Dowsing for Treasure, Missing Persons, Water, Unexploded Mines & More– Louis Matacia and daughter, Ginette Matacia Lucas

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Louis Matacia served as a topographical surveyor in the US Army, US Marines, Philippines and with licenses in six Eastern states. He taught dowsing techniques to US Marines to locate networks of tunnels, traps, and wires. He also used dowsing to locate oil reserves, buried treasure, water & irrigation wells, ground water, caves, tunnels, utilities, septic systems missing or lost objects or persons, and archaeological digs.

According to him, “the dowser “connects” his mental power with the molecular frequency. He taps into the ocean of information for specific answers … it does not end with getting answers for someone’s questions. Control over matter can get real. Observers of Mr. Matacia noticed that when he was dowsing in the field they could see rays of light glowing from some places close to his body. There were cases of lost time for Mr. Matacia and his associates when being in the field.” Can the human mind band time or manipulate matter? Can we communicate using our human radios with it’s unique frequencies of energy? “The energy that is not yet known to science may be the vehicle on which today’s dowsers ride to get their answers.”

Matacia says that Albert Einstein himself experimented with a variety of dowsing devices. “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” “The truly valuable thing is the intuition.” – “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein.”

Dowsing over a map is called ‘teleradiesthesia’, and can be dowsed as if you are in that location. Satellite or Google maps can scanned and utilized with great results.

Matacia is author of guidebooks: Finding Treasure by Combining Science and Parapsychology, and Finding Treasure Auras. For another interesting article on Louis, see

Ginny Lucas Matacia, daughter of master dowser, Louis Matacia, was interviewed on “Blog Talk Radio”  this past March. The interview can be found here: 

Ginny is herself internationally known for her work with police, FBI, and government agencies on dead end cases, Ginny has found missing objects and people.  Her cases have been reported on CNN, NBC and written about in the Smithsonian Magazine. Read her fascinating article on finding missing persons here: 

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