Establishing a Dowsing Protocol

Why create a dowsing protocol?

Dowsing with accuracy requires that you be centered, calm, able to focus, detached from the answers, etc.. Consequently, it is helpful to establish a regular procedure that you do before dowsing that becomes fast, even automatic over time. A shortcut yet effective aid is to write out and then install a dowsing program for that purpose. You may wish to make your own or personalize one that someone else has written. But before installing it, review and write out any corrections, deletions, additions first.

The point of a dowsing program, just like a computer program, is that the entire written out contents will activate and function in it’s entirety anytime that you give the short-cut verbal command. The command should be one that is clear in it’s meaning to you and not to be confused with something else. As my preparation to dowse program is called the Master Program, my shortcut command is  ‘Commence Master Program’. The command functions much as hitting any command on your computer with a specific keystroke. If you feel you need extra help beyond just issuing your shortcut command,  you can reread through the program. Alternatively, you could dowse over the entire page/s to locate the specific area that needs to be addressed with conscious awareness.

What is a dowsing program?

A program is one that will serve any regularly recurring need, whether it be for dowsing or any other activity. I suggest that you have one to prepare for the best frame of mind for dowsing accurately. At bare minimum, a preparation to dowse program should include instructions to center, let go of ego, let go of worries and extraneous concerns, align with whatever you consider Universal Consciousness and your true spiritual guidance.

Some of my dowsing colleagues also have programs to find water, clear non-beneficial energies, provide protection, etc. But if, for example, you are a salesman, or an athlete, performer, public speaker, etc., you could create a dowsing program to put you be in the right frame of mind for each of those activities as well.

Who else uses programs with short-cut commands?

Dowsers are not the only ones employing programs with short cut commands or triggers to activate them. Hypnotherapists and Neural Linguistic Programmers also install them and teach their clients how to use them for their own benefit. The activation of such programs (sometimes called an anchor) could be verbal, auditory, visual, olfactory, or include a gesture or movement.

For example, I give all my hypnosis clients a command to re-induce the hypnotic state with a combination of the word “sleep” with a gesture of thumb to forefinger. I can then fire such command on their succeeding visits, and they can use it on their own to induce self-hypnosis. I create another program for feeling confident and capable of meeting challenges with making a fist and the command “yes!”, or sometimes the longer suggestion “I can do whatever I make up my mind to do.” Other programs might be for healthy eating habits, exercising, or to help someone stop smoking.

After I write out the program that includes my short-cut command, how do I install it?

Start out just as you would before any dowsing: take a few deep breaths with the intention of releasing extraneous worries, concerns and other thoughts. Drop the identification with your ego and instead focus on the spiritual core of your being that many call your soul or High Self—that part of you that is goes beyond your limits of your physical being, and is very wise, resourceful, creative, master problem solver, eternal and intrinsically connected to the Source of All That Is that most people call God. Do whatever works to raise your vibration. This may include aromatherapy, prayer, meditation, chanting, thinking of what makes you happy, those you love and of the things for which you are grateful.

Hold the clear intention that your program be installed into your unconscious mind to operate upon your command anytime you choose. Holding the pendulum, read your program out loud focusing intently on what you are saying.

When you are done, say

“End of program. Thank you.” 

Then ask “Is this now accepted by my unconscious mind?
Do I need to make any corrections, additions or deletions at this time?”

If the answer is ‘no’, you are done. Start using and see how it works. If you need reinforcement, there is no harm in re-reading your entire program.

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