Using Questions & Statements as Part of Your Daily Ritual

cropped-bio-pic2.pngRituals (regularly repeated acts done in a set precise manner) are markers in our day, week and life. These can be as simple as the morning coffee, the evening paper, the bath before bed. While not instantly life changing as the ritual of marriage, the impact of little daily rituals, nonetheless, adds up over time to powerfully effect your life. Why not use them to focus on what really matters?

The Power of Asking the Right Question

I suggest making a ritual of asking yourself specifically worded questions. Take your time to write out that question or questions that will direct your mind to your intended destination, one which will guide your actions in a way in which you are really pleased. The moment you ask a question, your mind must go in the direction of answering that question. So why not deliberately ask questions that lead you find the very answers you want, ones that not only take care of an immediate problem, but which sit well with long-term self-esteem, integrity, and soul satisfying achievement?

Questions to Stay on Track

I started reading Judith Wright’s book, There Must Be More Than This. She talks about soft addictions, which are basically time wasters and avoidance strategies, and how to eliminate them and focus instead on what will bring greater satisfaction to your life. On page 15-16, she recommends asking yourself some questions at the end of the day:

Did I move toward my goals and vision today?

Did I make a positive difference in other people’s lives?

How did I stand up for what matters most to me?

What did I do that was emotionally or spiritually nourishing?

How did I grow as an individual?

How did I experience love in my interactions and activities?”

These are great questions and you might want to use them yourself. What I would also recommend is to ask yourself questions in the “how can I” format at the start of the day. This would set the tone and intention. For example

How can I move towards my goals (or goal of ____) today?

You could also ask

What is the best use of my time, energy and resources today?

What can I do today to move my business forward by serving the needs of my customers?

How can I be of service in a win-win way?

How can I create a viable business while serving the needs of my customers?

How can I create a financially successful business that makes a positive difference in the world?

Using Statements/Affirmations

Affirmations (a positive statement made repeatedly in mind) are a common method of self-programming, and they work providing they are believable. If you disagree with the statement, it will backfire. In which case, the statement must be reworded in a way that is believable. For example, you can temper the strength of the affirmation, but still move yourself forward as you say,

“I get better at ___,” or

I am learning how to ____,”

I learn whatever I need to ___.”

What I have been teaching as part of the Infinite Intelligence Process is to make statements that imply that you already know the answer to the information, that you already have the resources to handle the challenge, and that you do have the ability to heal/resolve the problem uppermost in your mind. Think of yourself as intrinsically connected to a larger, spiritual dimension and all of that inner wisdom and healing power. Think of yourself as More than your ego and personal history. You might consider that you are made in the image and likeness of your Creator–a ‘chip off the old block’ so to speak. Intend to deliberately connect to and harness that larger, spiritual self or your soul to the task at hand. For example

“There is a part of me that knows how I can move towards my goal of ____, and is guiding and assisting me in every way possible to do so with grace and ease.”

“There is a part of me that knows how I can make a positive difference in other people’s lives, and is guiding and assisting me to do that effectively in a way that blesses all concerned.” or

“There is a part of me that knows how to significantly increase my business while make a positive difference in the world.”

When you speak this way, understand that you do not need to know the information consciously. Indeed, it may be impossible to know. Rather, you are affirming an inner or unconscious knowing. Allow yourself to imagine that you are (or just might be) more intelligent, more capable, more resourceful than you are currently showing up. Let statement or question sit in your mind quietly or repeat it until it permeates your unconscious mind. Once internalized, it will effect your automatic behavior, set up coincidences, make you alert to opportunities, etc.

Deliberately take control of your life by directing your thoughts in the direction you want life to take you. If you do this as a morning and evening ritual, it will make a big impact with minimum effort. As Tolly Burkan in his book “Let It Be Easy — 12 Actions To Create An Extraordinary Life” said, “let it be easy”.

For more information on the Infinite Intelligence Process, see Roxanne’s latest book, Accessing More–Tapping Into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process available through her directly at 434-263-4337.

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