Dowsing for Solutions

It was all my father’s fault!

I born into an engineering family. My father, who was a mechanical engineer, inventor of roller bearings for General Motors, and occasional instructor for Hyatt GM, taught me early on to work out my problems on paper. He told me to “think negatively towards a positive solution.” This applies perfectly to dowsing for solutions to problems or goal achievement of any kind.

Inventors like my late father are both highly analytical and highly creative—a perfect blend of left and right brain thinking, rational and psychic, head and heart. This is true with dowsers as well. Dowsing is a balancing of both hemispheres of the brain. The analytical and logical left brain helps you to research the subject at hand—both to clarify exactly what is desired, and the elements that may be causing or sustaining a problem and those that may lead to a possible solution. 

You will want to know the likely causative factors to resolve or clear, any challenges/conflicts that will need to be addressed, the priorities to focus upon and the order in which to do so, and best course of action to follow. Your analytical mind will assist you to fine tune your dowsing questions. It will also help you to develop dowsing charts and checklists that are especially useful and time saving if you are going to address that topic again.

Once you have identified the problem and elements to be addressed, clarified what you want, and brainstormed possible solutions, you can dowse it out. This means quieting your mind, and dropping down into the deepest part of your inner being with clear focused intent to connect with the universal sea of consciousness. This is the repository of information, ideas, wisdom and guidance linking all minds throughout time and space. Beyond this is also the place of pure creation, healing and manifestation where we alter reality and miracles occur.

Resolving problems starts first with a recognition that there is a problem and knowing what that is.

The real problem may not be apparent. There can be a problem beneath the problem. For example, you may think that the problem is that you ___ (drink/smoke/eat too much). And while that may be true, there can be an unconscious need or wound that is driving it, for example, trauma, pain, boredom, feeling unloved/not good enough/angry/hurt, etc., unable to set healthy boundaries or express your needs to others, difficulty communicating with others, poor stress management skills, ad infinitum.

So the first task is to write out what you think the problem is. Then dowse out: 

Is this the real problem? If you get a ‘no’, brainstorm on paper until you find it.

Is there a problem underneath that is either creating or aggravating the problem of ___? If you get a ‘yes’, brainstorm what that might be. Always include the word ‘other’ on your list, and dowse out.

You may want to know when the problem first began, and if it originated with you in this or another lifetime, or if you inherited it from an ancestor. For example, author Dr. Bradley Nelson of The Emotion Code as well as others has found that we frequently carry issues that are passed down on our DNA. [Nelson, by the way, has a helpful chart of non-beneficial emotions that can be located with kinesiology. I use his chart with dowsing instead.]

You may wish to know the players involved as this can help to refresh your memories and emotions and focus on forgiveness or understanding. All of this can be found with dowsing charts that either create or a book such as mine, Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing. 


What do you want instead?

Hint—it is NOT to not have that problem on ____. Clarify the positive opposite of what that problem would look/feel like. How would it show up? How would anyone know without you telling them that you solved that problem?

How motivated are you on a subconscious level?

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to resolving that problem and achieving your objective on a subconscious level? Is that problem serving a need or secondary gain? [Secondary gain is a benefit that you get out of a problem that the unconscious mind considers of greater importance than the problem itself. For example, an illness can serve to protect you from something that is painful, upsetting or threatening. Or it can provide attention, acts of love and kindness that you crave.]

Is anything blocking you?

Ask if you have any other blocks to resolving the problem or achieving your goal. Some people have multiple goals that require more time and energy than are possible to achieve all at the same time. Priorities should be dowsed out. Perhaps all goals can be met in some measure with one being the main focus and another as a hobby or a one time event. Again, you can dowse out the percentage of time to devote to each. Perhaps, all can be met over a lifetime, or sequentially instead of together. Some people have goals that conflict and will need to set up a hierarchy of values, and do some deep soul searching. If you are consciously motivated, but have unconscious blocks, those blocks will have to be addressed first.

What needs to happen?

Next, determine what has to occur to solve that problem and achieve a real transformation. Brainstorm a list and then dowse out the priorities or order in which to address them. And then it is time for action. This may be through dowsing alone as in mental or emotional healing, or through physical or other action. 

In any event, dowsing is phenomenally valuable in clarifying intent, aligning with that intent, removing any blocks to such alignment, raising one’s frequency, and connecting with universal consciousness and divine creation to bring about the results you want with greater ease, grace and speed. 

For more information, Roxanne Louise will be presenting this topic at the upcoming American Society of Dowsers to be given at Skidmore College, June 14-19. For further information regarding this conference see

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