Hypnosis for Cancer (and other) Diseases

I have just put the finishing touches of my presentation “Hypnosis for Cancer (and other) Patients–Make a Powerful Healing Difference!” that I am teaching this week at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention. It is jam packed with information that can used immediately to address the multiple mental, emotional or even spiritual factors that are involved in any disease or health challenge!

I have been so inspired by working on this presentation that I expect it to expand in the near future into an extensive training manual with accompanying dvd’s/cd’s for professionals, and a self-help training program for the layman.

Your Input Please

If you working in this field as a  professional, I would be very interested in what you are doing. If you have or have had a health challenge and found things beyond the medical treatment that made a positive healing difference, I would like to know about it.

My Assistance Offered

If you as a professional would like ideas on additional things that you can do to help your patients to address the mental/emotional or even spiritual components of disease, or if you as an individual are currently faced with a health challenge, please let me know how I can be of service to you. I may well add specific information that can assist you in what will be my future project or even give you ideas over the phone. You can contact me directly at roxannelouise2@gmail.com or at 434-263-4337 (my home office in central Virginia).

Workshop Information

My upcoming workshop # 220906 will be given at 9 AM this Saturday morning, August 13 at the National Guild of Hypnosis Convention to be held in Marlborough, Massachusetts. You can still sign up to attend at their convention website. Recordings will be available for purchase for those unable to attend.

This venue is the largest hypnosis conference in the world, and one which honored me with a lifetime achievement award, the Order of the Braid (named after James Braid, one of the earliest hypnotist/physicians in London in the 19th century).

Accessing More — Tapping Into the Wisdom & Resources Within


20170516_AccessingMoreCoverI have personally experienced and witnessed, and I have heard about other people also tapping into MORE–more than they are aware of knowing or being able to do consciously. And this MORE allowed both me and them the ability to accomplish the difficult with ease and grace, and sometimes even to achieve the ‘impossible’. 

Whether it is suddenly being able to solve problems that had previously defied solution, having creative breakthroughs, superhuman strength to save the life of another, or responding protocol perfect to a never before encountered emergency, people have amazed themselves and others when they have spontaneously accessed this greater wisdom, intelligence, strength, ability or knowledge. Sometimes it has come as a result of a necessity or out of nowhere during an emergency, and sometimes it has come in quiet moments after working on it for a prolonged period of time through normal conscious means and then letting their mind relax.

For example, I was awakened one morning with noise coming from my master bathroom. I found my five cats surrounding a copperhead snake that had gotten up into the ventilation system from the crawl space and pushed up the floor grate to get into the room. The snake was coiled up ready to attack, and kept rotating its head to watch each of the cats. What could I do? I had to protect my cats, prevent the snake from getting back down the floor grate and having access from the ventilation system to other parts of the house. I had to be sure to get it, dead or alive, completely out of the house without myself or my animals getting hurt. The way I responded turned out to be protocol perfect even though I had never been trained. How did I just naturally do everything right?

Another time, I found myself caught in a rip tide and rapidly pulled out to sea. I tried swimming to shore, but it didn’t work and I quickly got exhausted. I tried yelling and waving my arms for help, but those on shore didn’t notice and couldn’t hear me over the surf. I was getting wiped out with the waves and getting water in my mouth. Again, it seemed that I tapped into that something More to stay calm and focused on what I could do to stay alive.

Like a cat with nine lives, I have had many experiences starting from childhood that could have been dangerous, even fatal. I have also had many overwhelming responsibilities or pressures through which I sailed calmly. I have accomplished some amazing things with ease. You probably have done or know others who have done the same. [For examples just of superhuman strength, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hysterical_strength%5D

While necessity does motivate us to look deeper for ideas and strength, it certainly does not guarantee being able to do so as so many people blank or numb out, freeze or just panic. The questions for all of us are:

  • How do we tap into that greater knowing, wisdom, ability or resources without it having to be an emergency, life or death situation?
  • How can we tune into whatever it is that allows us to handle life with greater ease and grace on a regular basis?
  • How can we routinely tune in and save ourselves a lot of time and energy, worry and frustration, fear and anger on or about upsetting events as well as ordinary everyday things–our job, relationships, daily life and responsibilities?

While some people may automatically jump to religious causation for all beneficial outcomes, even ‘miracles’, my personal opinion is that believing that all help comes from outside of us can actually limit the natural flow and development of what may inherently be an inside but undeveloped part of us. By believing that we are more than we think we are allows us to connect to the More that we truly are. I do not know or need to know where the demarcation ends of what is ‘Me’ at my highest and best and what is not ‘Me’ at the ultimate best.

I think that accessing More starts by adopting the open minded attitude that it is possible–that you are able to harness greater resources, wisdom and ability that go beyond the limitations of the ego and conscious mind, beyond the subconscious, to the spiritual dimension of the self that is further linked to an even greater consciousness. Start with a positive attitude and set an intention to do so.

Whatever ultimate consciousness is responsible for the 100 to 200 billion of galaxies that astronomers calculate exist is, in my opinion, way beyond our human comprehension to know or describe, and, therefore, beyond any religion to explain or hold the patent.

Accessing More of both what is within and without is done below the level of conscious awareness. Simply quiet your mind, and go inside to the peaceful part of you, affirm your intention, and allow that inner something to do its work. This approach  circumvents the ego, the mind games, circuitous thinking, internal and external blocks, and inhibiting energies that have prevented previous solution to the issue of concern. The process works to solve practical problems, relieve stress, and heal from long-standing issues–even  sometimes those that have previously defied resolution. All aspects of your life can be addressed–mental, emotional, relationship, physical, financial, business, and spiritual.

This process can be used anytime, anyplace as a self-help tool by the ordinary person to help himself in real life situations. It can also be used for meditation, constructive self-programming, and in conjunction with other modalities.  But professionals of many types (hypnotherapists, dowsers, teachers, counselors, life coaches, energy healers, mental health practitioners, and others) can also employ it as a full-fledged therapy. It draws upon the principles and practices of hypnosis, Neural Linguistic Programming, dowsing, meditation, prayer and many energy healing methods.

So what exactly is this More?

While it includes your subconscious mind that regulates all of your body functions, automatic behavior, physical, mental and emotional habits, directives and injunctions, beliefs, judgments, and memory, it goes beyond that. I believe that this More is primarily the eternal, infinite intelligence within you that is intrinsically linked to the ultimate consciousness behind all that is as in“The Kingdom of God is within.” (Luke 17:20-21)  Using this system increases your awareness that you are  More than your ego,  More than your body and local mind, More than the individual, spiritual self that people call the soul, to something beyond.

Traditional religious circles say that this More is God, and exists totally outside and apart from the self, and is reachable through prayer or petition. Unfortunately, all too often prayers beg, whine, or plead in fear without really believing that help will come, and by such, sometimes nullifying such help.

Labeling or identifying this More is not important to access the benefits.

In fact, it can get you stuck and mired in mankind’s perpetual argument over who or what the subconscious mind is, what the soul is, “God” is, etc.–all philosophical and religious discussions that are, in the final analysis, unprovable and come down to a matter of beliefs.  However, as beliefs and the attitudes behind them impact the results you get, it is most helpful to adopt a curious, open mind to try out this approach.

Having a helpful attitude when you desire to solve a problem or achieve a goal is crucial to your success.

Whether right or wrong, true or false, your attitude does affect you. It can make things easier or harder. Beliefs that make things more difficult can be changed.  So if you think you can do something, that it lies within the realm of possibility, then you might try to do it. You’ll keep on looking for solutions when challenges come, which they always will. If you maintain an attitude of curiosity, such as “If it could work, how would it work?”, that too will keep your mind open to possible solutions. [Look up James Rouse, pioneering real estate developer of planned communities, urban planner]

Whereas, if you think that you can’t, that it is impossible, or if you don’t know that you already have that ability, you probably won’t exert yourself to even try, you won’t see solutions or ideas or opportunities right in front of you, and you won’t push through the blocks that always come, no matter how worthy the goal, or how exciting the possibility. And yet, all goals have challenges and require that continual effort to break through.

I am proposing that you try adopting an attitude of possibility thinking, what if  ____.

  • What if I did have resources to deal with this problem?
  • What if I do have resources already to address this?
  • What if I could achieve this goal?
  • What if I can take action, no matter how small, right now to go after what I want?
  • What if I could resolve this ____ (issue, condition, relationship, or upset)?
  • What if I can do something to resolve this _____ (issue, condition, relationship, or upset) right now?


  •  If it could work, how would it work?

You might start by allowing the first part to roll around in your mind, “What if I could”,  and then proceed with the present tense, “What if I can.”. Make an assumption that something in you does know how to do it, and claim it. Until you push your limits, you’ll underperform.

  What I practice and teach are specific question or statement formats that assist in tapping into internal resources. It is a three pronged approach and subject of my latest book, Accessing More — Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process. 

1. “There is a part of me that knows ___ and is ____ now.”

“There is a part of me that knows how to handle this situation in the most effective way, and is doing so now.
    There is a part of me that knows how to accomplish all that I have to do today with grace and ease and is doing so now.
    There is a part of me that knows the best use of my time and energy today and is guiding me now to make most effective use of all my resources.”

2. “From the perspective of my High Self, process and ___ (resolve/heal/clear)  ___ so that I can ____. Go.”

This works by first installing a hypnotic or dowsing program, and then triggering the running of such mental program with the key words “process” and “go”.

“From the perspective of my High Self, process all the events, and all that I have seen, heard, and thought about today so that I can keep what is useful and true, let go of the rest, and so enjoy a good night’s sleep. Go.”

    “From the perspective of my High Self, process and heal all my upset regarding ___ so that I can learn and move on. Go.”

3. Claim dominion of your own mind and declare what is to be in your own life.

 “I release all blocks known and unknown to my full healing now.”


If you want to learn this amazing yet simple process you can use every day of your life, order the New Edition, 117 page manual, Accessing More — Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process (just $24.95) to learn the whole process, call 434-263-4337 or order online at my website. www.RoxanneLouise.com
Or if you want training on how to use the Infinite Intelligence for your own personal concerns, or  if you would like to organize a live or on-line class, call us to discuss.

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cropped-bio-pic2.png1. Saturday, September 12 at 1 PM, Afton Mountain, VA. One Heart Homecoming.

For information see http://oneheartcenter.org/category/homecoming

Topic: Accessing More — the Infinite Intelligence Process. Vendor all day 9/12 and 9/13. See 8/17 blog entry.  

2. Sunday, September 27 from 2-4 PM, Manhattan at the National Guild of Hypnotists Chapter Meeting, TRS Suite, 3rd Floor, 40 Exchange Place (Wall St. area) NY, NY  10005.

For information, contact Jacob Bimblich, 718-338-8191.

Topic: Accessing More — the Infinite Intelligence Process.  Open to all, $10.

3. Tuesday, September 29, 8 PM,  at the Manhattan Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers, Studios 353 at 353 West 48th Street. 2nd Floor, between Eighth and Ninth Avenue, 10036. (Subway C & E to 50th Street Station)

Meeting schedule• Welcome & Registration – 6:30-7:00pm • Dowsing Class – 7:00-7:30pm • Meeting – 7:30-8:00pm • Guest Speaker – 8:00-9:30pm • Meet and Greet – 9:30-10:00pm. For more information, contact Rochelle at 212-472-8668 or asdnewyork@yahoo.com

Roxanne’s presentation is Healing Through Time–Resolving Issues from This and Other Lifetimes. For details see separate blog post.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: see our main website: http://www.roxannelouise.com or call 434-263-4337


Roxanne Speaking at Center of the One Heart Homecoming, September12-13

cropped-bio-pic2.pngRoxanne will speak on Accessing More — Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process at 1 PM, Saturday 12. She also will be a vendor, selling her many books on hypnosis, Reiki, dowsing and self help topics.

What if a part of you already knows everything about you, your challenges and issues, why you are the way you are, and what to do about it to resolve it in a way in which you are really pleased? 

The Infinite Intelligence Process is a three pronged modality developed by Roxanne Louise designed to tap into the eternal, infinite intelligence within you to access unlimited resources and wisdom to solve practical problems, relieve stress, and heal from even long-standing issues. By-passing the limitations of the conscious mind, the Infinite Intelligence Process circumvents both internal and external blocks and inhibiting energies. It easy to learn, works very fast, can be done anytime, anyplace, and is adaptable by ordinary people to real life issues and situations.

The Center of the One Heart keeps alive the work of Walter and Lao Russell while supporting one another in being part of the solution through the one heart consciousness. Every year they have a weekend Homecoming at Swannanoa Palace on Afton Mountain, Virginia. Dates are September 12 and 13. For full information, see http://oneheartcenter.org/category/homecoming/

Swannanoa Palace & Gardens on Afton Mountain, Virginia is the former home of Walter and Lao Russell and their University of Science and Philosophy (www.philosophy.org).  The Center of The One Heart (www.oneheartcenter.org) is a Central Virginia based non-profit educational corporation serving as a networking and support organization for teachers, healers, and artists in the greater Central Virginia area.  You are invited to attend and participate in this weekend of celebration, ceremony, music, and entertainment.

This year’s festival will focus on the life and work of Lao Russell, the power of the divine feminine, and women’s freedom, including the need to bring our lives, culture and society into balance through the electrifying power of male-female balance. Explore the practical application of the power of love in action not only by examining the life, work, and teachings of Walter and Lao Russell but also by examining the power of achieving inner male-female balance to move forward into a new reality and take your wisdom and power to new levels and be a true custodian of the planet and its future.  This gathering will present a powerful opportunity to come together in our collective heart and to tap the power of love in action, divine synchronicity, infinite intelligence, and the powerful connectivity that comes from awakening and moving into our deepest encoding and purposes for being on the Earth.

This year’s festival will include speakers, food, music, and vendors of metaphysical books, art and jewelry, as well as various practitioners of massage and bodywork and healing modalities.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: see our main website: http://www.roxannelouise.com or call 434-263-4337

American Society of Dowsers Conference!

10352395_817109968379998_8072222321633381639_nI just returned from the fantastic American Society of Dowsers Conference that took place in Lydonville, Vermont from 6/3-6/8. I led in the morning meditations. I also taught a class on The Infinite Intelligence Process, and another in Dowsing for Health. 

The Infinite Intelligence is part of my most recent book, Accessing More–Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process. It is a 3-prong approach that anyone can learn to resolve issues, release stress, and set intention in a most powerful way. The healing works below the level of conscious awareness so that you can digest overload or stressors much as you digest food–trusting your inner intelligence to keep what’s good and let go of the rest. You work with both your unconscious mind and the wisdom within–what I call More. I strongly believe that there is MORE to you– more wisdom, intelligence, resources–that can be harnessed to assist you in every area of life so that you experience greater ease and grace. For more information, you might check out my book, Accessing More, or contact me for the CD recording.

Dowsing for Health starts with understanding the multiple factors that weaken or strengthen the body. For a start, all illness involves stress, both as cause and as result of illness. It is both the chicken and the egg. However, most people don’t consider that a stressor is anything that drains energy from your system. This is not just the mental and emotional factors, but also the toxins in your food, water, air, home and personal care products and more. Illness can be thought of as a bounced energy check–where more demands are placed on the body than it has energy reserves to cover. So one strategy towards healing involves finding a way to get more energy in — perhaps through nutrition, better sleep, love, prayer, good self care, meaning and purpose — and stop the energy leaking out through toxicity and mental and emotional stress.

There is more to this such as locating and removing secondary gain (a benefit that one gets out of a problem), the metaphorical interpretation of the problem, beliefs, judgments, imprints, family injunctions and more. The full material of this was written in Reiki–Path to Transformation, Volume 3. And while that book was written for the Reiki Practitioner to understand how to incorporate the best from hypnosis into energy work, all but a little of it can be understood and utilized by anyone. Again, you can order a copy of the 75 minute presentation through me.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: see our main website: http://www.roxannelouise.com or call 434-263-4337