When Manifestation Doesn’t Work

Sooner or later anyone working on goal setting & achievement, or following the Law of Attraction runs into obstacles.  You may  double down, get help and become proactive in following professional advice and doing everything you know to be ‘right’. Yet the desired results you hope for may not be happening. Why not? You might ask,What am I not getting? I’m doing everything I know to do. I’ve got the skills and I’m working as hard as I can. What am I missing?”

Below are some possibilities, but there can be more. 

Reason #1. Lack of Clarity ​- Fuzzy goals = fuzzy results. Try to learn about and expose yourself as much as possible to what you THINK you want.  The more you know, the more you experience, the clearer you will be as to exactly what you want.

Reason #2. Conflicts and Mutually Exclusive Goals – This may be within yourself, the relationship or group. Sometimes a personal conflict can be resolved by pursuing one big goal (i.e. having & raising a baby) at one time in life and pursuing other important goals (i.e. travel/career) at another. If possible, use the wait time with training or preparation. Is it possible to do something related to your big goal now? Can you be in the environment and around people in the field you want? 

Years ago when I was studying voice while pregnant and then raising a son whilst dreaming of one day having an opera career, I got a job as secretary at the Metropolitan Opera. This allowed me to listen to and watch rehearsals, gave me free tickets to performances, and see and speak with the artists. So, while I was doing secretarial work (which I disliked), working at the Met was a dream. And later I did actually did to get to sing several times on it’s stage.

Reason # 3. Disbelief & Doubt– All goals have challenges, which can increase doubt, negative self-talk, and drain the energy and determination necessary to resolve those challenges. At times like this, it is good to ask, “If it could work, how would it work?” 

It’s also good to remind yourself of all the things you already accomplished. Not only did you learn to walk, run, ride a bike no matter how many times you fell down and got hurt, but you learned to talk, read, write, do math, drive a car, do a job, and the thousands of other things to manage life and support yourself. Focus on all the things you once thought were impossible but which you were able to do.

Reason #4Attitude, Victimhood or Other Detrimental Beliefs ​- Play Devil’s Advocate: who says ‘you can’t? If it’s really important, you’ll figure it out, that is if you really want to and are willing to commit yourself to doing the work.

Reason #5Inability/Unwillingness to Resolve Issues/Problems as They Arise – ​Identify the problem if you can, and then focus on solution. Experiment, get help or advice. Turn problems into an interesting puzzle that gives rather draining your energy.

Reason #6. Resistance, Unresolved Trauma or Fears from Your Past or the Past of Others Internalized by You Babies absorb their mother’s emotions while in the womb, and everyone throughout life is influenced by the fears/blocks/traumas of those in their family and group. I help people resolve this. See my Zoom workshop “Healing Through Time” coming up this October.

Reason #7Not Being in Alignment/Resonance with the Goal, or Being in Alignment with the Problem – What happens in your gut when you think of your goal? Do you get a smooth hum? Does your heart sing? Do you have a deep, internal sense of rightness? 

Think of having achieved your goal already and living in that reality. Does your heart continue to sing? If your gut tightens, then there is something that needs to be resolved or you will have difficulty or self-sabotage. For example, maybe you want a big, beautiful house but you don’t want the pressure of what it will take to get it, nor the on-going pressure of the mortgage, or maintenance, or being tied down to a specific location, etc.

Reason #8. Lack of Follow Through/Action – ​Nothing is achieved if no consistent action is taken. However, any action no matter how small builds energy to continue forward. Inertia is the enemy. Having a buddy to work with or who holds you accountable to some task helps a lot!

Reason # 9. Message from Your Soul or the Universe to Change Course ​- Sometimes the message comes from continuous roadblocks or health issues.

Dr. Bernie Siegal in Love, Medicine & Miracles talks about a lawyer who had cancer and was given 6 months to live. He closed his law practice, and decided to spend the last remaining time with his family on the Colorado ski slopes. Once relocated, he got involved in the community orchestra and reacquainted himself with his early desire to be a musician. More than a year later, he was still alive and seemingly healthy. 

Reason #10. External Sabotage​ – ​Jealousy, back stabbing, deliberate sabotage, and more occurs all the time, especially as a person becomes more successful and seen as competition. Having a circle of support is really important.

Reason #11. Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time ​- Just because you have a dream, skills, talent doesn’t mean that the local marketplace or society is interested or can support it. Is there another area that would be receptive to what you have to offer, and would even allow you to pursue your dream? 

Can you work on your dream in off hours even if not possible as a fulltime career? Charles Ives did. During the day, he worked in the insurance industry, while at night, he composed music. Nonetheless, although composing only on a part-time basis, he became one of the first American composers of international renown. Early on, his music was largely ignored. However,  later in life, the quality of his music was publicly recognized, and he came to be regarded as an “American original”. 

I know from personal experience that if something is important to you, it is a call from your Spirit you must answer regardless of  financial reward or public recognition. 

Reason #12. Missing 1 or More Key Components for SuccessGoals include multiple components that need to come all together for a project to be a success. I write lists for every part of it, and then dowse out what I need to do and in what order. Inevitably, there are parts that I need to farm out to someone more knowledgeable or experienced than myself. I use dowsing throughout the entire process to pinpoint and to resolve issues.

Reason #13. Incorrect Assessment of the Market/Clientele ​- If you need to obtain money, recognition, support from others, you need to know who they are, what they want, and what is possible. For example, you would never try to set up a pork sausage store in a Jewish neighborhood. 

Reason #14. Missing Support – Personal or Professional ​ I don’t believe that anyone is successful completely on their own. We are social beings. While some garner strength in nature or in spirituality, we still need someone in the flesh that is on our side to encourage, inspire, hold our hand, give us a needed hug or a shoulder to cry on,someone to just be there to listen or provide some help. While much help is available online, and a lot is available to hire, it is necessary to find people who really care about you. Pets help too.

Reason #15. Issues with Communication – Are you able to clearly express what you need and want (and don’t want), when and how? Are you able to communicate respectfully with clients, colleagues, staff, vendors, lenders, etc. in a way in which they want to work with you? Are you able to speak up for yourself, set appropriate boundaries? 

Reason #16. Personality ​-Certain vocations call for particular personality types, and so do certain goals. Is your personality naturally suited for your goal/s or do you need to make big adjustments to your natural temperament? Do you need help to overcome a tendency to withdraw into a shell or to become aggressive or explosive when stressed? 

Reason #17.  Shadow Issues ​- Your shadow consists of elements within your personality that you keep hidden and even deny. These can be archetypes such as the Witch, Bitch, Judge, Executioner, Child, Wimp, Nerd, etc. What is denied cannot be healed. All archetypes can probably be healed through recognition, acceptance, and appropriate expression. For example, it is appropriate for a parent to show up as Mama Bear to protect their own kids, or a Witch or Bitch to draw a line in the sand over which someone else does not tread. The flip side is that the unacknowledged, unhealed Shadow has a way of showing up destructively and sabotaging your plans. 

Reason #18. Lack of Passion or Emotional Pull Passion drives action and provides energy to overcome obstacles. Without a reason, goals wither on the vine. Is the goal really yours – something you want for yourself, not just something that would please or impress others? Is it really important enough to sustain effort over the long haul? Is it a ‘would be nice if it happened, but I don’t really want to commit to it or expend too much energy on it?’

Reason #19. Rigidity, Unwillingness to Adapt to the Brick Wall ​- It’s great when goals progress smoothly towards completion. But when reaches an impasse that defies breakthrough, then a reassessment is in order. Some people are unwilling to compromise or shift tactics or make adjustments. And sometimes that is the right thing to do while continuing to look for a way around the wall. But sometimes such stubbornness brings only bitterness, blame, or an excuse for why their life isn’t working. 

Reason #20. Magical Thinking ​- Incorporating fantasy is an important part of dream building and visualizing success. But then there is a lot of work to do. Are you willing? And are you doing it on a consistent, regular basis for as long as it takes? 


Zoom Workshop: Healing Through Time – Stop Negative Repeating Patterns

Post FLAGSTAFF DOWSING CONFERENCE: Live on Sunday, October 24, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Pacific Time), 1-3 PM (Eastern) with recorded replays available later for those unable to attend.

Have you ever thought “if I could do it all over again, I would ___”? What if I told you that right now that you can gain many healing benefits by energetically redoing the past and designing a more positive future through focused intention and dowsing? You don’t even have to know where or when the problems began.

Physicists are saying that all time is simultaneous. If this is true, then we should be able to energetically go into the past to resolve and clear issues, and negative repeating patterns, judgments and trauma, go into the future to clear negative future projections and create a positive future, download and share greater resources throughout all our timelines!

If you have been frustrated with the same upsetting issue cropping up in your personal or professional life despite efforts to change it, you are missing something. Perhaps you are missing the root and relevant subsequent causes whether they started with you, your family, culture or even your ancestors. In this dowsing workshop you will learn multiple steps to work on any issue so that you are empowered with greater resources in going forward. This will change the resonance that attracts or sustains a negative pattern. Change your default setting to one that is empowering, and sets up a resonance that allows you for create a more positive future.

In all her classes and client work, Roxanne integrates her extensive background in hypnosis, dowsing, NLP, the Infinite Intelligence Process, Reiki and other energy healing techniques to deliver a more comprehensive and powerful resolution of issues.

For questions or to Register, email Roxanne Louise: Roxanne@RoxanneLouise.com 

Cost is $60 payable on the Donate Button at the homepage of http://www.RoxanneLouise.com. WriteFlagstaff” in the notes. I will send you confirmation of receipt and the link to workshop and replays at least a week before. Here is link:

Lifting Connected Consciousness Meditation

FREE live session on Sunday, June 27

at 7:30 PM Eastern US time.

Dial 605-313-5141. Enter Participant Code: 92619# at the prompt.

This session will be recorded so sign up for the live broadcast and the link to the recording by sending an email to Roxanne@RoxanneLouise.com

Recently Roxanne Louise gave a presentation entitled “Lifting Connected Consciousness” and 3 meditations expanding upon that topic at the American Society of Dowsers Conference, June 11-13, 2021. The live session will serve both to summarize some key points of that presentation, answer questions, and lead everyone into a meditation to energetically to raise both our own state and to generate positive energy for the planet.

Join us by tuning in. And if you provide your email to Roxanne@RoxanneLouise.com, you will be sent a link to receive the recording of such call.

Share with others, and relisten to the meditation as often as you deem helpful.

Dowsing on Health Revisited

FREE Video Presentation,

Monday, May 17, 2021 ,

8 PM ET, 5 PM Pacific.

Dowsers Mastermind Video/Conference Call

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The root meanings of the words”health,” “whole,” and “holy” are all derived from the Anglo-Saxon word root: “hal.” The word “healing” is derived from the same word root and means “to restore to a state of wholeness, soundness, or integrity.” In Middle English, physical health also meant “prosperity, happiness, welfare; preservation and safety”. 

As such, the approach to robust, good health requires a comprehensive plan that encompasses every facet of a person’s life. Relating health care to only one type of professional, aka doctors of allopathic medicine, cannot address the multiple factors outside of their expertise in enhancing and maintaining good health, nor in healing once physical issues are apparent. These factors include good nutrition, quality sleep, maintenance of the muscular and skeleton structure through appropriate exercise or body movements such as yoga/Tai Chi, etc. It includes deep breathing of clean fresh air and drinking adequate amounts of clean water, habits and life style, elimination of environmental toxins, EMFs, electrical magnetic pollution, and geopathic stress. It includes creating and maintaining supportive relationships, quick elimination or reduction of mental and emotional stress, healing of unresolved trauma & emotional issues, beneficial belief systems and dealing with detrimental ones. It includes moral and spiritual factors and meaning and purpose.

Many diseases including life-threatening ones such as cancer, can be developing or even actively present in the body FOR YEARS before the symptoms are apparent and ill effects cannot be dismissed or ignored. Healing from any condition is almost never as simple as take this pill, undergo this surgery because the problem usually comes from years of poor diet and exercise, bad habits or lifestyle, toxicity, stress, unresolved issues, negative beliefs and judgments, emotions and conflicts. These issues still have to be addressed. No physician in the world can remedy all of the factors involved. No matter how good or how necessary their expertise, physicians specialize in only one narrow band of the problem such as diagnosis, surgery, pharmaceuticals, and high tech treatment such as radiation.


We know that dowsing is a powerful tool for problem solving of all kinds. In making your own charts and checklists, it uses your knowledge, training, and analytical mind to brainstorm possible sources of any problem, and to list possible solutions. Then as you enter an alpha state of consciousness and tap into the greater consciousness system, you can zero in on those items most likely to yield the greatest results.

As dowsers, we can periodically review these charts and checklists to monitor the various factors and take proactive steps on a ‘can’t hurt’ basis before a problem arises, as well as to create a well-rounded approach to healing once a problem has occurred. This is a vital addition to whatever professionals we employ to help us. In fact, you can even use dowsing to know who to engage in putting together your healing team.

Use dowsing to

  • design a well-rounded health care program and
  • set priorities of what to do or not do to stay healthy or to heal if sick

Dowsing in this way makes sense and can save a heap of time.

Committing yourself to address the bigger picture and other issues is your responsibility.

Where do you start?

This is the focus of discussion for a video presentation hosted by three Chapters of the American Society of Dowsers: the Gold Coast Dowsers, Northern California Dowsers and Boston Dowsers.

Dealing with ‘Creepy Energies’ Through Dowsing

Appalachian Dowsers, Free Zoom Presentation:

Saturday, May 15, 2021, 1-3pm ET

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There are many kinds of Creepy Energies and from multiple sources. For example, there are natural electrical/magnetic energies (geopathic stress, radon, various energies from space), as well as man-made ones (EMFs, satellites, microwaves). We may also have to deal with psychic attack, unwanted surveillance, curses and black magic, detrimental radionics, mind-control technology, and energy weapons. Plus there are entities, portals, past life and timeline bleed-throughs, astral energies and emotional imprints on places, etc.  The remedy needs to match the problem. 

In addition to identifying the problem, however, we need to strengthen our energy field and to address any personal mental, emotional, or spiritual resonance (‘hooks’) of our own that might make us vulnerable before doing the appropriate clearing/transmuting protocol.  This can mean dealing with past trauma, past lives, karmic issues, guilt, shame, power issues, etc. The good news is, there’s no need to know the details nor to re-experience the trauma or pain. All can be cleared/transmuted successfully with clear intention.

Thank You for Being an Asshole!

It gave me the push I needed to move on to something better!


Thanksgiving is a traditional time to think about our many blessings and focus on gratitude for the many wonderful people in our life.

And while it is easy to be grateful for good things, I have learned to also be grateful for when someone has crossed that unspoken, invisible line that enabled me to finally end an unhappy situation or relationship–the one beset with problems that I was tolerating, but which lacked sufficient justification in my own mind to leave UNTIL he/she/they did the one thing that could not be forgiven. Had they not done that,  I might still be there unhappy and frustrated for more wasted time.

Maybe it was a job that seemed to be dead-end. Maybe you were passed over for promotions. Maybe someone was cheating on you, or repeatedly treating you with disrespect, taking advantage of your kindness or generosity as if they were entitled to it, or taking you for granted over and over – expecting much but giving little in return. You didn’t speak up, stop it, or walk out for some reason until ….

Whatever it was that was the final straw–the one more time too many to gloss over, to forgive, to pretend that it wasn’t happening, or that it wasn’t that important, the one more time it became apparent that trying to talk about it and work it out wasn’t ever going to work–that one more time, no matter how upsetting or painful, was precisely what was needed to get you to rise up and say ‘NO MORE! That one more time finally precipitated decisive action that led to your growth, and, yes, something better. And that is why I can be grateful to the jerk that got me moving because in the end it turned out to be a BLESSING!

Copyright by Roxanne Louise. However, this article may be shared in other free online sources only if this copyright notice and link to http://www.roxannelouise.com and http://unlimitedpotentialhealingcenter.com  are included with the content.

The Infinite Intelligence Process – a free Video Presentation 4/19/21

Here is a simple modality codified by Roxanne Louise several years ago in her book, Accessing More – Tapping Into the Eternal Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process. While ideally done in conjunction with dowsing, it works very well with meditation or hypnosis, or simply as intention. It is massively helpful in clearing the root cause of issues, especially when you do not know all or any of the details. It can get rid of mind clutter so common with an overwhelming amount of information coming at us now in the internet age. It can tap into greater wisdom and resources to assist in solving problems and managing life with greater grace and ease. AND YOU WILL LEARN THE BASICS IN JUST ONE NIGHT!

On Monday, April 19, three chapters of the American Society of Dowsers (Golden Gate Dowsers, Boston Dowsers, and Northern California Dowsers) are hosting Roxanne in a free video presentation, 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific time. Sign in details to follow. Here is the link:

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To learn more about the Infinite Intelligence Process, see this earlier blog article on the subject: https://unlimitedpotentialhealingcenter.com/2019/03/20/the-infinite-intelligence-process/


Just asking ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions does not take into consideration all the shades of grey. You do not get enough information. For example, “is this supplement good for me?”, doesn’t tell you if it is 5%, 10, 20 up to 100% beneficial. But if you asked, “on a scale of 0-100, to what degree would it be beneficial for me to take one tablet of this supplement today?” Or let’s say you are considering purchasing some books, but your wallet does not allow you to buy all, or you have limited time, and need to focus on what is most important right now. Instead of asking “should I buy this book?”, ask “”on a scale of 0-100, what the percentage of potential value I would get from reading this book within the next 6 months?” Then ask the same question of your other choices. Then you might ask “how likely am I to read it?”


All Hands on Deck!

I believe that those of us here are positioned in this moment of time for a reason. It is not a time to flee or hide from what is or may be coming, as there is nowhere to go. The threats we face are global. And when you cannot run, your only recourse is to stand your ground, unite and take action.

“for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”       

2 Timothy 1:7

I believe that whatever talents, knowledge or skills you have already acquired including the skill of discernment, knowledge of the law, skill in communication, collaboration, education, networking, team building, problem solving, along with the qualities of integrity and courage, are being called upon now to form coalitions to face the rapid disintegration of our nation and indeed the entire world. It is time to come together as rapidly as we can to CHANGE COURSE. Mass misinformation, fear mongering and mind control, censorship, violence and intimidation by domestic terrorist groups such as Antifa, and the massive overreach of government are rapidly leading towards the total control and subjugation of humanity, and the disintegration of society.

“For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” Romans 8:15

It is time for us to breathe deeply, pulling up strength through our feet from the earth. CLAIM THE GROUND YOU WALK ON and your right to SELF DETERMINATION. Stand up and strengthen your reserve, and connect firmly to the divine, eternal consciousness that has sustained you and mankind in every peril. Then as you tap into that great Spirit and draw upon the love that is there for you, and indeed for all of us, listen to that still small voice within for guidance on what is YOURS to do and then DO IT.

Envision a world WE ALL WANT – one that protects the freedoms we so shortly lost – like those of free speech, movement, assembly, religion, sovereignty over your own body, and the ability to breathe clean fresh air. Imagine a world where the air and water are pure, and food is healthy and abundant, where people can disagree while still working TOGETHER to solve problems, where children and the sanctity of life are cherished and protected, and where politicians are SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE. As Martin Luther King said

“I have a dream….”.

I think of the original Martin Luther, who as just a monk in 1521 was called before the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V to recant his 95 thesis posted on a church door. Luther replied to his sovereign:

“I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.”

Pull in that strength that comes from being connected to both heaven and earth and feel it running up through your spine strengthening your backbone and your will to defend your core values and everything you hold sacred. Your children, your grandchildren are depending upon you.

Those of my generation remember the mighty cry of Martin Luther King, who like his namesake, was a man of great moral courage. With clear vision of a world where all sides could live together peacefully in a better world, he said:

“We shall overcome….”.

How shall we now overcome corruption, greed that tramples over public health, welfare, and the right to control what happens to your body, and the outrageous abuse of power?

As Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, said

The American war is over; but this far from being the case with the American revolution. On the contrary, nothing but the first act of the drama is closed. It remains yet to establish and perfect our new forms of government, and to prepare the principles, morals, and manners of our citizens for these forms of government after they are established and brought to perfection.”

I believe we are headed to a much needed different type of revolution – not of guns, but one of consciousness. This revolution is one of awakening people globally to things previously hidden, a tearing away the veil that has hidden the controllers behind the curtain. This revolution in consciousness is one of awakening and empowering the inner power, creativity, problem solving ability, and strength of will of ordinary people to establish what our founders originally intended to create which was a government that protects life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – not just for us, but for humanity as a whole. It is a revolution in consciousness that supports the right and means for self-determination.

A society and it’s government reflects the consciousness of a people. So if we want our society to heal, then in addition to whatever action we take, we must heal our own consciousness. This means dealing with our own imperfections, fears and wounds.

It means creating a vision of what kind of world we want our children and grandchildren to inherit, and working towards making that possible. Martin Luther King had a clear dream that birthed the Civil Rights Movement. What is your dream of a positive future?

Such a dream will inspire and guide you to taking appropriate action whether it is cleaning up the oceans of garbage, or the rivers of pollution, teaching others the guiding principles outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the practice of self-examination, compassion and forgiveness taught by religions.

I would like to see tolerance and respectful dialog taught in the schools. I would like young people provided with positive role models of others that rose from humble backgrounds to make a strong, positive contribution to the world. Teaching victimization and stoking feelings of entitlement and desire for revenge destroys society and has to stop. Bring back school debating teams, and have contestants switch sides to argue the opponents point of view so that they learn to see both sides of every issue.

Get involved in some part of your community to exercise citizen oversight in an area of your concern. This past year has taught us that we can not trust any aspect of government to take care of us. It is time for us to commit to citizen oversight of those who are supposed to work for us, to make sure that they serve the highest good of us, the people, instead of themselves.  Perhaps choose to oversee the school board. Perhaps attend town hall meetings and vocalize what you want and do not want to happen in your community. If we cannot tolerate petty dictators in our home, we should not tolerate them in our local, county, state or national government or any of it’s agencies.

In any storm, all hands are needed on deck!

Copyright by Roxanne Louise. However, this article may be shared in free online sources only if this copyright notice and link to http://www.roxannelouise.com and http://unlimitedpotentialhealingcenter.com  are included with the content.

Coming April 17: “Creating a Circle of Support”

This past year of lockdowns, masks and social distancing has made people starkly aware of the soul’s very need for connection as essential for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It is the longing for touch, for hugs and kisses, for sharing a meal, for celebrating life, for sharing our joy as well as our concern and even our grief. The soul longs and needs to be in a supportive community with loved ones and those of like mind as we journey through life. And yet, governmental restrictions have taken away much of our ability to meet this essential need. Instead, communication has been relegated to brief telephone or video calls instead of spending hours in each other’s physical presence sharing our thoughts and energy.

What can we do when normal communication and live physical connection are shut off?

I have found ways through Reiki energy work, meditation, hypnosis, as well as dowsing to connect to some others on a spiritual level. In so doing, I have been able to not just to communicate, but to feel the immense love and support that is still there for me from deceased friends, loved ones and gurus. This connection has been immensely healing and comforting. In some ways, it has been even better than when they were alive because the love you feel from them is an immense glow on the INSIDE. I can offer how I have been able to do that.

In meditation I have created a circle of support to connect on an etheric level with others I admire and respect — people who are of like mind, and like me, striving to make a positive difference in the world. It has greatly enhanced my ability and resolve to go forward and do more and better what I am here to do. It has given me hope and strength. And I also believe it multiplies the positive healing intention I aim in projecting out to the planet.

Just as Lynn McTaggert has demonstrated through her book, The Power of Eight, that people when joined together through prayer or intention regardless of their physical distance to one another can create miracles, I propose that you can connect to others on the etheric level to do the same thing. It is not the same thing as being together physically, but it is ALWAYS available to us. 

Coming up Saturday, April 17 as a Virtual Retreat through the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists:

My one-hour presentation is from 1-2 PM. The retreat is just $10 for 4 main presentations and runs from Noon to 5 PM. Register here: https://form.jotform.com/210103571725142

Saturday, April 17, 12-5 pm registration fee: $10

12-12:15 NATH President Linda Thunberg, welcome and introductions
12:15- 1 pm Alicia Clifford ‘The Impact of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Symptoms on Hypnosis”
1-2 pm Roxanne Louise “Creating a Circle of Support”
2-3 pm Round table discussion and networking…
3-4 pm Desiree Scherini- Holmes “What’s Your Body Telling You? -How to Manage Emotions with Mind/Body Intelligence”
4-4:45 pm Joseph Turiano “Finding Peace In Daily Living”
4:45-5 pm Linda Thunberg closing and upcoming events

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