Presenting at Summer Dowsing Conferences


I am thrilled to announce that once again I am speaking at the

  • American Society of Dowsers upcoming conference to be held June 13-17, 2018 at the State University of New York (SUNY) in New Paltz, New York. See

  • West Coast Dowsing Conference to be held June 29-July 3 at University of California, Santa Cruz, California. 

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Hypnosis for Dowsing

Seminar:  New Paltz 

Experience hypnosis with multiple suggestions for dowsing successfully and releasing limiting beliefs that interfere. Then learn to quickly go in and out of hypnosis YOURSELF. Self hypnosis is an ideal state for centering, clarifying your dowsing intention, and getting into a productive dowsing frame of mind. Hypnotically have an anchor installed that triggers the right dowsing state of mind every time you pick up your dowsing tools. Enlarge your belief in yourself and your ability to learn and improve upon your dowsing skills. 


Locating & Clearing the Mental/Emotional Drivers of Disease

All day workshop: Wednesday, June 13, New Paltz, NY

Mental and emotional stress plays a part of every health challenge. Some stress such as the death of a loved one is so devastating that there is a clear connection. But usually, it is a slow, steady, cumulative effect of unresolved issues that wear away the body’s resources so that it can no longer muster the strength to protect itself. Some issues or vulnerabilities are inherited, some perhaps are carried over from past lives. A great deal is unconscious. Dowsing excels in locating & clearing the stuck energies, the negative beliefs or judgements, the unhealed trauma (both yours and that of your ancestors). We will look at the shocks and internal conflicts that trigger many specific health conditions, the metaphysical meanings of disease, secondary gain, and multiple other ways to dowse out and resolve the major stressors that once complete free up energy for the body to move back to health.


Hypnosis to Enhance Your Dowsing

Seminar, Santa Cruz

Experience hypnosis with multiple suggestions for successful dowsing. Tap into the unconscious and enhance your ability to access higher wisdom and universal mind. Learn to quickly go in and out of hypnosis for centering, clarifying your dowsing intention, and increasing your focus. Have an anchor installed that triggers the right dowsing state of mind every time you pick up your dowsing tools. Enlarge your belief in yourself and your ability to learn and improve upon your dowsing skills.


Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing: Dowsing for Mental & Emotional Issues

All day workshop, Santa Cruz, Tuesday, July 3

Dowsing is phenomenally fast at locating and then resolving the root and related causes of mental and emotional issues. In this workshop, we will work with a large number of charts and checklists to identify and release stuck energies, extract the positive learning from experiences, and enhance positive energy. This frees up energy that can be applied elsewhere—physical healing, personal goal achievement, and living your life with greater enthusiasm, joy and vitality. We will investigate: every year of your life including the future, key relationships, typical life events, beliefs, judgments, prejudices, addictive thinking, fears and other emotions, repeating negative patterns and habits. While covering all this may seem a formidable task, Roxanne will show you a shortcut to cut to the chase of the matter. Not only will you learn how to do all of the above for yourself, but to telepathically do so with others that have requested your assistance.

The Tangled Web of Choices that Create Our Reality


So often we ascribe simplistic reasons to why things happen. Maybe we just blame someone else without considering that we might have played a role. Perhaps we think we’re a victim of circumstances or Mercury Retrograde. Maybe we look for some reason within our consciousness that attracted the problem. But what if ‘the cause’ was not one thing, not created or attracted by one person, but was rather a web of choices, decisions, actions to which both we and others all contributed? And what if (at least on occasion) the intention was not to punish, not to stress us out, but to teach us something?

In an earlier article, Why Shit Happens (or doesn’t) , I list the 34 other Laws of Mind (taken from Your Unlimited Potential) that in addition to the Law of Attraction create our reality. To this list, Tom Campbell in the quote below adds that our reality can be created by the larger consciousness system as a learning opportunity for ourself or others.

If a particular occurrence is determined to be an effective learning opportunity for someone or everyone, the probability of it happening is increased. The system is designed to automatically deliver timely custom-fit individual learning opportunities — the presentation of such opportunities to individuals or groups is part of the feedback one receives relative to the choices one makes. Because the point of the system is to overcome fear (about you – high entropy) and replace it with love (about others – low entropy), if you have fear, the feedback system will manifest that fear in PMR [physical reality] to force you to deal with it (learn) or suffer the consequences.”

In this article I hope to illustrate and number the multiple choices/decisions (some with  immediate and some with long-term consequences) that we individually make that are intertwined with the choices/decisions that others make. All are part of the overall Law of Cause and Effect. All contribute to our experience. The accumulation of actions and choices of everyone involved, even those seemingly miniscule or innocuous, add up over time, building in consequences. Here is a real life example.

The Case of the Missing Luggage

In June of 2016, I was to fly to California to teach at the West Coast Dowsers Conference being held in Santa Cruz. There I was also to be a vendor and sell my many books and other products. Such trip was going to involve three flight changes. As my books were very heavy and would have cost a lot to ship cross country, and as I had previously had the experience of shipped books not arriving at a conference in time, I made a decision to cram as many as I could into my carry on and checked baggage. (#1)   Each piece of luggage was at the ultimate weight limit.

Before packing, I evaluated various luggage options. I had the choice between a more roomy duffle bag that I would have to hand carry but which could hold more, or a smaller piece with wheels. I chose the duffle bag. (#2) Had I been better with planning, I might have evaluated the consequences of this way in advance and possibly bought a bigger wheeled option. (#3)

I called ahead and told the airport that I needed transportation from the long-term parking area. They assured me that they would be able to help me. However, I had not allowed enough time to to get ready to leave the house. (#4) And because I now had a heavy duffle bag with my books, I waited at the car (#5) instead of attempting to haul both my suitcase and the duffle bag up the hill. The shuttle never came (#6), nor was the dispatcher answering the phone at that early hour. (#7) So I had to walk, but the delay meant that I was just 3 minutes past the cut-off time for check-in. Even though the flight was still 30 minutes off, they refused to let me board, and put me on another flight. (#8)

Next, I was asked if I wanted to check my carry-on bag for an extra expense, but I declined. (#9) A little voice in my head asked “are you sure?” I declined again. (#10)  I again heard that voice repeat the question, and I still did not change my decision. (#11)

At security, I took out my computer, jewelry, cosmetics out of my computer bag to be screened, but because of the rush to get to the gate, I threw everything into my roomier duffle bag, thinking that I would have time to reorganize everything neatly at the gate. (#12) 

However, as soon as I got to the gate and before I could reorganize my valuables, I had to quickly hand over my carry on duffle bag to an airline attendent at the first leg of the trip. (#13) I was able to personally retrieve it o.k. when we landed. But now I had to really struggle to physically carry my book bag throughout a very big terminal. (#14) 

Because of the fight changes that made a super tight window to make next connection, I had to literally run to make my next flight. This was extremely difficult, exhausting, but some young man helped carry things part way or I would not have made the connection at all. (#15)

When I got to the gate, the airline attendant would not let me board with my duffle bag that still had my computer, jewelry and cosmetics in it. (#16) She rapidly took it from me and checked it in telling me that I would retrieve it at the next stop. However, she was rushed (#17) with many other people trying to board, and unknown to me, she put the wrong final destination on my bag. (#18) 

I arrived at the 3rd airport, but was told that my luggage were already being sent to my final destination. But when I finally arrived in California, my suitcase was there, but not my duffle bag. I spent a couple of hours checking to see if it was late getting off the plane, (#19) and then filed out forms for lost luggage. (#20) The airline after several calls had no record of my duffle bag (#21) and told me I would just have to keep checking back with them. Then I had to yet wait a further hour because my flight changes had caused an issue with the previously scheduled shuttle service. (#22)

I finally got to the conference. However, the books that I was hoping to sell to pay for this trip were not there so I made no sales. (#24) I spent the next three days anxiously calling the airline for information as to where it was. (# 25)

I was blessed to have a conference attendee drive me into town to buy new toiletries, hair curler, etc. that had been in the duffle bag. (#26). But this was an additional expense. (#27) Another attendee lent me a jacket (#28) because my only warm wrap for the 50 degree weather was also in the duffle bag. (#29)

I was very stressed out (#30) not just about the books and decrease in sales that their loss and even time delay represented (#31), and the potential loss of my good jewelry, but most of all because of my computer. Since I had not been in the habit of backing up my files (#32), losing my computer back would mean that I would lose all of my documents including book manuscripts. (#33) 

Eventually, the duffle bag showed up at an airport in Osaka, Japan. One day before the conference was over, the duffle bag was returned with everything intact — thanks to lots of prayers from many people (#34) and the honesty of those involved on two continents and 4 airports (#35). 

Moral of the Story

This was a lesson that multiple actions, choices and decisions by both me and others led to both creating, alleviating, and solving this problem. Had I been regularly backing up my computer, had I made a different luggage choice, had I listened to the small voice within me to check the additional bag, had I allowed more time to get to the airport, had I immediately walked to the terminal instead of waiting for the shuttle, had I put my valuables back into the computer bag, everything would have been different. So the screw up was as much my fault as that of the airlines. But it was also a lesson that there are good people everywhere who help just because that’s who they are, and honest airline luggage handlers in 4 airports and two continents who returned everything in good shape.

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Central Virginia Dowsers Newsletter 9/1/16

CVD Newsletter, 9/1/16 written by Roxanne Louise.

Feel free to copy and distribute.



  • Upcoming Central Virginia Dowsers Meetings 10/8 & 11/19 in Charlottesville
  • Member Elizabeth Gaines receives award from the American Society of Dowsers
  • West Coast Dowsing Conference Photos



Saturdays, October 8 & November 19 from 2-4:30 PM at the Northside Library

705 Rio Road West, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

Meeting is free and open to the general public, but please call us at 434-263-4337, or email us at that you plan on coming in case there are any last minute changes/cancellations.

Bring your own dowsing tools including a pendulum. We will have some available for sale also.



  • October 8: Stephen Politt’s Source Energy Medicine
  • November 19: Barbara Eden’s Energy Medicine Daily Routine

2:00 – 2:30 PM:

  • Introductions, discussion on what you are dowsing on now.
  • Dowsing Challenge: test your dowsing skills
  • Dowsing Instruction: one on one help available on using Rods, Bobbers or Pendulums

2:30-4:30: Main Topic


Both of our fall topics on health came out of workshops taken this summer at dowsing conferences. Sandee Mac, former President of the American Society of Dowsers, gave a workshop on Stephen Pollitt’s Source Energy Medicine at the West Coast Dowsers Conference, to which Nicolas Finck, Elizabeth Gaines and Roxanne Louise attended. Roxanne also took Barbara Eden’s all day class at ASD on a basic routine to get the energy flowing smoothly through the major systems of the body.


Located just west of Rt. 29 on southbound side. Library phone: (434) 973-7893.
If you are traveling south on Rt. 29 from north of Charlottesville, turn right at the traffic light on Rio Road. Library is in the first block on the left before light at Berkmer. Reverse this if going north on Rt. 29. If you are traveling on I-64, you take Rt. 29 North.

Please send in your suggestion for topics and/or speaker for spring meetings (expected to be in March through June).


October 8 CVD Meeting: Stephen Politt’s 

Source Energy Medicine

“If you believe healing should be simple, safe and universally applicable you will be pleased to learn more about Source Energy Medicine.” Stephen Pollitt

To check out Stephen’s work, see here.

Stephen, who is author of Heal Thyself has taught in the Charlottesville area before, and I heard about his work then from locals, Marianne Roberts and Ann Marie Dujany. SEM takes the idea of Masua Emoto’s work that water can be imprinted with energy through consciousness (see Masaru_Emoto)But Stephen then uses radionics and dowsing to find the proper number frequency for specific imbalances of body, mind or spirit. Our next newsletter will focus on his work in greater detail.



November 19: Barbara Eden’s Energy Medicine

Donna considers that energy is medicine, and that this energy can be activated through specific physical exercises. Her Daily Energy Routine can be part of a complete system for self-care and self-help promoting high-level wellness and peak performance. Roxanne will teach this routine to you. To learn about Donna Eden’s work, see here.


E. Gaines cropped award Elizabeth Gaines receives Outstanding Service Award from American Society of Dowsers at West Coast Dowsing Conference

At the awards ceremony of American Society of Dowsers Convention this past June, it was announced that Elizabeth Gaines was being recognized for “Outstanding Service”. This was actually presented to Elizabeth in person at the West Coast Dowsers Conference, an arm of ASD, held this past July in Santa Cruz, California.

While Elizabeth and her husband, Nicolas Finck, now live in Earlysville, Virginia, they both have been most active in the West Coast bi-annual Dowsing Conference that has contributed largely to it’s success for many years. Elizabeth has also been a big help with Central Virginia Dowsers as well . Congratulations, Elizabeth, for this well deserved award!

Nicholas Finck at W.Coast announcing Also at the West Coast Dowsing Conference, here is Nicolas Finck as announcer at the Awards Ceremony. Both Nicolas and Elizabeth went out a week early and then stayed after the end to physically set things up and take down. The success of this and other conferences rely heavily on the work on such incredible volunteers. We at Central Virginia Dowsers are blessed to them them helping us as well.

me teaching ASD WC#2 Also at the West Coast Dowsing Conference, Roxanne Louise taught Accessing More—The Infinite Intelligence Process, and also on Dowsing for Mental/Emotional Healing, and was also a vendor at both West Coast and at ASD. Accessing More refers to her book by same title available here. Here she was at her vending table. It was cold there in July—low 50 degrees F in morning/evening. But as you can see, all vending was outside, so while there was morning mist, there was no rain. Me at Vending ASD WC'16  David Young playing flutes

She was happy to remake acquaintance of musician, David Young who plays two flutes at once for interesting effect. Check out his music on link above. David had done a concert at Unity in Charlottesville more than a year ago. His music is magical and healing. His publisher is Bob Friedman from Faber, Virginia.David and Roxanne were both speakers/vendors at 3 summer conferences: American Society of Dowsers in June, West Coast Dowsing in July, and the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention in August.

Opening Circle WC Dowsers '16 S.Collins:G. GardnerHere is the opening circle at West Coast led by Adhi Two Owls. Next is the Keynote Speaker,Susan Collins (on left), former President of Canadian Society of Dowsers with speaker Grahame Gardner and his wife (center) from Scotland. Spurling:Collins Labyrinth ASD WC'16Next is Slim Spurling’s wife, Katarina, with Susan Collins. Slim’s amazing dowsing tools can be found here . Susan’s website . As you can see, every dowsing conference includes making and walking a labyrinth. Gardner’s website. Grahame is Past President of the British Society of Dowsers. Link to  West Coast Dowsers. At the June American Society of Dowsers Conference, where Donna Eden was the keynote presenter, Roxanne Louise taught two classes: Dowsing on Health, and Revisiting Non Beneficial Energies.