Thinking about Health Issues

cropped-bio-pic2.pngIronically since just speaking on Dowsing for Health at the national American Society of Dowsers annual convention in Vermont just a few weeks ago, Roxanne was knocked down by an unseen attack from the rear by her 150? pound ram. She found herself with her face, hands and knees on the ground–and unable to walk for a few days.

Scrambling fast to pick up her glasses and find a stick to protect herself from four more quick succeeding blows, she honestly doesn’t remember the initial blow itself. Now, hobbling around and making very good friends with her chiropractor, she has in addition to previous ram/hen injury to her neck/wrist that still has her in a wrist brace, had lots of additional time to think about the topic of dowsing for health.

Health issues are both chicken and egg. In other words, there are stressors, patterns, diet/exercise and other habits, lifestyle, and situations that set up the problem. Then, as a result of being incapacitated, there is more stress that further drains the body’s resources and makes it more difficult to heal. Reducing those stressors frees up vital energy for the body to repair itself. Illness or accidents may have a positive intention.

But whether my/your health challenge was caused through karma, ignorance, bad habits, not paying attention, stress, loss of focus, soul journey, an opportunity to change direction in life, there is always something to learn. Ask yourself, what can I learn from this to make me and my life better? What can I do to ensure that this doesn’t happen again? 

Have the intention to turn the situation into a blessing even if there is no logical reason how it can bless you. This will help your attitude and point you in a constructive direction. It will also reduce mental and emotional stress.

Dowsing can assist to identify and discharge stressors or the modality to use to do so. It can assist you in setting up a can’t hurt healing strategy that may include changes in lifestyle, habits, diet, supplements, prayer, exercise, and various healing modalities including allopathic medicine. And dowsing can help deal with self-sabotaging behaviors that damage health directly or undue the finest medical care.

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