CBS News Investigative Journalist Explains How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Masses


Your perception of the facts or truth about anything dictates your actions (or inaction). It determines not just the  governmental policies you support and vote for and finance (or not), but it also has huge ramifications on you, your diet, health and life in general and that of your offspring. That perception is heavily influenced by the media, marketing, and so-called ‘experts’. If you are old enough, you might have noticed how the ‘facts’ seem to run more in 10 year cycles or fads even if touted by those very ‘experts’  we are told to trust.

Years ago we believed in ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’. Now we are told that spanking is child abuse. Regarding diet, we were told that margarine was better than butter, that high fat foods such as eggs were bad and that low fat diets were better, that diet sodas, sugar substitutes and diet foods were a healthy alternatives. Turns out this is untrue. Just look at all the conflicting ‘facts’ by weight loss doctors and you will be hopelessly confused.

On medical treatments, we are still being told that chemotherapy and radiation saves the lives of cancer victims even though there are now also studies that both treatments cause a reoccurrence of a more virulent cancer and shorten lifespan. Child vaccinations are still touted as safe and necessary despite growing evidence of dangers.  Fluoride is still in the drinking water, toothpaste, and recommended in dental treatments despite being banned in other countries as a carcinogen.

How do you separate what is true from what is spin, propaganda, or marketing under the disguise of science or medicine?


One way to uncover spin is to look at who is financially behind the research. Does the expert have something to gain from the touted opinion? Does the expert have an agenda separate from your own true wellbeing? 

Another is to look to see if the ‘experts’ are willing to examine opposing evidence or not, or just quick to attack it. 


As you will hear in this valuable 10 minute TED Talk are warning signs that the information you hear is brainwashing or “astroturf” (spin by special interests):

  • Use of inflammatory language such as ‘prank, quack, nutty, lies, pseudo, conspiracy’
  • Claim to debunk myths that aren’t myths at all
  • Attacking an issue instead of addressing the facts
  • Focusing on those exposing wrongdoing instead of examining the wrongdoers themselves
  • Question those who question authority instead of questioning the authority


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