Dowsing for Mind-Body Healing Recording

If you missed the free teleconference call sponsored by the American Society of Dowsers as part of their Discover Dowsing Series, you can listen to it online here  at

Then for more information, see the abundant amount of other related articles on this blog. If you then still have questions, call me at 434-263-4337 or email me at and put ‘Dowsing Question” in subject line.

Central Virginia Dowsers Newsletter, 9/27/17

Not just local news!

image This newsletter contains:

1. Free Teleconference, Tuesday, October 17 at 8 PM EST. Roxanne Louise, “Dowsing for Mind-Body Healing” 

This is part of the American Society of Dowsers, Discover Dowsing Series. Call 712-775-7035, then with prompt, access code is 436564#. You will be able to ask questions on the live call. A recording will be posted the following day. For background information, you might read the following article “Dowsing for Health“. See also other related articles on Roxanne’s blog,

2. Discover Dowsing Series–Recordings available of past speakers, American Society of Dowsers. 

The information on the calls is interesting, but on some there is a lot of background noise as listeners pick up the phone. See

3. Basic Trouble Shooting for Dowsers Chart

I came across this wonderful chart on trouble shooting put out by Waverley Dowsers, UK. I strongly recommend printing it out. Here is another chart on dowsing questions by them. Note that in any long occupied house/land/country such as the United Kingdom, such places are saturated with the thoughts, emotions, energies of the many, many previous inhabitants and the events that happened there. Therefore, awareness of these energies and how to clear the non-beneficial ones are good to know.

 4. Starting January 9, 2018: “Dowsers Support & Continuing Education Program”

In January the America Society of Dowsers will begin a monthly teleconference call each 2nd Tuesday at 8 PM EST to provide some basic instruction in dowsing, answer your questions, and share information. Facilitated by Roxanne Louise with a panel of  other experienced dowsers, this is intended for all levels of dowsing prowess. Calls will be recorded and available online the following day. Have something to share? Want to brainstorm how dowsing can help with a project you are working on? Need some help to advance your skills? Call in or contact the facilitator at 434-263-4337, or Put Dowsers Support in subject line.

5. Central Virginia Dowsers Meeting Agenda October 8, 1:15 PM 

Free. Senior Center, 1180 Pepsi Place, Charlottesville, VA 22901. RSVP to or call 434-263-4337 .

  • Video & live presentation: “Dowsing for Solution” with Roxanne Louise

October’s meeting is on Dowsing for Solution, a talk given at ASD Convention this past June by Roxanne Louise. Roxanne will show clips of her video plus address how you can use dowsing for yourself. Do you have a problem you want to solve? A goal you want to reach? Let’s design a chart or checklist for you!

  • Networking & quick pendulum instruction: 1:15 PM with meeting officially starting at 1:30 PM. We will close down no later than 5 PM.
  • Dowsing Tools – Simple Show & Tell of basic dowsing tools for beginners with quick demonstration. Further help can be given at the end of the meeting.
  • Practice Time: (before or after video)
  1. Simple yes/no questions for you to dowse out.
  2. Dowse what’s in the container? Simple game to dowse out what is inside using multiple choice. Then move the containers around and try again.  

General Information:

Meetings are now on the 2nd Sunday of the Month, September through November, January through June (no meetings in December, July or August).  Meetings are free and open to all!   Location: Senior Center, 1180 Pepsi Place, Charlottesville, VA 22901•

OTHER DATES: November 12, 2017, then resuming in 2018 on January 14. 

Topics to be announced before each meeting. Either an ASD Conference Video followed by Q & A, or Speaker. Please share with us how you are using dowsing today, and your results. Receive help available on the various dowsing tools. And maybe have some dowsing practice.


Upcoming Workshop 11/3 & Book


For the past few years, I have been teaching others how to tap into the wisdom within both to solve problems with ease and grace, and to relieve stress in minutes. I have put it into a greatly expanded 117 page manual entitled Accessing More — Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process. This is a four pronged modality that you can learn out of the book. It was designed for you to refer back to for help on a daily basis. 

Upcoming Workshop in Virginia Beach, 11/3

You can also come to the workshop at the upcoming National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists National Conference being held in Virginia Beach, this November 3-8. The class is scheduled for Friday, November 3 from 8 AM – Noon. Call 855-772-0459 or register at

Accessing More — Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process is available at for just $24.95 plus shipping.

What is this inner wisdom and how can you access it?

    • Have you ever had the experience of tapping into something More–more than you are aware of knowing or being able to do consciously? 
    • And has this More allowed you the ability to accomplish the difficult with ease and grace? 
    • Did it allow you to succeed even though success was considered unlikely or even impossible? 
    • Was it there just when you needed it? 
    • And did it solve a problem in the most perfect way?

Certainly, I have on multiple occasions, and I have heard the stories of others as well. Whether it is suddenly being able to solve problems that had previously defied solution, having creative breakthroughs, superhuman strength to save the life of another, or responding protocol perfect to a never before encountered emergency, people have amazed themselves and others when they have spontaneously accessed this greater wisdom, intelligence, strength, ability or knowledge. Sometimes it has come as a result of a necessity or out of nowhere during an emergency, and sometimes it has come in quiet moments after working on it for a prolonged period of time through normal conscious means and then letting their mind relax.

For example, I was awakened one morning with noise coming from my master bathroom. I found my five cats surrounding a copperhead snake that had gotten up into the ventilation system from the crawl space and pushed up the floor grate to get into the room. The snake was coiled up ready to attack, and kept rotating its head to watch each of the cats. What could I do? I had to protect my cats, prevent the snake from getting back down the floor grate and having access from the ventilation system to other parts of the house. I had to be sure to get it, dead or alive, completely out of the house without myself or my animals getting hurt. The way I responded turned out to be protocol perfect even though I had never been trained. How did I just naturally do everything right?

Another time, I found myself caught in a rip tide and rapidly pulled out to sea. I tried swimming to shore, but it didn’t work and I quickly got exhausted. I tried yelling and waving my arms for help, but those on shore didn’t notice and couldn’t hear me over the surf. I was getting wiped out with the waves and getting water in my mouth. Again, it seemed that I tapped into that something More to stay calm and focused on what I could do to stay alive.

Like a cat with nine lives, I have had many experiences starting from childhood that could have been dangerous, even fatal. I have also had many overwhelming responsibilities or pressures through which I sailed calmly. I have accomplished some amazing things with ease. You probably have done or know others who have done the same. Just google feats of superhuman strength and you will find many real life examples.

While necessity does motivate us to look deeper for ideas and strength, it certainly does not guarantee being able to do so as so many people blank or numb out, freeze or just panic. The questions for all of us are:

• How do we tap into that greater knowing, wisdom, ability or resources without it having to be an emergency, life or death situation? 

• How can we tune into whatever it is that allows us to handle life with greater ease and grace on a regular basis? 

• How can we routinely tune in and save ourselves a lot of time and energy, worry and frustration, fear and anger on or about upsetting events as well as ordinary everyday things–our job, relationships, daily life and responsibilities?

Some people may automatically jump to religious causation for all beneficial outcomes, and I do not dispute that miracles may occur. But it is my personal opinion that believing that all help comes from outside of us can actually limit the natural flow and development of what may inherently be an inside but undeveloped part of us. Instead, if we can consider that we are MORE than we think we are, we may be able to connect to the More that we truly are. I do not know or need to know where the demarcation ends of what is me at my highest and best and what goes beyond ‘me’.

Accessing More starts by adopting the open minded attitude that it is possible–that you are able to harness greater resources, wisdom and ability that go beyond the limitations of the ego and conscious mind, beyond the subconscious, to the spiritual dimension of the self that is further linked to an even greater consciousness. Start with a positive attitude and set an intention to do so.

Accessing More of both what is within and without is done below the level of conscious awareness. Simply quiet your mind, and go inside to the peaceful part of you, affirm your intention, and allow that inner something to do its work. This approach circumvents the ego, the mind games, circuitous thinking, internal and external blocks, and inhibiting energies that have prevented previous solution to the issue of concern. The process works to solve practical problems, relieve stress, and heal from long-standing issues–even sometimes those that have previously defied resolution. All aspects of your life can be addressed–mental, emotional, relationship, physical, financial, business, and spiritual.

This process can be used anytime, anyplace as a self-help tool by the ordinary person to help himself in real life situations. It can also be used for meditation, constructive self-programming, and in conjunction with other modalities. But hypnotherapists, dowsers, teachers, counselors, life coaches, energy healers, mental health practitioners, and others can also employ it as a full-fledged therapy. It draws upon the principles and practices of hypnosis, Neural Linguistic Programming, dowsing, meditation, prayer and many energy healing methods.

So what exactly is this More?

While it includes your subconscious mind that regulates all of your body functions, automatic behavior, physical, mental and emotional habits, directives and injunctions, beliefs, judgments, and memory, it goes beyond that. I believe that this More is primarily the eternal, infinite intelligence within you that is intrinsically linked to the ultimate consciousness behind all that is. Using this system increases your awareness that you are More than your ego, More than your body and local mind, and More than the individual, spiritual self that people call the soul, to something beyond.

Traditional religious circles say that this More is God, and exists totally outside and apart from the self, and is reachable through prayer, petition, ritual or sacrifice. Unfortunately, all too often prayers beg, whine, or plead in fear without really believing that help will come, or make things worse by focusing on the negative. Consequently, such practices can nullify such help.

Labeling or identifying this More is not important to access the benefits.

In fact, it can get you stuck and mired in mankind’s perpetual argument over philosophical and religious discussions that are, in the final analysis, unprovable and come down to a matter of beliefs. Whether right or wrong, true or false, your beliefs and attitude do make things easier or harder. So adopting a helpful attitude, a curious mind that holds a window of possibility when you desire to solve a problem or achieve a goal is crucial to your success.  

The Infinite Intelligence Process is one way to tap into what I call More.

It helps you to adopt an attitude that will make things easier and flow more readily. It makes a big difference in processing overload and releasing stress, and it does so in a very simple way that you can do anytime, any place. Let me show you how you can quickly and easily tap into that incredible wisdom and resources within you on a regular basis! Consider buying the book and come if at all possible to the workshop. 

Central Virginia Dowsers Newsletter, 8/29/2017

Written by Roxanne Louise. Please distribute.

This newsletter contains:

1. Discover Dowsing Series, recordings available of past speakers, American Society of Dowsers. 

The information on the calls is interesting, but there is a lot of background noise as listeners pick up the phone. See

2. Free Teleconference, Tuesday, October 17 at 8 PM EST. Roxanne Louise, “Dowsing for Mind-Body Healing” 

This is part of the American Society of Dowsers, Discover Dowsing Series. Call 712-775-7035, then with prompt, access code is 436564#You will be able to ask questions on the live call. A recording will be posted the following day.

3. Article on Space Clearing: “Quick Ways to Clear a Space of ‘Bad’ Energy” 

4. Central Virginia Dowsers Meeting Agenda September 10, 1:15 PM 

Free. Senior Center, 1180 Pepsi Place, Charlottesville, VA 22901. RSVP to or call 434-263-4337 .

  • Networking: 1:15 PM with meeting officially starting at 1:30 PM. We will close down no later than 5 PM.
  • Dowsing Tools – Simple Show & Tell of basic dowsing tools for beginners with quick demonstration. Further help can be given at the end of the meeting.
  • Video: “Yes! You Really Can Trust Your Dowsing” with Cynthia Brush-Pires

Want to know how to trust in your dowsing responses without doubt creeping in? It is a matter of using intent, well-defined perimeters and remaining clear. Cynthia will share the techniques she uses with you and you can further refine them for your use. In these uncertain times, trusting your dowsing is essential. Want to use your dowsing skills to work on others without harm or karma coming to yourself? Learn about the Three Gates that she uses. Video is 1 hr. 20 min. followed with your questions.

  • How to increase your accuracy? Discussion of what works for you.
  • Practice Time: (before or after video)
  1. Simple yes/no questions for you to dowse out.
  2. Dowse what’s in the container? Simple game to dowse out what is inside using multiple choice. Then move the containers around and try again. 

General Information:

Meetings are now on the 2nd Sunday of the Month, September through November, January through June (no meetings in December, July or August).  Meetings are free and open to all!  New Location Senior Center, 1180 Pepsi Place, Charlottesville, VA 22901• September 10, October 8 & November 12, 2017, then resuming in 2018. 


Topics to be announced before each meeting. Either an ASD Conference Video followed by Q & A, or Speaker. Plus tell us how you are using dowsing today, and your results. Plus help available on the various dowsing tools. And maybe some dowsing practice.

Central Virginia Dowsers

image  Central Virginia Dowsers is thrilled to be joining with the Senior Center in Charlottesville. 

While we were grateful to the various libraries that hosted us in the past, we were severely hampered in our ability to hold regularly scheduled meetings because of the tremendous competition for free meeting space. Also, since January, our organizer has been severely effected with a health issue that has caused unrelenting pain. But while the body is healing, the mind is ever working to find solutions, which has included how to get CVD back on track. 

Regular Schedule: Every second Sunday, September through November, and January through June. Put these dates in your calendar now!

September 10, October 8, November 12, January 14, February 11, March 11, April 8, May 13 and June 10.

Networking starts at 1:15 PM, with meeting promptly starting at 1:30. We will either have a speaker, or we will show a video of one of the many fine presenters from a American Society of Dowsers Conference. There will be time for Q & A, and special dowsing instruction/help at the end. We will be done by 4 PM. 

Meetings are free and open to the general public. Dowsing tools and books may be offered for optional purchase. (December, July and August will be off unless there is sufficient interest in having a meeting).

Meeting Agenda for each month will be announced later.

New Location: Senior Center, 1180 Pepsi Place, Charlottesville, VA 22901.

Pepsi Place is off of Greenbrier, which is on the northbound side of Rt. 29, just north of I-64 and Rt. 250 Bypass. It is in a central location, easy to reach, and there is a lot of parking. 


Call Roxanne Louise at 434-263-4337, or email her at We do ask that you RSVP before each meeting so we know how to set up the room.

Dowsing for Solutions

It was all my father’s fault!

I born into an engineering family. My father, who was a mechanical engineer, inventor of roller bearings for General Motors, and occasional instructor for Hyatt GM, taught me early on to work out my problems on paper. He told me to “think negatively towards a positive solution.” This applies perfectly to dowsing for solutions to problems or goal achievement of any kind.

Inventors like my late father are both highly analytical and highly creative—a perfect blend of left and right brain thinking, rational and psychic, head and heart. This is true with dowsers as well. Dowsing is a balancing of both hemispheres of the brain. The analytical and logical left brain helps you to research the subject at hand—both to clarify exactly what is desired, and the elements that may be causing or sustaining a problem and those that may lead to a possible solution. 

You will want to know the likely causative factors to resolve or clear, any challenges/conflicts that will need to be addressed, the priorities to focus upon and the order in which to do so, and best course of action to follow. Your analytical mind will assist you to fine tune your dowsing questions. It will also help you to develop dowsing charts and checklists that are especially useful and time saving if you are going to address that topic again.

Once you have identified the problem and elements to be addressed, clarified what you want, and brainstormed possible solutions, you can dowse it out. This means quieting your mind, and dropping down into the deepest part of your inner being with clear focused intent to connect with the universal sea of consciousness. This is the repository of information, ideas, wisdom and guidance linking all minds throughout time and space. Beyond this is also the place of pure creation, healing and manifestation where we alter reality and miracles occur.

Resolving problems starts first with a recognition that there is a problem and knowing what that is.

The real problem may not be apparent. There can be a problem beneath the problem. For example, you may think that the problem is that you ___ (drink/smoke/eat too much). And while that may be true, there can be an unconscious need or wound that is driving it, for example, trauma, pain, boredom, feeling unloved/not good enough/angry/hurt, etc., unable to set healthy boundaries or express your needs to others, difficulty communicating with others, poor stress management skills, ad infinitum.

So the first task is to write out what you think the problem is. Then dowse out: 

Is this the real problem? If you get a ‘no’, brainstorm on paper until you find it.

Is there a problem underneath that is either creating or aggravating the problem of ___? If you get a ‘yes’, brainstorm what that might be. Always include the word ‘other’ on your list, and dowse out.

You may want to know when the problem first began, and if it originated with you in this or another lifetime, or if you inherited it from an ancestor. For example, author Dr. Bradley Nelson of The Emotion Code as well as others has found that we frequently carry issues that are passed down on our DNA. [Nelson, by the way, has a helpful chart of non-beneficial emotions that can be located with kinesiology. I use his chart with dowsing instead.]

You may wish to know the players involved as this can help to refresh your memories and emotions and focus on forgiveness or understanding. All of this can be found with dowsing charts that either create or a book such as mine, Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing. 


What do you want instead?

Hint—it is NOT to not have that problem on ____. Clarify the positive opposite of what that problem would look/feel like. How would it show up? How would anyone know without you telling them that you solved that problem?

How motivated are you on a subconscious level?

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to resolving that problem and achieving your objective on a subconscious level? Is that problem serving a need or secondary gain? [Secondary gain is a benefit that you get out of a problem that the unconscious mind considers of greater importance than the problem itself. For example, an illness can serve to protect you from something that is painful, upsetting or threatening. Or it can provide attention, acts of love and kindness that you crave.]

Is anything blocking you?

Ask if you have any other blocks to resolving the problem or achieving your goal. Some people have multiple goals that require more time and energy than are possible to achieve all at the same time. Priorities should be dowsed out. Perhaps all goals can be met in some measure with one being the main focus and another as a hobby or a one time event. Again, you can dowse out the percentage of time to devote to each. Perhaps, all can be met over a lifetime, or sequentially instead of together. Some people have goals that conflict and will need to set up a hierarchy of values, and do some deep soul searching. If you are consciously motivated, but have unconscious blocks, those blocks will have to be addressed first.

What needs to happen?

Next, determine what has to occur to solve that problem and achieve a real transformation. Brainstorm a list and then dowse out the priorities or order in which to address them. And then it is time for action. This may be through dowsing alone as in mental or emotional healing, or through physical or other action. 

In any event, dowsing is phenomenally valuable in clarifying intent, aligning with that intent, removing any blocks to such alignment, raising one’s frequency, and connecting with universal consciousness and divine creation to bring about the results you want with greater ease, grace and speed. 

For more information, Roxanne Louise will be presenting this topic at the upcoming American Society of Dowsers to be given at Skidmore College, June 14-19. For further information regarding this conference see

Copyright by Roxanne Louise. However, this article may be shared in free online sources only if this copyright notice and link to and  are included with the content.  

Central Virginia Dowsers Newsletter 9/1/16

CVD Newsletter, 9/1/16 written by Roxanne Louise.

Feel free to copy and distribute.



  • Upcoming Central Virginia Dowsers Meetings 10/8 & 11/19 in Charlottesville
  • Member Elizabeth Gaines receives award from the American Society of Dowsers
  • West Coast Dowsing Conference Photos



Saturdays, October 8 & November 19 from 2-4:30 PM at the Northside Library

705 Rio Road West, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

Meeting is free and open to the general public, but please call us at 434-263-4337, or email us at that you plan on coming in case there are any last minute changes/cancellations.

Bring your own dowsing tools including a pendulum. We will have some available for sale also.



  • October 8: Stephen Politt’s Source Energy Medicine
  • November 19: Barbara Eden’s Energy Medicine Daily Routine

2:00 – 2:30 PM:

  • Introductions, discussion on what you are dowsing on now.
  • Dowsing Challenge: test your dowsing skills
  • Dowsing Instruction: one on one help available on using Rods, Bobbers or Pendulums

2:30-4:30: Main Topic


Both of our fall topics on health came out of workshops taken this summer at dowsing conferences. Sandee Mac, former President of the American Society of Dowsers, gave a workshop on Stephen Pollitt’s Source Energy Medicine at the West Coast Dowsers Conference, to which Nicolas Finck, Elizabeth Gaines and Roxanne Louise attended. Roxanne also took Barbara Eden’s all day class at ASD on a basic routine to get the energy flowing smoothly through the major systems of the body.


Located just west of Rt. 29 on southbound side. Library phone: (434) 973-7893.
If you are traveling south on Rt. 29 from north of Charlottesville, turn right at the traffic light on Rio Road. Library is in the first block on the left before light at Berkmer. Reverse this if going north on Rt. 29. If you are traveling on I-64, you take Rt. 29 North.

Please send in your suggestion for topics and/or speaker for spring meetings (expected to be in March through June).


October 8 CVD Meeting: Stephen Politt’s 

Source Energy Medicine

“If you believe healing should be simple, safe and universally applicable you will be pleased to learn more about Source Energy Medicine.” Stephen Pollitt

To check out Stephen’s work, see here.

Stephen, who is author of Heal Thyself has taught in the Charlottesville area before, and I heard about his work then from locals, Marianne Roberts and Ann Marie Dujany. SEM takes the idea of Masua Emoto’s work that water can be imprinted with energy through consciousness (see Masaru_Emoto)But Stephen then uses radionics and dowsing to find the proper number frequency for specific imbalances of body, mind or spirit. Our next newsletter will focus on his work in greater detail.



November 19: Barbara Eden’s Energy Medicine

Donna considers that energy is medicine, and that this energy can be activated through specific physical exercises. Her Daily Energy Routine can be part of a complete system for self-care and self-help promoting high-level wellness and peak performance. Roxanne will teach this routine to you. To learn about Donna Eden’s work, see here.


E. Gaines cropped award Elizabeth Gaines receives Outstanding Service Award from American Society of Dowsers at West Coast Dowsing Conference

At the awards ceremony of American Society of Dowsers Convention this past June, it was announced that Elizabeth Gaines was being recognized for “Outstanding Service”. This was actually presented to Elizabeth in person at the West Coast Dowsers Conference, an arm of ASD, held this past July in Santa Cruz, California.

While Elizabeth and her husband, Nicolas Finck, now live in Earlysville, Virginia, they both have been most active in the West Coast bi-annual Dowsing Conference that has contributed largely to it’s success for many years. Elizabeth has also been a big help with Central Virginia Dowsers as well . Congratulations, Elizabeth, for this well deserved award!

Nicholas Finck at W.Coast announcing Also at the West Coast Dowsing Conference, here is Nicolas Finck as announcer at the Awards Ceremony. Both Nicolas and Elizabeth went out a week early and then stayed after the end to physically set things up and take down. The success of this and other conferences rely heavily on the work on such incredible volunteers. We at Central Virginia Dowsers are blessed to them them helping us as well.

me teaching ASD WC#2 Also at the West Coast Dowsing Conference, Roxanne Louise taught Accessing More—The Infinite Intelligence Process, and also on Dowsing for Mental/Emotional Healing, and was also a vendor at both West Coast and at ASD. Accessing More refers to her book by same title available here. Here she was at her vending table. It was cold there in July—low 50 degrees F in morning/evening. But as you can see, all vending was outside, so while there was morning mist, there was no rain. Me at Vending ASD WC'16  David Young playing flutes

She was happy to remake acquaintance of musician, David Young who plays two flutes at once for interesting effect. Check out his music on link above. David had done a concert at Unity in Charlottesville more than a year ago. His music is magical and healing. His publisher is Bob Friedman from Faber, Virginia.David and Roxanne were both speakers/vendors at 3 summer conferences: American Society of Dowsers in June, West Coast Dowsing in July, and the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention in August.

Opening Circle WC Dowsers '16 S.Collins:G. GardnerHere is the opening circle at West Coast led by Adhi Two Owls. Next is the Keynote Speaker,Susan Collins (on left), former President of Canadian Society of Dowsers with speaker Grahame Gardner and his wife (center) from Scotland. Spurling:Collins Labyrinth ASD WC'16Next is Slim Spurling’s wife, Katarina, with Susan Collins. Slim’s amazing dowsing tools can be found here . Susan’s website . As you can see, every dowsing conference includes making and walking a labyrinth. Gardner’s website. Grahame is Past President of the British Society of Dowsers. Link to  West Coast Dowsers. At the June American Society of Dowsers Conference, where Donna Eden was the keynote presenter, Roxanne Louise taught two classes: Dowsing on Health, and Revisiting Non Beneficial Energies.

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