PUBLISHED: Releasing Anger without Killing Anyone!

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Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone!

by Roxanne Louise

An entire Anger Management Course!

Teach right out of the book!

Use it to help yourself! Use it to help others! 

A jam-packed guide on how to:

√ Turn anger into a blessing! 

√ Shift anger into constructive action! 

√ Use your challenges to improve yourself, your business, relationships & your life!

    • Understand the underlying dynamics! 
    • Change how you look at things so that they don’t bother you nearly as much! 
    • Make your enemies & problems help you! 
    • Harness anger as motivation to heal & make much needed change! 
    • Communicate more effectively! 
    • Fight clean! 
    • Stop conversations from spiraling downwards! 
    • Notice negative patterns & screw them up! 
    • Take effective action without the baggage!
    • Enjoy your life despite the crap!

Jam Packed Tips, Strategies, Techniques & Visualizations! 

Turn Everything Into a Blessing!

154 pages. Just $29.95 plus $5 shipping.  Order here:

In addition to covering this information with clients over the years, I have taught this material at numerous hypnosis conventions including workshops at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention and the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.


Stress Can Be Good For You?



The problem of stress reminds me of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. A life that is good is free of extremes, neither too hard nor too soft, but just right.

Everyone knows that too many demands that go well beyond your ability to handle are bad, and lead to exhaustion, breakdown, and illness. But too little stress is also bad because it creates stagnation, boredom, depression, and mental/emotional/spiritual rot–yes, rot!

Growth requires a stimulus, a reason to get off the couch. Just as baby birds only learn to fly when pushed out of the nest, we too need a reason, someone or something to move us forward when inertia would have us just sit there and wait for someone to bring us dinner.

Biologist Bruce Lipton says that a biological organism is either in growth or protection. While in the protective mode, all healing, all cell regeneration, all work and creative enterprise come to halt. If this goes on long enough, you die. In other words, being healthy requires you to engage in life. Worry and fear closes you down and longterm leads to illness. In simple terms, grow or die.

Having something that challenges you and requires you to grow–to apply your abilities, develop skills, learn new things, use your creativity and inventiveness to solve problems, not only generates more brain cells, and feelings of accomplishment and pride, but can also lead to a livelihood, inventions, breakthroughs, and advance civilization.  Just the right amount of hunger is actually good for you.

Tony Robbins says that all motivation is carrot or stick. The carrot is desire. Because we desire it (the pretty girl or handsome guy, the dream house or vacation), we pursue it eagerly on our own. No one has to tell us to go after it. The stick is pressure usually from outside of us that forces us to move because otherwise we would not.

Frequently, this is caused by fear. For example, the house could be on fire, you might be afraid of losing your job, home or relationship. Carrot and stick can work together to get things done. Know why you are doing what you are doing in the positive sense — what are you moving towards–and the negative consequences of not doing so.

Dealing with stress, whether too much or too little, requires tools or strategies to set goals, create a plan to reach those goals, set priorities, have ways to stay focused and make decisions, and deal with the challenges and frustrations as they arise, which they always do.

Where do you start?

Decide where you are. Do you have too much stress or too little? In other words, are you overwhelmed, or are you feeling bored and empty?

If you are feeling too much stress, then you might start with deep breathing, exercise, and meditation. List what you have to do and set priorities. Identify what you need to do to solve any problems and enlist those who can help you. Then set timelines as a target.

Learn and practice any of the multiple stress management practices such as self-hypnosis, EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique), Tapas Acupressure, the Emotion Code, Walking Mantras,  the Infinite Intelligence Process,  etc. Periodically, get away from the stress with humor, happy music, singing, dancing, fun, being with people that love and care about you, being out in nature or some other beautiful environment.

If you have too little stress, you need to get some dreams. What would be fun or interesting? What would make your spirit sing? What would give your life meaning and purpose? Make a bucket list and start somewhere. It doesn’t matter how old you are–any age will do. However, you do need to create a plan, a strategy, and follow all the guidelines of successful goal setting.

If you cannot think of what you would like, then volunteer, or just do something for someone else, for animals, for the environment or your community — just do some good somewhere, even random acts of kindness.

Whether the problem is too much or too little stress, having a buddy, coach or mentor to work along with you or to hold you accountable is a great way to stay on track.


Goldilocks is a fairy tale stemming from early 19th Century England. See or for the short story see

Bruce Lipton, PhD. , stem cell biologist, and author of The Biology of Belief. See

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker, personal growth guru, life coach, and author. See

Walking Mantras is an invention of mine. It is a way of doing self-hypnosis with your eyes open. Repeat a short, rhythmical sentence or phrase while moving at a steady pace. Full self-hypnosis instruction is in Your Unlimited Potential, available through me and my website,

The Infinite Intelligence Process is a three-pronged method of dealing with stress, problem solving, and manifesting. The full instruction is in my book, Accessing More.

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