Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone!


I just returned from teaching at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention in Marlboro, Massachusetts. It is the largest professional hypnosis conference in the world, and always a treat to attend, which I have done yearly since 1989. I have been a regular presenter there since 1992, and was honored by them in 2011 with a Lifetime Achievement Award, the Order of Braid, named after James Braid, the Scottish surgeon considered the father of Hypnotherapy!!! (See information on Braid, see

My topics this year were Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone and a two-hour workshop on What to Do When Stress Is Over the Top! Both were well attended, and for good reason. Stress is a major problem with our fast-paced lifestyle.

28473e803e35e109e67ed86c222bfda6   In preparation for my presentations, I put together a 32 page booklet on Releasing Anger assembled from a lifetime of study and practical application on the subject. It is filled to the brim on

√ How to shift anger and improve yourself and your life at the same time,

√ How to harness anger so it actually works for you, and

√ How to make your adversaries help you!

This fluff-free manual was written both for you to help yourself, and to use to help others!

Here is some of the content:

Understanding the Underlying Dynamics

Changing how you look at things so that they don’t hurt nearly as much!

Making anger work for you!

Using your enemies and problems to actually help you!

Using anger as motivation for much needed healing and change!

Communicating more effectively!

Fighting clean!

Stopping conversations that are spiraling downwards!

Noticing negative patterns and screwing them up!

Nipping anger in the bud!

How to use journal writing effectively!

Taking effective action without the baggage!

Using positive counter thoughts, walking mantras and more!

Regaining balance and perspective!

Dealing with what is 

Incident Review Worksheet

At just $12.95 with $3 shipping or $5 priority, it is a real bargain as it gets right to the chase. No filler!

BONUS: As a bonus for your order, we will include a handout with directions for doing the Emotional Freedom Technique.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: see our main website: or call 434-263-4337

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