahead towards your goals? 
  • Manifest your dreams?
  • Enhance self-esteem, attitude, over-all functioning and performance of anything? 
  • Get rid of stress and fears that hold you back? 
  • Heal upset and trauma? 
  • Undo negative thinking and programming?
  • Stop self-sabotage? Become more effective instead? 
  • Dump bad habits? Establish good habits?
  • Solve problems of any kind with greater grace and ease? 
  • Enhance creativity?
  • Relax quickly and easily? 
  • Reduce tension and physical pain? 
  • Improve your health?
  • Improve performance—sales, sports, musical and dramatic, public speaking, test taking, interviews, and more?

Then sign up for this power-packed, complete SELF HYPNOSIS Course (ID : 6314) with Roxanne Louise to be held over 3 Saturday mornings, September 17, 24 and October 1 from 9:00 to Noon, in Charlottesville, Virginia at Piedmont Valley Community College, Stultz Center, Room: 116.

Since Self-Hypnosis can be used to help you in every area of your own life for the rest of your life, doesn’t it make sense to LEARN IT NOW? Sign up here.

 hypnotic eyes

You will learn: 

  • How to hypnotize yourself multiple ways quickly and easily!
  • How to formulate powerful, positive suggestions and make your own hypnosis tapes! And why positive thinking and affirmations sometimes backfire! And how not to be your own worst enemy because of how you talk about yourself and your problems. 
  • How to write your own hypnosis scripts and make your own hypnosis and self-talk tapes! 

Your Investment in learning these powerful, lifelong tools?

Just $99.00 Tuition. CEUs : 0.9

Your instructor is Roxanne Louise, Hypnotherapist and Presenter/Trainer at multiple national hypnosis, dowsing, and other conferences annually since 1992. She has received 5 national awards in hypnosis, and has been in business since 1989. For more information, see Her blog is If you have questions about whether the class is right for you, call 434-263-4337.


NOTE: This class can be followed up with taking course # ID: 6315, the “Emotional Freedom Technique – Tap Your Troubles Away” to be given on 3 Thursday evenings, 10/13/2016 – 10/27/2016 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. For more information, see here.

Emotional Freedom Technique – Tap Your Troubles Away

From Post Traumatic Stress to everyday stressors the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has brought inner peace to people worldwide since the 1990’s. Developed by Gary Craig from Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy, it is based on tapping on specific acupressure points of the body’s meridian system while focusing on the problem you want to heal. EFT is a quick and easy yet  powerful way you can resolve old issues in the privacy of your own home. It has been used to treat physical pain, insomnia, procrastination, frustration, irritations, anger, hurts, fears, unhealthy cravings, and addictions.

Hypnosis for Cancer (and other) Diseases

I have just put the finishing touches of my presentation “Hypnosis for Cancer (and other) Patients–Make a Powerful Healing Difference!” that I am teaching this week at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention. It is jam packed with information that can used immediately to address the multiple mental, emotional or even spiritual factors that are involved in any disease or health challenge!

I have been so inspired by working on this presentation that I expect it to expand in the near future into an extensive training manual with accompanying dvd’s/cd’s for professionals, and a self-help training program for the layman.

Your Input Please

If you working in this field as a  professional, I would be very interested in what you are doing. If you have or have had a health challenge and found things beyond the medical treatment that made a positive healing difference, I would like to know about it.

My Assistance Offered

If you as a professional would like ideas on additional things that you can do to help your patients to address the mental/emotional or even spiritual components of disease, or if you as an individual are currently faced with a health challenge, please let me know how I can be of service to you. I may well add specific information that can assist you in what will be my future project or even give you ideas over the phone. You can contact me directly at or at 434-263-4337 (my home office in central Virginia).

Workshop Information

My upcoming workshop # 220906 will be given at 9 AM this Saturday morning, August 13 at the National Guild of Hypnosis Convention to be held in Marlborough, Massachusetts. You can still sign up to attend at their convention website. Recordings will be available for purchase for those unable to attend.

This venue is the largest hypnosis conference in the world, and one which honored me with a lifetime achievement award, the Order of the Braid (named after James Braid, one of the earliest hypnotist/physicians in London in the 19th century).

Integrating Hypnosis & Reiki

How can integrating Reiki be a great help to Hypnotherapists?

  • Have you ever had a client who fell asleep during hypnosis and didn’t hear a word you said?
  • Would you like a quick technique that causes instant trance and gets the suggestions quickly implanted deep into the unconscious mind regardless of whether the client fell asleep or is only in a shallow level of trance or none at all so that the suggestions work anyway–even on infants, children, elderly, people with narcolepsy or a low attention span, those under anesthesia or in a coma, and even those who don’t speak your language?
  • And can even be used for animal communication? Wow!
  • Would you like a technique that works beautifully with the highly analytical, “unhypnotizable” or difficult client?
  • Would you like an additional tool that relaxes even the most difficult, stressed person?
  • Do you want something more to enhance healing, build stamina, and reduce or remove headaches, muscle spasms, cramps, and other pain with your clients?
  • Want powerful techniques to heal the inner child, past traumas, painful relationships and more, some that are even content free?
  • Want a powerful way to do soul retrieval, soul integration?
  • And would you like an additional business that is compatible with hypnosis, pain management, stress management, past life regression, shamanic work, bodywork, counseling, or animal healing?

Or are you already a Reiki Practitioner who knows that you can do more to help your clients through the power of positive suggestion and visualization in the same bodywork session?

  • Reiki can be used to do powerful, emotional release work on yourself and others!
  • Replace negative thinking with positive mental reprogramming!
  • Release blocks or reasons for self-destructive habits and behavior!
  • Get rid of negative beliefs or judgments!
  • Instill positive new beliefs and habits!

x,7Elwf0000.jpg.pagespeed.ic.OqaOknhOGAReiki is sometimes preferable and more powerful than straight hypnosis.

But together they create powerful synergistic effect on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Reiki can be done on yourself or others. All life forms benefit.

Even before adding hypnotic languaging, visualizations or interventions, Reiki significantly speeds up healing, reduces or eliminates pain and all forms of stress, detoxifies the system, increases circulation and stamina, improves digestion and sleep, calms the nerves and mental chatter, and improves overall well-being.

Some problems just seem to melt away without discussion or intervention. Colds and flu became nonexistent for me several years following my first Reiki class in 1990. But combining the two modalities make an unbeatable healing tool. Self use of Reiki and hypnosis has saved my life more than once and has severely reduced the negative consequences of accidents, illness and other challenges. It has made a profound difference in my personal growth, emotional healing, and has deepened my spiritual life.

Hence, I entitled my books: Reiki–Path to Transformation. There are three volumes:

  • Volume 1: Hands-on- Healing
  • Volume 2: Mental, Emotional and Distant Healing
  • Volume 3: Mind-Body Healing

These books were originally written in 1992 and revised continually since. They are still current and important as they bring the best of both modalities together in a powerful, easy to understand and practice way.


I was the first to teach HypnoReiki!

Putting the two modalities together as early as 1990, and writing about it soon after, certifying people across India in HypnoReiki, and teaching how to integrate hypnosis and Reiki across the United States at multiple national hypnosis conferences and also throughout India since 1992, I believe I was the first to partner these two modalities! However, I did not trademark the name, and another person came along and did so.

Integrating Reiki with Hypnosis

Learning Reiki in 1990 while operating a hypnosis practice, I immediately started integrating it into my work with hypnosis clients more and more. When a Reiki client came for hands-on-treatment, I would use only an abbreviated hypnotic induction or none at all because the Reiki energy itself creates a hypnotic state. I then followed with offering helpful hypnotic suggestions and visualizations appropriate for them as I was working on the body. Then after the hands-on-work was done, I might have them sit in a chair, do the Reiki mind-to-mind reprogramming technique (a traditional Reiki technique I greatly expanded with hypnosis) while summarizing the key suggestions already given and possibly including a hypnotic intervention technique as well.

When my hypnosis clients came into the office with a physical complaint,  I would briefly explain Reiki and ask if they want a spot energy treatment. Then even while I was conducting the intake, or later when it is time for formal trance work to begin, I would continue to either do hands-on Reiki or distant healing while also doing the hypnosis. The Reiki would help reduce their pain in and of itself.

If a client fell asleep during the hypnosis session, or I just wanted to make sure that the suggestions were firmly implanted, I would do the Reiki mind-to-mind reprogramming technique that I pioneered. Sometimes I elected to only use this technique instead of a hypnotic induction with certain people–especially those that were highly analytical, very young, or with people who had narcolepsy or were hard of hearing.

HypnoReiki Miracles

In a free hypnosis lecture, a man in the audience wanted me to show how Reiki creates trance. So he volunteered to be my demonstration subject. He had just won a sizable workman’s compensation settlement as a result of permanent injury to his Achilles heel that prevented him from climbing ladders as a roofer. Spending just 5 minutes or so with him doing this mind-to-mind Reiki reprogramming technique with key suggestions one of which was “I release all blocks known and unknown to my full healing now”, enabled him to be able to again walk normally–an amazing healing!!!

Another time after doing a Reiki attunement, I did the Reiki mind-to-mind reprogramming technique to help a woman who was scheduled for biopsy on her breast. I guided her through a visualization to imagine the growth shrinking while giving her positive suggestions. She felt a ‘ping’. Then when she went to the doctor that same day, the lump was gone!

I did this technique with a client that alternated between anorexic and bulimic behavior. The amount of energy flowing through my hands as I was holding her head and neck was so intense that I had to stretch out my arms and stand as far away from her as I could. I could easily tell from the heat which of my hypnotic suggestions or interventions were having deep impact, and which not so much, when to keep them going, and when to move on. This went on for 45 minutes. After that session, her binging and purging, which was several times/day, cut in half. After the fourth session, she was able to go through Thanksgiving with her family (a challenge to be sure) absolutely fine with no such behavior! 

At another time, I had a 4 year old brought to me because on chronic ear infections. Again, I chose the Reiki mind-to-mind reprogramming technique with suggestions of various options for her to be able to reduce or shut out what she was hearing that she didn’t want to hear, which were family arguments. These options, such as walking out of the room, telling others to be quiet or shut up, putting her hands over her ears, would still allow her the ability to hear what she did want to hear. I impressed upon her how important it was to have good hearing so that she could hear “I love you” , nice music, birds singing, and other wonderful things and sounds. Her mother told me that before they reached the car after the session, the child’s ears started draining, and there were no more infections after that.

With another client, I did the mind-to-mind communication technique for the purpose of soul retrieval. This woman had experienced a lot of trauma during her lifetime. After the session, her previous narrow face had visibly broadened and her color was much improved.  Other positive benefits were noted at the time.

Make a powerful, healing difference!

While I am not claiming that such miracles occurred with everyone, it is incredible it happened with anyone. You can never know when what you say or do is precisely what someone needs that allows them to heal, to shift, to throw off the weight of trauma or injury. Words can have a profound impact, so it is important to learn how to use them to do so in the most healing way.

Telepathic communication is an important part of healing work.

The unspoken thoughts and images, expectations and beliefs, whether positive or negative, supportive or not, that a therapist, physician, teacher, parent, spouse, or any person in a position of authority, influence and/or rapport has about a person has a powerful effect for good or ill. Hypnotherapists regularly undo the effects that negative suggestion has had on their clients. Reiki practitioners and healers of other stripes likewise need to learn how to do this also. But all need to telepathically transmit positive beliefs and expectations to their clients. You can learn how to deliberately make a powerful difference with Reiki distant healing combined with images, and the Reiki reprogramming technique.

And by the way, if you do not believe your client can improve, you must, in all fairness to them, refer them out!

Language and suggestion can heal or kill.

This is the subject of the placebo or nocebo response in medicine. It is not enough to have good intentions. Reiki practitioners and bodyworkers of all kinds need to learn the basics of hypnotic languaging because energy work creates hypnotic trance. This means that anything you say or that they hear while you are working on them and shortly thereafter while they are still super relaxed is taken in much as if it were hypnotically delivered. You can do great good or harm. My books can teach you to only say things in a way that is helpful.

Reiki can telepathically help someone mentally and emotionally.

You can send helpful suggestions or guide your clients through a hypnotic or NLP intervention, such as Time Line Therapy, telepathically. I did this sometimes when a client could not come in personally but was under duress. And there were other times that a session did not allow enough time to deal with an issue or a piece of it as thoroughly as I would have liked. Being able to reach them telepathically allowed me to tie up those loose ends. This technique consists of sending Reiki distant healing along with Reiki mental/emotional healing and adding hypnotic suggestions, visualizations or interventions. Sometimes, within minutes, they would call me back and report a complete positive shift in attitude!

Reiki induces trance, so it is important to learn basic hypnotic principles and formulation of suggestions to insure that no harm is inadvertently done through casual speech. The mental reprogramming technique is so powerful that whatever is the practitioner’s mind goes directly into the client’s unconscious. Therefore, it is imperative that the Reiki practitioner understands proper hypnotic languaging, respects the client’s wishes, and has a great deal of integrity. Therefore, not everyone can or should learn these advanced techniques.

As you are gathering, there is more to Reiki than either hands-on energy work or straight distant healing. There is hands-on work combined with suggestion/and or visualization. There is mind-to-mind reprogramming you can do on yourself, or on another person. There is distant healing combined with telepathically communicated suggestions, visualizations, and/or interventions. There is a drawing exercise with distant healing as well. All three volumes of my Reiki books instruct you in several ways in which integrate the two modalities effectively.  These advanced Reiki techniques, which I either originated or greatly expanded previously known Mikao Usui Reiki methods, are outlined so you can do them yourself.

For more information, see my website: and look up the 3 Reiki books listed under ‘Store’ bc4f2cf86e01c7d1c4f639193a48733f

Weight Loss Facts Everyone Should Know

  • Are you confused by conflicting weight loss programs?
  • Have you tried all the diets that instead of reducing your bottom adds only to the bottom line of the weight-loss gurus and manufacturers of the products that they hawk?
  • Have weight loss programs been too rigid or stressful–too much work for too little return?

There is no clear consensus among experts. Worse yet, they may offer opposite advice–eat mostly fruit and vegetables and grains, which are carbs, versus eat very little (Low Carbohydrate Diet), eat a low fat, low protein diet versus eat a high protein/fat one (Atkins).

Is the confusion making you crazy? Surely, if the experts disagree, how do figure out what is going to work for you even if some programs work for some people, some of the time?

No one dietary or exercise program works for all.

The evidence is that no one program works for everyone although there are various good ones that work for many. Body or blood typing may be a reason why. Ayurvedic Medicine brought to Western attention by Deepak Chopra in Perfect Health says that there are ten possible body types, each that require its own dietary plan and exercise program for maximum health and weight loss. Ayurveda determines the body type by a constellation of personality traits, and this can be obtained by a self-scoring questionnaire.

But Dr. Peter D’Adamo in Eat Right for Your Type claims that blood type (O, A, B and AB) is what determines which dietary and exercise plan is necessary. He argues that our ancestors adapted over eons by eating their own specific diets. This adaptation to or lack of exposure to specific foods is what determines which are digestible or not, act like medicine or poison to the body, speed up or slow down the metabolism, compromise or assist in the production of insulin, create or upset or hormonal balance, and promote health or create problems such as water retention, thyroid disorders, ulcers, and more. In other words, by eating the foods that are right for your type, you improve your overall heath, of which one side benefit is weight loss.

When you eat the foods that are right for you, for whatever reason makes it right, not only do you feel better, but that good feeling translates into being more active and, consequently, trimmer and healthier.

Weight loss is a do-it-yourself project.

With so many vastly different approaches, I believe that each person must do his own research, prudent self-experimentation on a “canʼt hurt” basis, and observe the results. Start with the obvious. Use your common sense! Let improvement in overall health and vitality be your guide.

Ed Victor, author of The Obvious Diet, claims that most people already know why they are fat and what they need to do about it. He advises that each person come up with his own program rather than follow someone elseʼs because the rules you make up yourself are the ones you are more likely to stick to. Can you think of one thing which if you did on a regular difference would make a positive difference for you?

Weight loss is first and foremost about improving overall health.

Weight loss and management is about loving and honoring yourself and reflecting that in how you take care of yourself. It is a side effect of greater health, and requires establishing a lifestyle of good eating, exercise and lifestyle habits (including adequate sleep, fun, and stress reduction) that are maintained long-term most of the time. Amplify every system of the body so that it is functionally optimally. Live foods, enzymes, herbs and spices assist digestion.

Consider food combinations. Harvey Diamond in Fit for Life is claims that foods that utilize incompatible enzymes for digestion (i.e., fruits and anything else, or meat and starch) end up putrefying in your body, causing improper absorption of nutrients, fatigue and toxicity leading to disease and weight gain.

Improve elimination with drinking lots of water, and, possibly doing a colon, liver, or gall bladder cleanse. Enhance circulation with exercise, dietary changes, herbs, or specific therapies. Enhance respiration with deep breathing, laughter, vigorous movement, and increased oxygen. Oxygen burns fat, reduces stress, and raises endorphins (your bodyʼs natural pain killers and feel-good chemicals). Build muscle because muscle burns fat. Enhance the lymph system with exercise or lymph drainage massage. Most importantly, get the toxins out of your body.

Toxicity is a major consideration

Kevin Trudeau in his updated Natural Cures “They” Donʼt Want You to Know About says that most fat people have

  • low metabolism caused by problems with the thyroid, pancreas, liver, stomach, small and large intestines, or colon
  • under active thyroid, which can be caused by fluoride
  • improper functioning pancreas, which can be caused by food additives, and refined sugar and white flour
  • clogged and sluggish liver, which can be caused by medications, cholesterol reducing drugs, chloride, fluoride, food additives, refined sugar and white flour, artificial sweeteners, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and preservatives
  • sluggish digestive system, which can be caused by insufficient digestive enzymes possibly from food additives, candida yeast overgrowth, or toxicity
  • toxicity caused by medications, chemical residues in food, food additives, chlorine, fluoride, and insufficient exercise
  • hormonal imbalances, which can be caused by toxicity or lack of walking, and are highly toxic in general. (Toxicity causes you to retain water and increase fat storage.)
  • large appetite caused by improper assimilation of food from inadequate digestive enzymes, candida yeast overgrowth, or food additives
  • eat when they are not hungry because of habit, stress, emotional eating, or physiological food cravings. (Physiological food cravings can be caused by toxins or candida yeast overgrowth.)
  • eat larger portions than thin people because of larger appetite, inability to assimilate nutrients, physiological cravings, emotional issues, stress, and habit
  • consume more “Diet Food”, which are loaded with artificial sweeteners, sugar or chemical additives that make you fat and are addictive.
  • eat shortly before bed. (Late eaten food is turned into fat storage instead of metabolized.)
  • are adversely affected by growth hormones in meat and dairy products
  • think of themselves as fat–a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Parasites, hypoglycemia, and allergies also cause cravings and overweight. Two- thirds of all obese people have a sugar addiction characterized by craving for sugar.

If you crave it, you are probably allergic!

People with a sugar addiction are conditioned to burn sugar not fat for energy. After the addiction is gone, the insulin level stabilizes and the person begins to burn fat instead. The sweetness in both sweetened and artificially sweetened drinks and foods tend to stimulate the appetite. People who consume them gain more weight than those who donʼt.

People overeat because they donʼt feel good.

Anything, physical or emotional, that causes you to not feel good, can cause weight gain, either directly, or because it creates a disinclination for physical activity, and a tendency to reach for fattening foods. Unfortunately, when you donʼt feel good, you may gravitate to alcohol or the quick-fix energy of fat, sugar, white flour, and caffeine. A weight loss program needs to address not just what and how but also why you eat.

Anything that causes stress can trigger overeating. Anger and guilt head the list.

Even with the possible physical causes, most people are fat because of emotional eating and stress. Eating can be an addiction, and most people who are overweight by 50 pounds have a real psychological need that food is providing. Stress management and healing emotional wounds should be included in any comprehensive weight loss program. Unless you deal with the emotional or psychological reasons why you eat, any victories against the scale will be temporary.

Donʼt blame your genes!

It is your eating and exercise habits, not your genes, that make you fat. While some people are born with a slower metabolism, learned behavior is more important than genealogy in obesity. What food habits were you taught? Did your family use food to reward or to show love, or to avoid confrontation and intimacy? Did your family use food to fill an emotional void, to comfort, to dull pain or boredom? Using food to satisfy emotional needs can get you into big trouble. Identifying with fat friends or relatives can also cause unconscious behaviors that duplicate their weighty results.

Diets backfire!

The best way to gain weight is to go on low calorie diet! What your body loses is not fat but lean muscle tissue and water. Long term, low calorie diets are a form of starvation. Your body knows this, and becomes a very efficient fat-conservation machine in response. Low calorie diets and long term fasting can lead to a large insulin reaction that can block fat from leaving. It slows metabolism down dramatically to between 25-40%. This slower metabolism continues until up to a year after you have regained all the previously lost weight. After several weeks of a formula diet when you start eating again, your body may absorb fat by 300-400% above normal.

The more you diet, the heavier you get.

If you have been on many diets, your metabolism may never readjust unless you undertake a vigorous exercise program. Exercise is the best way to speed up the metabolism, but hypnotic or auto suggestions also work, as do certain herbs. Whereas, artificial sweeteners or corn syrup and certain foods can slow down metabolism.

Allow for some amount of “cheating”.

A long-term weight loss program should be flexible enough to include a small portion of whatever you want on an occasional basis so that you donʼt feel deprived and self-sabotage. Instead of buying a bag of cookies and then being tempted to eat through it in just a few days, buy one when you are out for your weekly shopping. Perhaps you want to save that special treat when you go out with others. For example, share a desert. The important thing is cheat outside of the house, and not to bring home those snack items that you would devour in no time.

Start with Food Substitution

While it is common sense to lower the overall calorie consumption, it may not be necessary to reduce the overall volume of food (you can eat a lot of watermelon and lose weight). Food substitution is an easy way to start making changes without starving yourself.

What works for many people is to substitute fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water, herbal tea, soup for anything that would cause you to binge. Increase the portions of non-processed fruit and vegetables and reduce the portions of fatty meat, cheese, etc. And most importantly, substitute food made from scratch from non-GMO foods for anything that is processed.

Make it easy or you won’t keep it going.

If your food plan is not easy, you won’t make it a lifelong practice. Make sure that you have quality food that you can grab readily available in the house, or when you go out if you go past mealtime. One way to do this is to cook your dinner in bulk, package some for tomorrow’s lunch, and freeze additional portions. Then you have only to move out of the freezer (or move down to the main part of the fridge) a few hours before to defrost for a quick meal. Avoid microwaving to do this as microwaved food also is toxic.

You either pay now for good quality food or you pay doctors later for poor health.

Substitute food that is organic from food that is not.  Almost all corn and soy is GMO (genetically modified), but the list of GMO foods is growing. Do some research. GMO foods are toxic because your body does not know how to process them, and toxicity is linked to weight gain. High fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and MSG (now known by many other names–google) is known to cause weight gain, so avoid it completely.

Exercise is important, but not all exercise is equal.

Lean people move more. Sustained, repetitive movements like walking, jogging, cycling, and running burn fat. But quick, spurt exercise like baseball and basketball burn carbohydrates. The earlier in the day that you exercise, the greater your overall resting metabolic rate for the rest of the day. There is a 40-60% increase in fat burn if you exercise in the morning as opposed to the afternoon or evening.

Remember to deal with what’s eating you.

Learn simple stress management tools like self-hypnosis and the Emotional Freedom Technique. I also teach Glass of Water Technique, Walking Mantras (both outlined in my book Your Unlimited Potential, a complete self-hypnosis course), lots of affirmations, the Infinite Intelligence Process (as outlined in my book Accessing More — Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process), and another book Releasing Anger without Killing Anyone. 

Stopping smoking need not cause weight gain!

One-third of people who stop smoking lose weight because they feel so much better that they no longer avoid activity. One-third of people who stop smoking stay exactly the same. One-third of people who stop smoking gain an average of 5-6 pounds, which is usually gone in one year as the metabolism readjusts. Only 10% gain as much as 30 pounds. These are people who are simply switching addictions. They are probably eating to fill some psychological need. A good hypnosis stop smoking program can address those needs. Weight gain from quitting can be headed off with a simple plan to exercise, drink more water, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and practicing stress management tools.


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