Why be interested in dowsing?

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a highly specialized and ancient psychic art of using a device in a light altered state of consciousness to find vast amounts of useful, accurate information by paranormal means, in other words, beyond your ordinary knowledge, training, or senses of sight, hearing, smell, etc. A dowser (the person using the device) is very specific on what he wants to know. He asks continual questions, one at a time, each question ever more precise until all facets of the subject of his inquiry have been covered and he has all the information he needs before taking action and testing out what information he has gained. In fact, dowsing greatly helps develop analytical skills by formulating good questions and evaluating the results.



Dowsing, also called divining, rhabdomancy, doodlebugging, and water witching, has has been done for thousands of years throughout the world, as it contributed to both the survival of mankind and his physical well-being by helping to find water, food supplies, and other basic needs. Historically, it’s most common use has been for water and for mining operations. However, it has strong military, business, and mental, emotional, and physical health applications as well.

It can also be used to locate lost objects, missing persons, unexploded mines. It can be applied to problem solving and decision making in every field of human endeavor, and all aspects of business and personal life to meet your basic needs, improve your career, finances, success, health, mental and emotional well-being, relationships, and your connection to the divine.

You can (and I have) dowse for the most profitable location for your home or business, the best use of your time or your advertising dollar, the reasons for mechanical car or house problems. You can take it into the supermarket to find the most nutritious and ripe produce. You can take it into the bookstore to pick out the best book for you. You can dowse over a class catalog to determine the percentage of value of any class for you at this time. You can analyze the various pluses and minuses of vehicles, prospective houses or business properties or opportunities, or service providers listed in the yellow pages before you even see them.

Dowsing is profoundly helpful for mental and emotional problems. It helps you find and then clear the relevant key issues or blocks, negative beliefs or judgments, emotions, and stuck energies.  Dowsing can help to understand others including yourself, your friends and family, clients or customers, their needs and how to best help or relate to them. It can help you to resolve your own issues thereby improving all of your relationships.

Therapists like myself can incorporate dowsing into their practice to locate a client’s issues and blocks before that client comes in, and develop a treatment strategy, saving time and greatly increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Have you ever had a vague uncomfortable feeling without understanding why or what it meant? Dowsing has helped me to understand myself much better, and to tune into my deep inner feelings. Dowsing has helped me also to interpret my dreams, to clarify my meditations and my needs, to refine my goals, and achieve greater peace of mind.

When I was trying to decide on a new office location, I used a pendulum to work over a map. I asked to find those communities with people that would be most receptive to my hypnosis services and willing to pay for them. I then dowsed to locate those communities that would be a central, convenient and attractive hub of the clients and students I already had, and the communities to which current and potential clients were willing to travel to see me. I wrote up a list of all my criteria in the decision making process, and through dowsing I ranked those criteria in order of importance, my ‘must have’. I also wrote up a list of what I didn’t want, and dowsed out which were ‘must not have’. Then I applied dowsing to determine and rank how each possible office measured up, and discounted any that had any items on the ‘must not have’ list. This was immeasurably helpful. This procedure enabled me to obtain a most wonderful office suite, much newer, more beautiful, closer to home, with plentiful free, safe parking, and with easy major highway access. I used this new space for many years.

I again used map dowsing to move out of state, to locate possible areas that would fit into my criteria. I have used the same procedure to buy real estate. This really helped to narrow down my search and make decisions.

Dowsing can applied to all sorts of health issues, veterinary care and animal communication. Some combine dowsing with agriculture, animal husbandry, and gardening. Some incorporate it into feng shui consultations. Others locate and clear non-beneficial energies. The uses are endless.

dowsing cover frontMy dowsing specialty is finding the root cause, key issues, blocks, limiting decisions, addictive thinking or fears behind any problem or negative repeating pattern. Dowsing can identify the main drivers behind habits or behavior such as why a person smokes, overeats, or is stuck in a rut. I locate the negatively charged time frame and events that need to be addressed. My dowsing book, Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing, is a direct result of writing chart after chart for my hypnotherapy practice as well as for my self-use.

Dowsing is both a skill and an art that like anything worth doing takes years of continuous application, trial and error, common sense, and the wisdom and guidance of mentors to perfect into a reliable, high quality tool. But because of its broad applications and the many all-around benefits to development of the self that occur, it is well worth the effort.

Dowsing also greatly increases your gut level instincts, intuitive abilities and psychic perceptions because you are working in an altered state of consciousness and tapping into that realm of one consciousness in which all minds are connected and all information accessible. The result is that you develop both hemispheres of the brain and bring all faculties of mind into use and cooperation.

For more information, contact Roxanne Louise at 434-263-4337, or roxannelouise@verizon.net. See her  website or other articles on her blog.

I look forward to your comments.

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