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Elected as New President!

At the recent 2019 American Society of Dowsers Conference held at Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire, Roxanne Louise was elected President of the Society, now in it’s 59 year. And she further received “Outstanding Service Award” for conducting two teleconferences monthly for the Society for the past two years. In Discover Dowsing, Roxanne interviews  one prominent dowser each month on their specialty. Whereas for the Dowsing Support and Continuing Education call, Roxanne picks a topic appropriate for most dowsers, invites a different dowser to come on the call each month and talk about the subject matter. The calls are recorded and available for Members.

Such teleconferences are a popular benefit for members. See 

On Grief and Suffering

32348Years ago I saw the movie Shadowlands – the story of Oxford professor, C. S. Lewis (most known for his children’s book, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), and his American Jewish wife, Helen Joy Davidman.

At the point where Lewis has to face that Helen is dying, he realizes how much he loves her. But her illness makes him question his devout Christian faith. How can God allow such suffering? How could God bring him love so late in life only to snatch it away?

If you shut your heart to pain, you shut it to love as well.

Helen responds that you cannot shut down your heart to avoid feeling pain or you will shut down your heart to feeling love as well. She says that the pain that you know will be experienced later IS part of the happiness now. It makes each moment more poignant. You have to be willing to experience it all. You have to keep your heart open.

Helen’s attitude is a recognition that everything is transitory – both our lives and our time together with loved ones. It is a way it is seizing the moment to appreciate everything now especially because we know such moments are finite. And when such time is over if they die before us, we can be comforted in that we had those moments together, that we experienced their love and our friendship and happiness together.

“Carpe diem”: Seize the day

Perhaps in the case of an on-going or painful, terminal illness, knowing that their suffering was ended can also be a comfort.

And then there is the grief of witnessing the suffering of others that we do not know. How could a loving God allow such evil? Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why does suffering exist?

I don’t believe there is an answer to this age-old question although there are theories. In a specific individual case we may have a hunch as to why. Certainly the consciousness of the individual has a lot to do with the personal internalization or how they experience the suffering whether or not it changes the outward situation.

Some think that there is karma – that bad things happen to pay someone back for the bad things they have done in the past. Then guilt plays a part. Guilt always looks for punishment.

But some of my hypnosis colleagues have found that suffering can be part of a soul contract. In other words, that a soul has voluntarily taken on a specific challenge in order to learn something – maybe humility, patience, or compassion for others with similar challenges. There are many people who have credited their childhood poverty, abuse, or trauma as the motivating force to work hard to change things and do something with their life. Some were even be the ones responsible for pulling the family group as a whole out of their dire situation. If learning is the reason for the suffering, speed up the learning process and then ask the universe to be released from the condition.

Maybe the soul has chosen it’s challenges as a way to grow personally. Or maybe the soul has willingly taken on a challenge to help others to grow, to teach them something, or at least, to give them the opportunity to do so. Maybe their suffering is to inspire others to take action and remove or heal the cause of the problem so that others benefit, or to come up with a solution, an invention, a therapy, or legislation to address that problem that brings much needed change or improvement. Maybe it is to teach compassion and give others an opportunity to minister to their needs.

I remember years ago listening to one of the most arrogant, elitist, wealthy man talking about the problems of being a parent to a severely disabled young child. And when I heard it, I thought that his son might be a heaven sent gift to soften and open this father’s heart to love, and teach him compassion for others. Right or not, that was a blessing  that could potentially arise from the situation.

What can you do when you are grieving or suffering in some way?

Deliberately find a way to notice what is still good. Savor the love and friendship that is available. Open your heart to those who come or call. Reconnect. Pull your loved ones and pets close to you. If you don’t have a pet but love animals, get one or volunteer at an animal shelter. As you open your heart to give love in any area possible, you will receive it back abundantly.

Connect with nature and appreciate the natural rhythms and cycles of life. Death is part of that cycle. After every winter comes spring, then summer, fall and winter again. But then spring returns yet another time. Think of the the spring flowers, the young ones, the baby birds and animals just being born. Take time to be with them, to notice and appreciate whatever is around you. Go feed the ducks, hatch some chicks, hug a tree. And I don’t mean to be trite in the face of real suffering, but just focus on being, really being present with any evidence of LIFE in any of its forms, including what may seem to be inanimate like rocks and streams– all of these bring healing.

Look for beauty. Look for any evidence of goodness and joy. Look for evidence of things that have been around much longer than a human’s lifespan, and for evidence of things that die and are reborn.

When my son was born, my neighbor’s daughter just died. So as soon as I was out of the hospital, I went over to her and let her hold my baby. I wanted her to still know that life goes on, and that this new life can be a great comfort. Holding the soft bundle of a newborn melts the heart, and in the melting comes the healing.

Any person for whom you grieve lives on through you not just in your memory, but also in how they touched or changed your life. The love you had for them lives on, and I believe that their love for you does as well. I have personally experienced my whole being filled with love multiple times as my deceased father’s made his presence known. Same thing happened for months with a very special cat. I have had visits from deceased clients, students, colleagues. So I am convinced that the soul lives on independently of my memory of them.

And something of you will live on through friends and family – your legacy to the world of how you made a difference perhaps just in being in the right place at the right time to give encouragement, a helpful perspective, a simple act of kindness. Cherish the good memories. Put up any photos that bring a smile to your face and make you laugh. And if you have them, hug their pillow, their clothes with their smell still on them.

Then connect to the spiritual dimension, the greater cosmos beyond the solar system, the galaxy to an even bigger beyond in all it’s majesty. Go out and watch the sun rise and set. Look up at the stars and visit any awe inspiring vistas where you can gain a higher perspective beyond your day to day life.

And go every day to that place within your soul that is still okay and loves you very much. Remember, know and allow yourself to feel that

you are loved.



Thinking about Prosperity

More than Money

“Prosperity is more than just money and things. It is first of all a feeling of wealth insidean awareness of the vast abundance that is everywhere in nature, in your life and within yourself that you can draw upon. And this recognition provides some measure of confidence in being able to meet whatever challenges that come your way.

Prosperity includes love, friendships, networks and personal connections, as well as your own personal qualities that engender trust, respect, cooperation and help from others. While it includes your talents, skills, work experience , it also includes your unpaid life experience, the way you think and approach a challenge. It includes your creativity, your belief in yourself and your ability to learn new things and solve problems. And finally, it includes your health, sense of humor, joy, fun, appreciation and gratitude. All these things together generate a sense of fullness, satisfaction, security within yourself, and, therefore, a measure of peace of mind. 

The recognition  that you do have something to work with relieves stress, which is vital to being able to connecting to your inner guidance from which to generate ideas of what to do and where to start. Then the attitude of gratitude provides the energy conducive to good fortune as does love and enthusiasm for your work.

Creating prosperity is MORE than what specific actions you take or don’t take – vital as that piece is.

It requires a consciousness that is open to wealth in all its forms.

This means becoming aware of and then healing any discomfort, negative beliefs, judgments or fears about money, wealth or yourself so that there is a willingness to receive, hold, invest and expand upon what you have. It requires feeling worthy. It requires a compelling vision of a better future that motivates you into needed and sustainable action, and a belief that you can learn whatever is necessary and overcome any problems to bring it forth. And it includes a willingness to share or give something in return so that there is a flow instead of a blockage of energy. 

Some people are good at part but not all parts of the equation.

They may generate money, but then squander it and lose it as quickly perhaps out of fear, guilt or unworthiness. Others are very frugal and careful in spending, but seem almost allergic to receiving, asking for a fair return for their services or seeking out better income-making opportunities. Perhaps there was trauma around money, or past life vows of poverty, or a belief that wealthy people are evil, or a belief that it is dangerous to have money, that someone will try to take it away from you, or that having more than your friends and loved ones would cost you their love and acceptance.

Some people are so fixated on their problems that they don’t see possibilities, they don’t see that it just might be a growth opportunity. The energy they need to solve their current problems is drained from any number of emotions, some of which have been held for things that happened (or didn’t) many years prior— grief, blame, shame, anger, guilt remorse, hopelessness, or feeling like a victim. Not seeing hope, they are not proactive in seeking whatever help they need or in taking effective action.

Dowsing can assist to find and resolve the root cause of prosperity issues.

This may be in the areas of generating, retaining, investing or increasing money, giving and sharing wisely. It can be in healing trauma, negative beliefs, judgments, fears and other energetic blocks. Dowsing can also assist to set up a strategy for action and overcoming challenges.

Free American Society of Dowsers Teleconference “Dowsing Support & Continuing Education”, Tuesday, June 11 at 8 PM Eastern

Dial (646) 876-9923, enter Participant Code# 443-333-280, & press # at next prompt.

On the American Society of Dowsers Dowsing Support Teleconference scheduled for Tuesday, June 11, Dick Tippett and Gale West are going to address various aspects of creating prosperity and how dowsing can assist us to both generate prosperity and use our resources wisely.

In particular, Gale will talk about her connection with money as a consciousness and share how we hold money affects not only ourselves, but the energy field around us. She believes that healing our relationship with money is one of the most powerful things we can do to affect change in the world. She will give practical tools to identify energetic alignment and misalignment with money. 

Dick Tippett will (as time allows) talk about clearing non-beneficial energies, emotions, thought forms, story lines, attitudes, beliefs, judgments and other prosperity blockers that include money allergy, cords, promises and vows, past lives, generation frequencies or genetic memory, and beliefs absorbed from others.

The live call is moderated by Roxanne Louise and is open to everyone to listen. There is time for Q & A at the end. It is recorded and available on the Members Only page at usually on the following day. 

galewest pict (1)GALE WEST is an internationally known artist, entrepreneurial coach, and intuitive who brings more than 35 years of experience in human potential and as a transformational change agent.  A midwife to magnificent businesses, careers and lives, she is passionate about empowering clarity of vision, right action and actively co-creating with the Divine. 

She specializes in transforming personal and collective relationships to money and success through workshops, retreats, classes and breakthrough coaching. Additionally, she is certified as a consultant and teacher in the Akashic Records. 

She has taught business, entrepreneurship and leadership both in China and the U.S.  Her soon to be published book, “Money Come Dance with Me,” was in inspired by her communication in the Akashic records of money. It invites a new paradigm of money as the expression of Divine love in the marketplace, a guide and loving friend, and an agent for a generous and collaborative world. She has been dowsing since the early 80’s.

For a free video on money mastery and meditation on prosperity, see her website at

Gale can be reached at, 773-494-4300 USA.

Dick TippettRICHARD “DICK” TIPPETT has been a business manager and a consultant for most of his professional life. An Honors Program graduate of Kings Point, he holds degrees in engineering and management. He first learned to dowse from Master Dowsers Harold McCoy and Raymon Grace. Dick brought his dowsing skills into the business world, where he quickly learned that they make him more efficient, his business more profitable and his clients happier and better served. 

For many years, Dick has been an active part of the West Coast Dowsing Conference. In 2018 he served as the Speaker and Special Event Coordinator for the conference and, in partnership with Gladys McCoy, again led the very successful all-day Beginning Dowsers’ School. 

Dick is also the Chair of the Golden Gate Dowsers. Dick has spoken on various topics at the West Coast Dowsing Conference, at several ASD chapters, at The Ozark Research Institute and at the New Jersey Healers’ Retreat. He teaches beginning and advanced water and energy dowsing, a prosperity workshop, works to clear non-beneficial energies and heal disincarnate beings. He and his late wife, Karen Ashley, have a fine workbook that goes along with the prosperity workshop they led together.


Central Virginia Dowsers Newsletter, 6/2/2019


Not just local news, but national teleconferences and live dowsing conferences! 


1. Central Virginia Dowsers Meeting at the Senior Center in Charlottesville, Sunday, June 9 at 1:15 PM – 4 PM. 

“Labyrinths” with Nicolas Finck and Elizabeth Gaines.

Free and open to all.

2.  American Society of Dowsers Teleconferences: call-in below, Tuesdays, June 9 “Dowsing for Prosperity”

and June 16, TBA

Live calls are free and anyone can listen. They are recorded, however, only ASD members can access. Good reason to join. See full newsletter for call-in instructions.

3. American Society of Dowsers ConferencePlymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire, June 26-30. Eben Alexander is our keynote speaker.

Registration now open. See here.

Roxanne will leading the daily, morning meditation, and also presenting “Heal Yourself and Heal the World”. 


1. Central Virginia Dowsers Meeting in Charlottesville, Sunday, June 9 at 1:15 PM – 4 PM

LOCATION: Senior Center, 491 Hillsdale Drive (corner Greenbriar off Rt. 29N). 

Free and open to all. RSVP please: or call 434-263-4337

TOPIC: “Labyrinths” 

with Nicolas Finck and Elizabeth Gaines

  • What are labyrinths?  
  • How are they and dowsing related?  
  • How can we use them today?

Labyrinths are both an ancient mystery and a modern fascination.  As we grow more aware in our modern age, labyrinths appeal because of their beauty and their intriguing qualities.  They are different from mazes in having a single path leading to a center point, and the way out is by the same path.

Unity Church labyrinth C'villeDid you know that there are labyrinths all over Virginia including at Unity Church in Charlottesville as well as our surrounding area and many areas throughout the US?

The first permanent labyrinth in an American church at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral was put in 1986 by Richard Feather Anderson, the featured dowser a few weeks ago on the American Society of Dowsers Teleconference Call and interviewed by Roxanne Louise. You can listen to this presentation at by joining and going to the Members Section. Feather will talk about how to choose a site upon which to build a labyrinth at the August 20 Discover Dowsing Teleconference.

Labyrinth -Cretan colors_1024.jpgDid you know that there is a Labyrinth Society with an abundance of wonderful information and videos? 

Did you know that each ring of the 7 fold Cretan labyrinth is thought to be connected to the chakras? 



Labyrinth Chartres MUSIC Sheet_1024

Or that you might actually be able to play the Chatres Labyrinth or the 7-fold Cretan Labyrinth? 



for an introduction to the history and uses of labyrinths and a look at how they may be of help to us today.  We will see how dowsing can be used to gain more knowledge in working with them.  Nicolas Finck & Elizabeth Gaines offer this presentation with hand-outs and discussion.

If weather allows and participants are interested, we’ll take a field trip to walk a labyrinth, either at the Unity Church or a labyrinth at a home in Earlysville – or both!

BIOS: Nicolas Finck and Elizabeth Gaines

Nicolas founded and ran the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers for many years, where he met his wife Elizabeth Gaines. Until recently, both have been an integral part of the West Coast Dowsing Conference given biannually in Santa Cruz, California and were honored last July 2018 with a very special award:

“DECADES of Dedicated Service Award to the West Coast Dowsers” 

Here is the photo taken of Nicolas and Elizabeth as they received this award:

finck:gaines award 6:18

Both Nicolas and Elizabeth have been helping to run the Central Virginia Dowsers since it’s inception. 

Nicolas is currently an English-language coach for new Americans in the Charlottesville area. After a career in public transportation in San Francisco, they moved to central Virginia. They dowse for daily needs and questions.


Labyrinth, Red Oaks  Nov. 2009.jpegElizabeth, an artist, was professionally involved in stained and welded glasswork and teaching same in a studio in Oakland, California for many years. It was Alex Champion who first ignited her interest in labyrinths and built them on his property in northern California. She then built a couple of temporary labyrinths before building the permanent Cretan type one at their home in Earlysville, Virginia (see photo above). 


2. Free Live, American Society of Dowsers TELECONFERENCES 

“Dowsing for Prosperity”

with Dick Tippett and Gale West, 6/11

Dowsing Support Teleconference is held every second Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern Time (US)

Dial (646) 876-9923, enter Participant Code# 443-333-280, & press # at next prompt.


Discover Dowsing Teleconference is held every third Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern Time (US)

Speaker & Topic for Tuesday, June 18 to be announced later. 

Dial (646) 876-9923, enter Participant Code#126-360-394& press # at next prompt.

Central Virginia Dowsers Newsletter 5/8/19


Not just local news, but national teleconferences and live dowsing conferences! 

Newsletter Contents:

1. Central Virginia Dowsers Meeting at the Senior Center in Charlottesville, Sunday, May 12 at 1:15 PM – 4 PM. “Healing Drama, Trauma and Karma with Your Relatives” with Roxanne Louise. Free and open to all.

2. American Society of Dowsers Conference, Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire, June 26-30. Registration now open. See hereRoxanne will leading the daily, morning meditation, and also presenting “Heal Yourself and Heal the World”.

3. American Society of Dowsers Teleconferences: call-in information here. Live calls are free and anyone can listen. They are recorded, however, only ASD members can access. Good reason to join.

marty-profileTuesday, May 14 at 8 PM Eastern, “Dowsers Support & Continuing Education Teleconference Call

 TOPIC: “Ho’Oponopono, Healing Intention, Dowsing & Radionics”. Roxanne Louise will be joined by Marty Lucas. 

This is held every second Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern Time (US) Dial (646) 876-9923, enter Participant Code# 443-333-280, & press # at next prompt. 

Marty Lucas is a former President of the American Society of Dowsers, a current Trustee and a board member of the US Psychotronic Association. He is a full time Radionics teacher, consultant and practitioner. He specializes in innovative research in subtle energy techniques and technologies. He will be presenting again at this year’s ASD Conference on “Healing, Energy Flow & Love”. Marty says that love is a powerful land tangible healing tool. He incorporates Ho ‘Oponopono in his radionics work.

As a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and Dowser, Roxanne Louise has been sending healing intention for 3 decades. She just most recently completed a new “Healing Intention Chart”  integrating Ho’Oponopono as well as another “Master Dowsing Chart” and “Preparation for Dowsing”

RFA headshot in woods - 13b-sq crop

Tuesday, May 21 at 8 PM Eastern, Richard Feather Anderson will be our featured dowser on the “Discover Dowsing” Teleconference Call given every third Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern Time (US)

Dial (646) 876-9923, enter Participant Code# 126-360-394, & press # at next prompt

TOPIC: Geomantic Dowsing: Finding the Right Place & Earth Energies. 

Richard will talk about many of the ways that he has used dowsing for the last four decades as an essential tool in his professional work of geomancy, feng shui, site planning, environmental design, labyrinth siting, and exploring Earth Energies at Power spots.
Richard Feather Anderson, founder of the American School of Geomancy, has spent a lifetime reconstructing the fragmented traditions of western shamanic geomancy and metaphysical environmental design. He is an internationally recognized pioneer in the revival of geomancy, feng shui, sacred geometry, and labyrinths. He began his career in architecture; then studied Earth Mysteries with the world’s leading experts; Feng Shui with Professor Lin Yun, lineage holder of the Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhism; and sacred geometry with Dr. Keith Critchlow of the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture. He has been designated a Feng Shui Master by Feng Shui Institute International. Richard is on the faculty at the Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute in San Francisco and the Golden Gate Feng Shui School in Oakland. He previously taught in the EcoDwelling and EcoAgriculture programs at New College of California in Santa Rosa, CA.
Richard was one of the first people in America to talk about walking labyrinths for spiritual development and to develop techniques to lay them out on the ground. He started the ASD West Coast Conference Labyrinth Project in 1986, designed the first permanent labyrinth in an American church at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, led sacred geometry tours at France’s Chartres Cathedral, and was Esalen Institute’s feng shui advisor. He co-directed the ASD National Convention’s Earth Mysteries Dowsing School in 1991, teaches every year in the WCC Advanced Dowsing School, and generously shares his knowledge with passion and humor.
Contact Info:
Richard Feather Anderson
American School of Geomancy
2036 Nevada City Hwy #308
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Central Virginia Dowsers Meeting:

“Healing Drama, Trauma and Karma with Your Relatives” with Roxanne Louise20180616_awardASD:me

Free. Senior Center, 1180 Pepsi Place, Charlottesville, VA 22901. RSVP or call 434-263-4337

There is a theory that karma, and strong emotions of love and hate, binds us lifetime after lifetime to the very people calling forth the extreme polarity of those feelings.

There is another theory that life’s purpose is one of growth not comfort, which necessitates being faced with challenges and problems of all kinds lest you get soft or bored! To find solutions we are pushed to dig deep within our inner resources. Sink or swim! Our problems also challenge us to learn to love and forgive the unlovable both in ourselves and others.

And there is yet another theory that we are acting in a play of our own creation in which before birth we decided amongst our friends upon the plot and a cast of characters–who was going to play the villain, and who the hero, who the maiden in distress, and who the wicked witch. If any of this is true, it would be reasonable to suppose that these challenges and cast of characters would show up in the most important and intimate of our relationships — OUR FAMILY!

On this Mother’s Day, Roxanne will use dowsing to to show you how you can heal the drama, trauma and karma with some of your relatives (and/or others). Bring a pendulum or purchase one in class. Maybe also bring a photo or two with you.

The class is a further exploration of last month’s meeting.

We will also be working with BRAND NEW LAMINATED DOWSING CHARTSthat Roxanne just created by Roxanne Louise. 

  1. Master Dowsing Chart

  2. Prepare to Dowse Chart

  3. Healing Intention with Ho’Oponopono Chart

(If you like them, they will be available for sale for $7.95 each or 2/$15. #1 and #2 are flip sides of same card. Whereas flip side to #3 are the instructions on how to use it.)


Creating Flow – Pendulum Dowsing Course in Manhattan, 6/25

Creating Flow: 

Clearing Stuck Mental/ Emotional Energies

with Roxanne Louise
Tuesday, June 25, 10 AM to 6 PM

LOCATION: Manhattan, New York

(midtown east near Grand Central Terminal)

All sorts of unresolved trauma, drama and emotional residue siphons off vital energy needed to be healthy, happy, successful, productive, and vibrantly alive. Lacking the awareness, skills, time and/or energy to process, these things get shoved in the background where they get added to current stressors making life more difficult. What you think you got over may only have been buried yet still festering beneath the surface and causing trouble. Learn to quickly locate what needs to be addressed, the root cause of such issue, AND be guided in healing and clearing it out once and for all without trauma or reliving it! This includes stuck energies on people, ages, events, activities, as well as detrimental beliefs, judgments, addictive thinking, fears, self-sabotage, secondary gain, and even other people’s issues you picked up. All of these things can hold you back from making your dreams come true. THEN: We will refocus on what you want instead, dowse on setting goals and priorities, and manifest with greater grace and ease to FLOW IN THE DIRECTION YOU WANT TO GO! 

We will be working in class with dozens of extensive charts and checklists from Roxanne Louise’s comprehensive book, Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing. 

Not only will this workshop give you a much deeper understanding of yourself, but it has the potential of stopping negative repeating patterns and creating positive flow in every area of your life! 

20190411_dowsing cover.jpgINVESTMENT: just $270 that includes full day training

          • 248 page manual
          • dowsing chart
          • follow-up conference call to answer questions
          • and LUNCH, DRINK and SNACKS! 

Bring a pendulum or buy one in class ($10-20 additional). 

LIMITED SPACE. $100 holds your place, payable on the donation box at In comments, say it is deposit for 6/25.

CONTACT: Roxanne Louise: 434-263-4337,

HOST: Glendy Yeung, 917-669-2884,

20180616_awardASD:meBIO: Roxanne Louise is a longtime Dowser, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, who has presented many times at most national hypnosis conferences throughout the US, as well as the American Society of Dowsers, West Coast Conference, Southern Dowsing Conference, and US Psychotronics. She has taught at several national conventions yearly since 1992. She won six top national awards in hypnosis including Lifetime Achievement, and was named last year’s ASD “Educator of the Year”. She founded and directs Central Virginia Dowsers in Charlottesville, runs two ASD monthly teleconferences, and is a member of their Board of Trustees. Roxanne is author of ten books on dowsing, hypnosis, Reiki, and self-help. See, and her blog at 

Unconscious Healing Modalities


“Ask the Professional” – an interview of Roxanne Louise by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, April 2019. 

I am the April featured hypnotherapist in the e zine published by IACT  on the topic of Unconscious Healing Modalities. Basically an unconscious healing modality is a therapeutic intervention that resolves an issue and solves a problem below the level of conscious awareness. You give clear instructions to your unconscious mind as to what you want it to do, get an acknowledgement that your unconscious can do it and is willing to do it right then and there. Then you sit back and then let your unconscious make the perfectly tailored and appropriate corrections and let you know when it is done. 

Major shifts can occur. For example, a person can let go any need or purpose to do _X_ anymore. Or release a negative repeating pattern, secondary gain, and all kinds of emotional stuck points. It can resolve whatever set up an illness or health condition or blocks them from healing. As a result, problems, negative patterns and issues that have defied resolution can drop away.

Scroll down for a copy of the article or send me a request for the pdf e zine format to

fullsizeoutput_2cThe Infinite Intelligence Process that I teach is a simple way of working with the unconscious to resolve problems and relieve stress with or without professional assistance. It can be brought into a formal hypnosis session. But it can also be done easily and adaptably by the client himself as self-hypnosis, meditation, or even just with eyes open and awake as a command. The full procedure is explained in my book Accessing More 

Workshop at the HypnoExpo – Attend Live or Watch on Livestream from home! rt_col_convention_banner

Coming up on Saturday, May 18, I will be giving a 2 hour workshop in Daytona Beach, Florida. You can attend in person, or do the livestream of the event. Click here for more information.

Unconscious Healing Modalities with Roxanne Louise

IACT: Hello Roxanne. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn more about unconscious healing modalities. But first, we’d like to learn more about your experience and background and how you came to find your passion for this work.

RL: My interest in unconscious healing modalities started with hypnosis training with E. Arthur Winkler and A.L. Ward starting in 1990 or 1991. I had already had hypnosis training in straight suggestion work, age regression, past life regression starting in 1989. Then I learned NLP including Time Line Therapy, an NLP technique from Tad James. Much later I studied with James Ramey, a protégé of Walter Sichort, whose problem solving method beyond the induction itself was very similar to A.L. Ward.

I grabbed onto unconscious healing modalities because I had issues with other techniques.

1. For example, straight suggestion work is predicated on the hypnotist knowing or having a very good idea of what the problem is and how to resolve it. But the hypnotist and the client himself frequently don’t. And while the hypnotist may include a lot of indirect suggestion ala Milton Erickson, which like, I don’t think it is as good as this other method.

2. Age regression and past life regression seem to work best with people with good visual skills, but not all clients have them, and not all hypnotists are skillful in eliciting other sensations quickly enough through the Affect Bridge, a method in which George Bien excels, so that these non-visual clients don’t get frustrated.

Material obtained in regression work, particularly past life regression, is prone to contaminants — other time frames, books, stories, movies, and imagination. The Morey Bernstein’s 1956 book, The Search for Bridey Murphy, is a perfect example.

1. In regression work, the unconscious mind may censor recovery of memories that it deems too threatening to be revealed. This is not a problem with unconscious healing.

2. Unconscious healing is much more thorough in getting not just one relevant factor, but all factors involved in the targeted issue.

I have also had some problems with a few clients getting too stuck in the story line obtained through regression, and this caused more problems than it solved.

For example, one client relived being a young nobleman who talked everyone in going to war which later resulted in his best friend being killed. Now in this life, the client had tremendous guilt and even less ability to sever a destructive relationship (the reason she had sought my help) than she had before. While more work might have resolved this, she was unwilling to do so.

Another client was hung up on the important role she played in a past life, instead of creating purpose for herself in this lifetime.

IACT: What are your ‘go to’ unconscious healing mdalities?

RL: I do a blending of what I have learned from others already mentioned, and add in my own composite mo- dality which I call The Infinite Intelligence Process. I’ll address the latter separately, and will be presenting a workshop on this at the HypnoExpo on Saturday, May 18 at 4 PM.

What I do with every client both during and immediately after the induction is to clearly establish in their mind that they already have an ‘unconscious competence’ that allows them to resolve their issue “in a way in which they are really pleased” (Winkler). I give them irrefutable examples of this – i.e., being able to digest food without consciously knowing how, healing from cuts and bruises, growing hair and fingernails, etc. And then I say that this unconscious competence is now “clarifying what needs to be clarified, resolving what needs to be resolved, releasing what needs to be released, etc in a way in which they are really pleased” (Winkler). I may repeat this type of patter periodically as I am working with them.

I need a way to track their internal processing. So I usually establish ideomotor response as does Ward, Ramey, Sichort. But many times after making a psychic link with the client (which I always do with every client from the moment I start the session, and I can speak more of this later if you want) I track their progress in hypnosis with me holding a pendulum to know how to pace myself.

Winkler did ‘Arm Rising or Falling’ Techniques. In Arm Falling, you create arm catalepsy and place the arm straight up above their head with the suggestion that “the arm will come down only as quickly as your unconscious mind has found a satisfactory solution that you came here to solve today.” Winkler also did it the opposite way in Arm Rising by suggesting that the arm “is moving up, up, up to the face but will not touch the face until it has found a satisfactory solution”. Then you suggest that the unconscious is immediately putting that solution into the works.

Although I always teach Winkler’s methods, I don’t do them myself as often unless I think the client is tired and may fall asleep. However, one great benefit is that it allows me to see if the client is stuck if the arm doesn’t move, or moves only part way and then stops. Then I can add in other suggestions to assist the client to right then or after the session to get past the blockage. The Arm Falling Technique has an added advantage of a ‘when…, then…”. This is CYA (cover your a..) in that you have said that “when the arm falls back into their lap, then…”.

In a private hypnosis session, Ward would ask for an ideomotor response for each of the following:

  • that the unconscious knows about the issue the client wants to solve [Ward does not specify what that issue is as the unconscious mind might have it’s own agenda for the day],
  • is willing to solve it,
  • is able to find the first event having anything to do with the problem,
  • is able to identify the emotion or judgment related to that event,
    and then it is to go back in time to the first time that they had that same emotion or judgment and “switch to a healthier, more constructive choice, and indicate with a ‘yes’ ideomotor response when they have done that.”
  • He then has them go to the next time and next time right up to now, and signal when they made the switch.
  • When there are no more to change, they are to raise their ‘no’ finger.

I first help to set Ward’s technique up by explaining how two people can have the same experience and one is upset and the other is not. Why is that? I answer that it is because of their interpretation of what has happened, their judgment about it. And I later tell them to “change what you say to yourself and be free”.

While I do Time Line Therapy more in group sessions as opposed to private, what I have adapted from it that I use on myself and with every client is to instruct them to “find the positive learning” that then allows the upset or the issue to fall away. I strongly feel that it is a mistake to try to clear ‘negative’ emotions or upsets without learning from the experience, or otherwise that history will repeat itself.

Some visualizations can work for unconscious healing in a group session. For example, in Chapter 6, Visualizations of my book Your Unlimited Potential, I have adapted A.L. Ward’s technique as ‘Change Decisions’. The adaptation of E. Arthur Winkler’s Arm Rising is called “Hand to Face” . I have my own original “File Cabinet”. “Lining Up the Jennies” was inspired by Larry Tillman’s Conceptual Therapy Technique, “Line of Time” is adapted from Time Line Therapy, and “Library” although original to me is almost identical to that by Albert J. Marotta.

IACT: What else can you tell us about the use of unconscious healing modalities?

RL: An unconscious healing modality is especially called for when while you have a problem or issue that you want solved, but you do not know the best solution or best means of getting there. Therefore, you leave it up to the unconscious wisdom within to tailor make the perfect solution for you.

I believe this internal wisdom is hooked up to the spiritual dimension, or what Physicist Tom Campbell calls the Greater Consciousness System in which all consciousness is linked.

An unconscious healing modality can also be adapted as an affirmation.
For example, you can say “There is a part of me that knows ____ [how to reach the goal, or solve the problem] and that part is now ____ (clarifying, healing, resolving, transmuting, clearing) ____ in a way in which I’m really pleased.”

This is

  • setting your intention of what you want to happen,
  • affirming that you have the inner resources, wisdom, and internal guidance system that can set to work for you in the background to smooth your way to manifest that intention
  • turning it over in total trust that the Universe is working for you.

This is the first part of the Infinite Intelligence Processthat I call “Connect”. While the above wording is powerful in hypnosis, self-hypnosis, or meditation, it works even with eyes open while you are doing simple chores. It is fully described in my book, Accessing More, and will be elaborated upon in my workshop at HypnoExpo as already mentioned. A benefit of this is that the client can use it anytime, anyplace to help himself.

You can create a hypnosis program with trigger words to run the unconscious healing program.

In the Infinite Intelligence Process, I have created a program that I call “Process” that is especially designed to quickly review, keep or delete the overwhelming data to which we are all subjected to daily, and to also review everything to do with any issue or problem in order to resolve it. It is superb for stress management and getting to the multitude of factors involved in any sticky situation. Once installed, the client can the program on their own anytime that is appropriate.

Benefits of the Infinite Intelligence Process

As a result of daily using the Infinite Intelligence Process, I sleep better, have much less stress, and get over any stress faster. It is something I can do myself without the dependence upon anyone else.

My agenda is to empower my clients so that they are equipped with tools to help themselves anytime, anyplace on their own. By testing everything on myself, I have immediate feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and what needs tweaking.

IACT: This has been a wonderfully enlightening interview. Once again, thank you for your time and insight. We look forward to learning more over conference week in Daytona Beach.

RL: Thank you for inviting me to do this.

April 2019

Roxanne Louise

Roxanne is a Hypnotherapist, Dowser, Reiki Master, and prolific author. She has been a regular faculty member of several hypno- sis, dowsing and other na- tional conventions yearly in the US since 1992. She has received five top awards in hypnosis and one in dows- ing from prominent na- tional organizations, is a Board Member of two, and leads two national telecon- ferences monthly. She integrates multiple modalities in mental and emotional healing, creative problem solving, and mind-body healing.



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