Energy Clearing Methods

This is a follow-up to an  American Society of Dowsers Teleconference, January 14, 2020 with Tick Gaudreau and Brandon Dey available on their Members Only page. See

First, a disclaimer. 

As organizer of two monthly teleconferences for the American Society of Dowsers from 1/2018 to 3/2020, I have brought on various dowsers to discuss a number of topics for our member’s continuing education and to spark their own thinking and personal investigation. As there is value in examining different perspectives and methods, disagreement is allowed.

Each of us has our own beliefs and ‘map of the world’ which is heavily influenced by our prior training,  culture, and yes, religious, spiritual and philosophical orientation. But especially is this true in the area of dealing with detrimental energies. 

Basics to all clearing work

  • Deal with your own fear first. Fear weakens your field. 

Before attempting to clear detrimental energies, first gather your own strength by grounding and pulling up the energy from the earth, then centering, letting go of extraneous thoughts, worries, upsetting emotions, and bring your mind into a narrow focus. Hold a strong intention to connect to the Source of divine wisdom and power. 

  • Attitude is critically important. 

Like fear, thoughts of hopelessness, grief, shame, guilt or being a victim weaken your energy field. Whether you inherited such from your ancestors, absorbed them from your family or culture, or brought them forward from other timelines, these have to be dealt with. You can do this with dowsing, and I teach people how to do this. 

  • Build up your energy.

Clearing takes energy. So build yours through good basic self care, especially with adequate sleep and good food, but also with joy, laughter, inspiration, and connection with friends and family. Love, gratitude and joy build your field. Get excited about what you are doing. Music is hugely helpful. Singing, dancing and drumming also raises energy. 

  • Claim your true identity as a powerful spiritual being.

Instead of fearing what is out there and the possibility of being attacked,  claim your sovereignty over your own mind, body and life. Stamp your feet and claim the ground you walk upon. Order unwanted energies out of your space. Claim your home as holy ground.

  • Claim your connection with your spiritual source

If you have trouble connecting to Source, connect your 3rd eye to the 3rd eye of a guru or saint and ask them to show you the way or to connect you (patch you in as with an old time telephone switchboard). Follow the energy beam up from their crown to Source, and then bring a line down from Source to you. Then once you are connected directly to Source, disconnect from your spiritual guru.

  • Join forces.

If your obstacle or adversary seems daunting, do the clearing with others. Combined focused intention is powerful. Never go into battle with very dark energies alone. Surround yourself with powerful spiritual help first, and ask ‘can I, may I, should I’ before proceeding. You may also want to have others work with you on a group intention. There is truth to the expression “where two or three of you are gathered together, there I am in the midst of you.”

  • Deal with your own issues because they are the ‘hook’ by which negativity attaches.

Your own unhealed wounds, traumas, issues, ego, anger, hatred, etc. all attract resonating energies. For example, earthbound alcoholics will gravitate to people to encourage them to drink so that they can re-experience the drink vicariously. This is true with all addictions. Angry or fearful people will attract entities that feed off of that energy. Like attracts like. Once attached, these entities will make changing destructive behavior much harder. 

Low energy emotions may be caused by entities but they also enable entities to attach because of holes or tears in the aura and an overall weakness in the field. Do something to get out of your funk first before clearing. This can be listening to something funny, playing happy, calming or inspirational music. I like Tibetan bowls. Doing any kind of exercise, singing or dancing not only raises your energy but gets more oxygen to your brain that helps you to think better.

  • Work with light and the emotions of love, gratitude and joy.

One method of dealing with detrimental energies is to simply to surround yourself in white light, or the higher harmonic of gold, or St. Germaine’s purifying violet flame. Certainly, deliberately seeking what you consider divine and trying to raise your own vibrations by focusing on love and gratitude and joy are immensely important. 

I have installed an anchor on my body, which when it is touched triggers both the thought and the feeling “I am loved.” Then as I think of people I love that love and support me, it gives me strength to deal with a challenge. Having pictures around of loved ones is helpful, as is wearing something from them. Jewelry works well here.

  • Harness the steady power of focused thought and emotion.

Remember your power to create through thought and emotion. What is created can also be shifted or uncreated. Ideally, aim to create more energy in the positive direction that was in the negative intention.

  • Thought form shields

Many energies fall in the category of psychic pollution that can be easily deflected with a thought form mirror, or another thought form spiral that carries negative energies into a purifying fire. 

  • Prayer circles

Here is a way to gather strength before you do a clearing. Hold your hands out to your sides and imagine holding the hands of people that love and support you. It doesn’t matter if they are living or dead. Keep adding people until you have a big enough circle. If you want, you can put another circle behind you covering your back and your inner circle. The outer circle can be made up of angels etc. – powerful spiritual forces that love you. Ask those in your circle to join you in your intention to remove all interference from you being able to ____ ( fulfill your purpose in life, create harmony  etc.). 

  • Beliefs will determine how you approach clearing. 

If you feel demonics, etc. are unredeemable, you might want Archangel Michael to cast them into hell. But if you believe that there is a spark of light within all created beings, then you may try to get them to switch sides, remove their shackles to the dark overlords, and have the angels escort them to a place of healing and re-education.

If you feel that sending deliberately directed evil intent back to the sender will only cause a ping pong game of the energy going back and forth, then you will just scramble the frequency and return that energy to Source harmless and formless. You could also put a reverse spin on it so that what has evil intent actually blesses you in some way. Or you could just ask that it be converted into all that is good and wholesome/beneficial, etc.

But if you feel that everyone needs to experience the natural consequences of their actions so that they can learn not to do that, then you will send their evil intention back to the sender/creator of such curse.

If you feel that even your adversaries have the creator’s light within them, then you might remove the entities attached to them. At which point, such person would be able to more easily return to his perfection at creation, or continue to work with darkness and attract more entities as a result— their choice. You could also do Ho’Oponopono regarding them.

  • No one or right way that works for everyone and every situation

As you read, study, work with professional energy clearers, you will develop a variety of methods that regardless of whether such methods have worked for others will, nonetheless, have to be tested by you to find what works and when the job is done.  This is a process of experimentation, observation, correction, and more experimentation.

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When Enough is Enough

The Value of Anger to Mobilize Corrective Action

There is sometimes great value in being pushed to your limits. Maybe someone does that same annoying thing to you one time too many. Or a person or a group crosses the line over which you can no longer tolerate their objectionable behavior. Rosa Parks got to that point, refused to give her bus seat to a white person, and the Civil Rights Movement was born. 

Perhaps there is an inherent laziness in us that does not want to get involved and take a stand. After all, it takes time and energy away from other things. Maybe we fear that if we raise our hand up to object, it will be cut off. Or perhaps we are so overwhelmed and preoccupied with what we consider more important that we feel we can’t or don’t want to deal with it, especially with bullshit. Maybe we just want to focus on what is more enjoyable. And perhaps we prefer to simply deny or ignore what is happening or not happening and hope the problem will disappear on it’s own.

This makes our adversaries bolder, more confident in their ability to get away with it again. But there comes a time when we individually or collectively feel that nebulous, very subjective line has been crossed and we regardless of not wanting to get involved, feel pushed to mobilize. 

It is only with clear objectives in knowing what we want, and having clear boundaries that we get off the couch to take appropriate, corrective action.

It would great if the problem was as simple (and it is usually neither quick nor simple) as replacing leadership. Certainly with government, the problem goes way beyond the specific politician regardless of what country you talk about. There is always the power and big money interests or lobbies behind the throne. And then there are controllers behind them with their minions. 

Yet, we are not powerless.

We hold within us the power of intention, the power to focus and project that intention, and the ability to gather together in groups to do so. This is HUGE! Stephen Schwartz, Tom Campbell, Lynne McTaggert all say that focused, collective intention can create miracles, and change reality. But intention has to be clear and steady. And while it is helpful to know what you don’t want in order to identify the positive opposite that you do, the intention has to focus on the positive objective of what you do want.

I am involved in a number of organizations. All groups whether they are religious, spiritual or political, sub-division or government, professional or social, commercial or non-profit are prone to dissension simply because they are made up of imperfect humans.

With one organization in particular, I was on the sidelines witnessing for years the needless battles, drama, disharmony and dysfunction that eroded it’s higher purpose and even threatened it’s continued existence. And while part of the problem stemmed as it always does from unhealed wounds, ego, jealousy, desire for control, and personal agenda or gain that creates chaos in any group, I and many others felt that behind the discord was an organized attack upon the organization precisely because it’s higher objective was to be a beacon of hope and to serve humanity.

I am convinced that in addition to the ordinary human frailties there was and continues to be an external, organized, and deliberate detrimental energetic force directed at it with an agenda to divide and conquer, to create fear, disharmony, chaos and suffering, weakness and confusion, despair and hopelessness, dysfunction and dissolution. I see this same dark energy at work in the world at large. I say this because I am sensitive to energies and I can feel them. I call this force evil without having to put it into a religious framework. 

I have reached a point where I have drawn a line in the sand, and say no more!

Consequently, I have been actively teaching “Heal Yourself to Heal Your World”. I teach my clients and students how to locate and heal their own wounds, to connect to their personal power, grounding, center to let go of preconceived notions and ego, connecting to the source of their higher wisdom and spiritual guidance to know what is their’s to do and how to proceed. I teach tools including Ho’Oponopono to address the resonating qualities within ourselves of the problems we see in the world. And I am also on a campaign also to bring to the awareness of others how to recognize and deal with detrimental energies of many types. I already have  a number of blog articles on this topic. But right now, black magic is on my radar.

Tick-Gaudreau-350x350“Can Dowsing Mitigate the Problem of Evil?”

Recorded live on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Teleconference call  sponsored by the American Society of Dowsers available in the archives for Members Only. See

Dey, Brandon.jpg 

“Can Dowsing Mitigate the Problem of Evil?” 

The short answer is ‘yes’!
But how do you define evil?
  • Knowingly doing harm to another: Besides our usual list, this might include commercial wrongdoing as with a company that does not reveal a danger about using their product, hides such knowledge, or denies such danger when questioned. Another would be a private individual so intent on selling something that they hide the fact a serious problem that would/could most likely cause injury or death- both examples of greed or financial gain over ethical responsibility.
  • Knowingly not doing something to save an individual from serious harm when you could easily do so – for example, not throwing someone a lifeline if they fall overboard to save their life.

Bad behavior is not just a product of character. It is frequently influenced by external detrimental energies of many kinds that aggravate or accentuate a person’s weaknesses such as greed, lust, ego, and the desire for power and control. Where the person is willing, dowsing can help heal many of these issues directly and to remove such outside influences.


One such influence is geopathic stress. Geopathic stress zones makes it easier for inter dimensional portals to open up and entities to enter a space. It drains energy, causes illness and makes it harder for a person to function at their best. Dowsing can close those portals and remove the entities or energies that have come through.

On this call we discussed other forms of detrimental energies such as curses, black magic, detrimental thought forms, ghosts, other entity interference – all of which cause discord, confusion, turmoil, and suffering in the world.

Tick Gaudreau is a long time dowser and dowsing instructor, former President and current Treasurer of the American Society of Dowsers . He is author of Spirit Rescue: A Dowser’s Ghostly Encounters, and the Care and Treatment of Wild Energies

Brandon Dey developed a system called Quantum Dowsing that he claims greatly

increases dowsing accuracy. He has been a presenter at the American Society of Dowsers conventions.

The Ties that Bind

The end of the year and beginning of another is the usual time to reflect back over the past before thinking of where you want to go in the future. But moving forward can mean cleaning up loose ends and detaching from limitations that include detrimental energetic cords to people, places and things that would keep you stuck.

Energy Cords 

Whenever you are in close proximity to others, when you are interacting or communicating, energy flows between you. When you are even thinking of someone, the thought and any related emotions are sent out on an energetic beam to that person, who may or may not be aware of it. A strong focused energy beam especially through concentration, a desire to effect that person, or a strong emotion can create a cord. Some cords are temporary and fade away when you are no longer thinking of them or the emotion dies away. But if you have a significant or continued interaction with someone as with a family member, lover or friend that energy beam and the connecting point/s can take on a more permanent structure. Thoughts, intentions and emotions can pass either way along the cord. Cords are created both by you, and by others that attach to you. 

Energetic cords can be to anyone or anything – people, pets, places, homes, possessions, jobs, positions, physical abilities, and even your sense of self. Repetitive thoughts or lingering emotions, positive or negative, can indicate the presence of a cord. These can be attached to one or more chakras, organs, or some other part of the body.

Cords allow you to psychically tune in to others. This is helpful for successful communication, sales, therapy or healing work. For example, I deliberately create an energetic connection from my third eye with every client, student or audience member so I can better understand their needs and be of service. But at the same time, I create a link to the earth to be grounded, and from my crown chakra to my spiritual guidance and healing energy so I am guided in what to say and do to be of service. Because I am connected to the Source of healing energy as with Reiki work, I am replenished even as energy flows from me to them. 



Such cords need to be released after a session. I do this by washing my hands with the intention of turning over the care of my clients to the heavens, or taking a shower at the end of the day with the intention of releasing anyone else’s energy or cords from me. While you sending healing energy out along the cord, you are protected. But when you are done with the session, the emotions, energy and issues of your client can back up into you especially when you are sleeping. 

Cords explain how mothers can know when their offspring are in danger. I myself have been awoken at night with a nightmare that was not my own, but rather represented the fears of someone close to me. I was dreaming his dream.

Beneficial cords create a satisfying feeling of connection, mutual accord, love and joy. They are bonding. But should the relationship end, when something you valued is lost and gone, or when negative emotions enter in such as anger, grief, hurt or jealousy, the related cords can drain your life force, possibly effect your health and equilibrium, and keep you stuck. Cords to old lovers or cords that your former lovers still have attached to you can block or sabotage a new relationship. You may have broken up years ago, but if you or the other party are still angry, resentful, wanting to get revenge or get together, those cords are still attached. Detrimental cords such as those put there with a desire to possess, control or manipulate are destructive whether ritualized or not through magic must be severed.

Cords to possessions can explain hoarding. These cords may represent attachment to more than just to things, but consciously or unconsciously to the memories, people, places those things, or the feelings of security or safety they represent. You know when a cord is there because removing the thing can feel like something is being ripped out of you. Look underneath the emotion. What is it that the object/s represent to you? Is there another way you can keep the good feelings without the things?

Between romantic partners there can be multiple cords, even one attached to each chakra. This creates a close bond. But if the relationship ends, each cord will have to be cut. If one party doesn’t want to let the other go, the one wanting to leave may have to cut the cords to the former partner multiple times – as often as they feel the pull from the ex. 

Bonding of any kind indicates cords. Cords between parents and children are normal and helpful. But the parents have to allow such cords to loosen and stretch so that offspring can grow and move away as adults and live their own lives. This is true with any relationship that changes over time. 

Cords to your neighborhood can give you a sense of place, of being rooted, of belonging somewhere. But if you cannot stay, or if a good opportunity comes along that requires moving elsewhere, it can cause you to feel torn. That torn feeling is an indication of cords pulling you in opposite directions. Unable to sell your house? Maybe you haven’t released the cord that connects you. Maybe the house doesn’t want to let you go. 

Cords can also exist to who you used to be and what you used to have that now can prevent you from being happy in the moment and enjoying or finding the good that is available to you now. This is part of grief – grief over aging or becoming disabled, retiring from a position of power or belonging, of losing your house, or having to move out of your home into a retirement community.

The problem of letting go

Years ago I heard a story of how they catch wild monkeys. Seems that monkeys like bananas. So hunters would hollow out a coconut shell, insert a banana and tie it to a long cord. When a monkey would find the banana, it would stick it’s hand into the shell, grab it’s hand around the fruit to pull it out. But with it’s fist now curled around the fruit, it was too big to pull out of the hole. That’s when the hunter would reel in the rope now with the monkey attached. While the monkey could easily have released it’s grip on the banana in order to free it’s hand from the trap, it would not let go, and so was caught.

How many of us are likewise caught because we have something and will not let go even if it kills us because we don’t know of anything better or have the hope of obtaining it instead. We are attached to what we have  and what we know, to a sense of space, to community or circle of friends, to familiar surroundings, to our routines, to our possessions, to our sense of self that may be tied up in all these things. We may not be enthusiastic about what we have, but it is what we have so we won’t let go. This is not bad because it gives us stability and support to focus our attention on other things that give us meaning and purpose until we determine what we would rather have.

The ties that bind only become a problem when they do not allow for growth, for expansion of our spirit, our soul. 

Letting go is easy when you clearly see that you are getting something better. 

Here, I’ll trade your nickel for my dollar bill. Want it? Easy, right? 

My son and his wife recently sold between a third to a half of their possessions, many of which they had recently purchased, and a big, beautiful house they loved to move into another house one-third the size and one-third more expensive so that he could take a good job and they could live their dream life on the California coast. And they pulled it off in 1 1/2 months. They were selling, donating, giving away, throwing out a good deal of the house contents because they had a reason. And while it was physically daunting to get everything done on time, it was emotionally possible to let go, and find the energy to pull it off because they were excited about what they were moving towards. They were clear in their minds about why.

Moving forward means detaching from whatever would hold you back

I started this blog saying that moving forward can mean cleaning up loose ends, and detaching from limitations that include detrimental energetic cords to anything that would keep you stuck.

Pay attention to your energy levels and start to identify what seems to cause a change in your mood, your vitality and zest for life. Are there any detrimental cords to people, places or things? How do they effect you? What is the price you are paying for keeping them? Can any stagnant cords connected to what still has value be stretched and loosened sufficiently to allow you to move into greater expansion of your spirit and joy? How can you do that?

What do you want instead? Imagine that vividly. Where are you being pulled that seems to have a brighter energy and where even thinking about it lifts your spirit? Move toward it, and explore how you feel as you get closer and more involved. And finally, pull closer to those ties that support and nurture you even as you pursue your dreams.

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