Dowsing Classes Still Available Online

The West Coast Dowsing Conference that took place 7/3-7 still has seminars available online.

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Here is the list of speakers and links.

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Getting the Hook Out!

Are you tired of having the same type of problem come up again and again despite having already spent a lot of time to get rid of it? Really annoying, isn’t it? 

Healing vulnerabilities to non-beneficial energies starts with addressing anything that weakens you or your energy field. This includes health problems, pain, toxins, fatigue, and overwhelm. But it also includes all unresolved mental and emotional issues, detrimental beliefs or judgments, vows, contracts, cords, implants, trauma and physical injuries whether from this lifetime or another. 

Like the saying the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, like attracts like. Problems attract more problems. Upset begets upset. Attack brings on more attack. So it is never enough to just focus on the present problem although you need to do that. It requires ALSO locating and address the first significant event that set up a vulnerability to it. I call it ‘getting the hook out’. 

Some energy weakening beliefs, sensitivities or judgments are passed down in families. For example, the sensitivity to racial, ethnic or religious prejudice. They drain your energy by causing you to be super vigilant to detect it in your environment. Indeed, for every danger you or your ancestors experienced, you are hardwired to be on the lookout to protect yourself lest it happen again.

Some hooks are karmic, and some karma might be carried for another especially for loved ones considered too weak to carry for themselves. But all hooks create a vulnerability. Healing them not only removes the ‘hook’ that enables attachment and all that means, but it also leads to greater peace of mind all around. This class will talk about how both to locate the underlying issues and address them.

Getting the Hook Out Trailer

STILL AVAILABLE to sign up for the 2-hour Workshop: Physician Heal Thyself!

This workshop builds on the free seminar, Getting the Hook Out. It includes a 2-hour teleconference recording available now online as well as the video, 11 pages of handouts, PLUS a follow-up for Q & A on 7/25 all for just $40!

Healing the many problems in society starts with healing ourselves. When enough people heal their own personal issues and raise their frequency, it causes a tipping point, and the whole of humanity lifts up. Each individual has the power to make a difference!

This information packed dowsing workshop is filled with multiple practical techniques to locate and resolve the root cause of interpersonal issues, bad decisions, habits, self-sabotage or other problems whether stemming from this life, family, culture or ancestors, or past lives. It includes methods of dealing with unresolved trauma, mental and emotional issues, detrimental beliefs including negative self-identity, negative judgments of others, and stuck energies on people, activities, events and more.

Dowsing charts and checklists can quickly identify what needs attention, and how to deal with it. Learn how to apply the healing throughout all timelines, and offer that healing to others. Calibrate your effectiveness as you go along. As each person heals, it makes it easier for the next to do so. Start a tsunami of healing for the planet!

Workshop includes extensive handouts PLUS a follow-up teleconference on Saturday, July 25 at noon EDT (9AM Pacific time). This will be recorded & also available for later listening. If you cannot be on the live call, send in your questions to

To sign up for the paid workshop, go to now.

The follow-up Q & A on Saturday, July 25 at Noon EDT (9 AM Pacific) will also be recorded if you cannot make it. The entire investment includes the teleconference, video, handouts and follow-up. Sign up for this at